Feast at the Manor

  • *The Manor of the Lord Protector would normally be a rather busy place, though mostly military personnel, diplomats and envoys would tread through the gates back and forth to the manor, but these days another crowd would be heading through the gate. All sorts of carriages and deliveries would come to the Manor carrying foods of every kind, barrels of ale and mead. Even a band of musicians would make their way. The braziers would be lit and festive wreaths of pine would be hung on the metal steal fence surrendering the large Protectorate Manor. The arch atop the gate would be made into two metal dragons holding a Kettle in the middle from whence a fire would burn.*

    *A red carpet would be rolled down from the gate towards the Manor going straight down the court yard. The large three stories manor made of black clay bricks and heavy wooden logs would stand as an intimidating monument to the economic power Lunorth had become over the years. Across many of the wooden beams banners of the Golden Dragon on a black background would hang and in the middle of the courtyard there would be a statue of a Golden Dragon. Behind it large heavy wooden doors would lead into the entrance hall to the Manor. *

    *The inside of the manor would be made in a gothic Victorian style with dark wooden walls along with various oil paintings hanging in most rooms. Various common rooms could be found and most doors would be unlocked. One of the more memorable rooms would be the game room where the Lord Protector would keep most of his hunting trophies another would be a small chapel dedicated to Ignis with varies small statuettes of Ignis deities along with a bright fire burning in the middle of the room.*

    *The rumors went wild around the City, a feast was to be held and clearly no expense was spared. As the gossip went wild the staff of the Protectorate Manor would make the final preparations making sure the guest rooms were cleaned and prepared, the barrels have been tapped and the food was being prepared in the kitchens. The Great Hall of the manor had been prepared with one large table going down the middle with seats on each side and one chair at the very end. The walls were decorated with Lunorth banners and braziers would stand by the walls. At the end of the Hall up against the wall a large wooden throne would stand covered in various furs and a pair of deer antlers protruding out from the top.*

    *After a few days of preparations, the gates would be opened and the halls would be lit to welcome the invited guests with Dragon Legion Honour Guard standing at the gates letting the invited people entry into the courtyard. Behind the Honour Guard staff would greet the guests and lead them into the guest rooms before leading them into the great hall where the table would be set with clay plates and and mugs by each seat with various troths of fruit, cheese, bread and various cold meats spread around the long table.*

    Victor T. Kettle | Protector of Lunorth | First son of William R. Kettle and rightful heir to the Kettle fortune. | Templar of Ignis | Faithful Servant of the Elements | OT: Patrick Spangsberg

  • The Iron Daggers had been residing in Copperdale for the last couple of months. As soon as their business there was concluded they took to the road going to Northheim.

    As their journey came to an end and they started to approached the gates of the Manor of the Lord Protector, they found a suitable place to rest their war-lizard mounts.

    Raven grabbed his backpack with his finer clothes and approached the gate where the honour guard and saluted them and introduced himself and The Iron Daggers. He took a glance back to see who had accompanied him.

  • As soon as Siarah had mounted off the Warlizard, she found a corner where she could fast change her open-skirt to a more formal/nicer open skirt, she checked her bag that every document and stuff were as they should be, checked her badge and dagger before she went toward Raven and the intrance of the building.

  • Following behind sir Raven the royal, (or was it loyal?) Magnus walked past the man almost shoving him aside. As he hurried forward you could hear him mutter "finally some fun" He stopped in front and puffed up his chest. Smiling he shouted out:

    "Here stands the champion! Throw a log and I will throw it further! Any who dares can challenge me!"

  • Torkild had taken longer than usual this morning and now he did not look as though he had travelled, but rather as a man ready for festivities. Dressed in red green and yellow, his nickname suited him, and the rooster stood proud amongst the ranks of iron daggers. He looked over the dragon guard and started picking out the men he wanted to duel later. Fancy guards they looked like, but he would test them.

    As Raven introduced them he nodded his head.

  • Diob, glided, down his black warlizard, which was painted with golden runes, and lined with silk robes functioning as handles

    He were dressed in black long robes, with his sword and dagger at his side, they both were bound to their sheath with a blue ribbon. In his hair he had a white flower.

    As he walked amongst the others, he studied every part of the manor.

    he gave a slightly hidden laugh when Magnus proclaimed his challenge

    - Diob the to tailed fox

    Owner of the Wineyard.

