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    Victor inclines his head before raising his goblet in a toast. Victor would then look at the presented sigil. "Mhmm yes, you know what would look good there as well? The sigil of Lunorth." Victor would wink at Dagger smirking. "Oh yes, safe journeys. - Oh? A hunt you say? Well as you might have noticed from my avid trophy collection." Victor gestures to all the different trophies in the room. "I am quite the hunter myself. We must go hunting some time. We have excellent Ibex around Arden Lanceam. So if you are up for some mountain hunting, do say."

    Victor turns from Eva back to the three as they approach. Victor nods at Dagger before turning his attention to Realene giving her his absolute attention and as she finishes he would smile broadly. "See now that I like. You are really beginning to think like Kettles." Victor would turn to Dagger. "Keep onto this one Dagger, clearly she got an ear for business." Victor continues to laugh again before moving past them to the table taking up the goblet of port and taking a gulp before turning back to them. "Now, let us discuss this further at the convent. You can come up with the details of your proposal as well as present a suitable candidate for such a charge and then we shall see." Victor looks rather satisfied turning to Dagger to see his reaction.

    Victor sighs as he scratches his chin pondering a bit. "Well the difference is you could lend our ships for free. Also by trading with our goods you get your hands on resources you wouldn't normally have, meaning your partners and costumers will think highly of you. The other trading companies that we work with earn the profit on their own and we expect you to do the same. - Also about these services rendered what services are we talking about? I don't care whether you've been to one to ten meetings. As long as I get more or better goods in return I am pleased. Also the more results you bring back the more exotic and valuable resources we'll give you to trade with. - But no, nothing is really planned concerning payment for the services. What would you have in mind?"

    Victor listens to dagger nodding acknowledgingly. "Let me make this very clear Dagger. We like the Eastern Blackwood Company, but we will not be making an exception paying you special fees as other trading companies and groups would want the same. We will on the other hand offer you access to our ships, meaning you can use them for your business, that way you'll at least save some money having to rent them from other factions. - As to other sort of services I am sure we can do business depending on what sort of jobs you are looking for. - As for going belly up within a year. I do think we have been more than accommodating offering you a district in Copperdale, don't forget that. Besides I truely doubt and hope we are your only source of income."

    Victor takes a seat down leaning back in the sofa. "So if you wanna make a contract it'll be on those terms."

    Victor listens to Dagger closely listening to all his points before smilling broadly before standing you taking a few steps away before turning towards Dagger smirking. "I have a feeling you are not quite aware of who we are or what kind of size Lunorth is. We are a Merchant nation my friend. For years we have done business across all of Mythodea not only in the North. We have wealth beyond our needs. What you are trading is disposable surplus... Have you not noticed that we have never asked for any special goods in return? It is because we don't need anything in all honesty." Victor pauses to take up his goblet and sip before continuing. "As to whether you have competitors. You do indeed. You are one of but many different groups and organisations that trade on our behalf. They don't demand anything in return and make a profit on their own. Or at least I think so, I don't really care as long as we get out fair share... What we are doing is reaching out a hand to you in all honesty. We have disposable wealth that you might be interested