    Master of Coin in the Coterie of the Iron daggers, under Sir Raven the Loyal.

    He is in the north do to his job as a mercenary, and a diplomat.

    He always wears his sword and dagger on his side, and a big bag filled with small trinkets and valuable items.

  • *The Honour guard would stand in their fancy armour one of them Holding up at list along with a quill to record and cross out the guests as they arise. The leader of the guard would be quite recognizable with feathered wings attached to his back. He'd step forwards regarding the group that has gathered before saluting them by bringing a chest up to his chest. He would then proceed by giving a nod to Sir Raven listening to his words before gesturing them to follow him. The guards would immediately stand to the side standing attention as they'd let the Iron Daggers pass.*

    "Yes, very good. You are expected, please follow me."

    *He'd then turn around before leading the group into the courtyard should they follow. As the group might pass through the courtyard they might notice a fighting ring surrounded by braziers and various racks of weapons of every sort. To the left the would be a shooting range with various targets ranging from mere round ones to ones fashioned to look like undead and other forsaken forces. - On the midway towards the manor the doors towards the center building would open and a tall elder man in a black robe and a golden sash would come out. He'd meet the group halfway bowing his head to Sir Raven before giving a short nod to the soldier. The Honour Guard would return her gesture before heading back towards the gate. The Elder man would then address the group his withered face stiff and motionless.*

    "Greetings to all. My name is Tiberius Ramsbottom. I am the Steward of this House. While you are here, you are in my care. Please do not touch any trophies, painting or exhibits during your stay. If you need anything your may direct your inquiry to any of the servants at the manor. If it is something of significance then you may direct it to me. I will now lead you to the main hall, once their the footmen will lead you to your respective rooms."

    *The Elder man takes a moment to judge the group for a moment sighing slightly to himself before forcing himself to ask.*

    "Does anyone have any questions?"

    Victor T. Kettle | Protector of Lunorth | First son of William R. Kettle and rightful heir to the Kettle fortune. | Templar of Ignis | Faithful Servant of the Elements | OT: Patrick Spangsberg

  • As some of the daggers took all the attention arriving. Skip stood in the background with his ceremonial, cultured, finest farmer outfit, not very different from his normal outfit but it looked more clean this time.

    He did not say anything before the man asked, does anyone have any questions. Skip took a large step forward, and said" Well I have a request, if my wife decide to show up or find me, can you deny her access, i would like to enjoy this evening, without she robbing me for all my coins. Skip took the request retorical, and then kept talking Now where do I find the finest mead, and ham I'm starving. And i still need to talk about that cow we were promised last summer by hmm - skip turned toward raven, what was his name again ?

  • *Deep horns can be heard in the distance.

    For those that know the sound recognize it to be the sound of men blowing in the horns from the rams that live in the mountain.

    It doesn't sound like a warning call but more of an attention call.

    As it comes closer the sound of thunder can be heard to, but more like a none stopping thunder. If you've been to war you know how heavy cavalry sound, and it's getting louder.

    The Honour guard in the courtyard quickly open the gate as the sound of horns and thunder of hofes came closing in fast.

    In through the gateway comes 30 heavy armour knights in red, led by one in the same armour but more golden and decorated by many purity seals. They rode in full gallop in two rows that split left and right around the group in the courtyard.

    All of them stops and turns the horses to face the group in a circle. Except the one leading them , the one inthe more golden armour, still having his helmet on, keep moving around the group on his horse.

    The horse is a big muscular horse with a very long mane, it got a grey pattern and its seems like its eye got a small fiery glow, and stomps its hofes hard in the dirt.*

    Senator of Lunorth | Warlord of the united forces of Lunorth | Lord of Ardens Lanceam | Eksemplar of The Order of the Black Sun | Keeper of Flame | Champion of Ignis | Defender of the Elements | OT: Thomas Eschelund

  • A figure calmly enters the courtyard after the knights have arrived. Dressed in a worn down captain's coat and long boots and with a wide-brimmed hat with feathers in. Eva De´Andrè, Grand Inquisitor, first Lady of Lunorth are almost unrecognizable.

    Grand Inquisitor in Lunorth, Lady Eva De´Andre.

    First Lady of Lunorth

    Member of The Order of The Black Sun, located in Arden Lanceam

    Edited once, last by Eva De'Andre ().

  • Anna steps forward from behind, to the right of Eva. she is dressed in a long red dress, black boots and the red robe with the orders black sun.

    She smiles warmly and kindly, to the guests. Anna stops right at Eva's right side .

  • “Anna ..I think we are late . . wait .. do I care ..? Noooee. Let's have a drink upstairs in my office and then meet up with the guests. I will probably have to change clothes to..… ”

    Grand Inquisitor in Lunorth, Lady Eva De´Andre.

    First Lady of Lunorth

    Member of The Order of The Black Sun, located in Arden Lanceam

  • A little after the cavalry arrived, a small carriage arrives, bearing the sign of the Kutschergilde. A man in a white coat and worn leather hat leaves the carriage and as he does so talks briefly with someone inside the carriage. He then signals to the coachman and the carriage moves on.

    The man then nods to the riders, touching his hat as he goes towards the Honour Guard.

    "Greetings, I need a meeting with the Lord Protector, can this be arranged? Sometime tomorrow maybe. Looks like you you're having a party"

    He pauses for a moment, then asking

    "Am I invited? I've lost track of what day it is"

  • ”Alright alright, they sure are a lazy bunch, and we seem to agree that they unfairly live of exploitation of the peasant, I just don’t get why they shouldn’t all be killed for it?” A pair of Iron daggers are in a heated debate and seems to have been for some time.

    Dimitri keeps pulling up the sleeves of the enormous worn-out black coat he is covered in as the walk, and Ilya walks head held high, and with a slight mischievous smile on his face. The difference between these Dagger is as stark as the stench from Dimitris special “mohawk-cream”.

    Ilya is as always drabbed in his dark blue zupan, complimented by a robust red short-sleeved kaftan as the outermost layer, only topped of by his big papakha hat made of pitch black fur. And at his side hangs his most prize possession, his saber, Maria, which he proudly displays for all to see.

    Dimitri is wearing his trusty black skirt and a black low-cut shirt for the occasion. All his leather pads and pelts are only slightly visible beneath the huge coat.

  • *The armoured knight in the more golden plating looks at Niels, and gives him a small greeting nod.

    Then turn his head at the two last comer arguing loud, and shake his head, almost for a second it looked like his eyes glowed up inside his helmet.

    He raises his hand and makes a circular motion with his hand, and all of the other knights turn there horses around and ride over to the stables at the far side of the courtyard. One of the knights stops and takes their leader horse harness, and the golden armour knight dismounts. Keeping his back at the group he goes up the stairs and just two steps before Tiberius Ramsbottom he takes of his helmet, and give him a formel nod and continiu past him inside the Mansion.*

    Senator of Lunorth | Warlord of the united forces of Lunorth | Lord of Ardens Lanceam | Eksemplar of The Order of the Black Sun | Keeper of Flame | Champion of Ignis | Defender of the Elements | OT: Thomas Eschelund

  • A maid comes running out the door and stops in front of Niels Forbonte. "Lady Eva wants to see you in her office, if you would follow me?" She looks questioningly at Niels as she gestures with her hand towards the gate.

    Grand Inquisitor in Lunorth, Lady Eva De´Andre.

    First Lady of Lunorth

    Member of The Order of The Black Sun, located in Arden Lanceam

  • Ingolf Kleindorf, Commander of the Dragon Legion, arrives at the manor with a small escort of Protectorate Guards. He is clad in a long, black wool-coat, trimmed by furs dusted with gold. On his chest sits a golden sigil showing the dragon symbol of Lunorth, with three distinct stars above it. His hair is covered by a wool hat, also trimmed with fur, and adorned with several large feathers, strutting from its' front.

    Upon arriving at the manor, the Commander dismisses his soldiers with a short nord, before turning his attention to posted guardsmen at the manor, He eyes them carelessly, not feeling a need to introduce himself to the soldiers of the Honor Guard.

    "I am ready to be shown to The Most Esteemed Lord-Protector and the rest of the banquet." he states in a quick manner, eyeing the guards with his chin raised high.

    Hétman Ingolf Norhreski - Earl of Northheim, Commander of the United Lunorthian Army and representative of Lunorth in the Senate of the Northern Seal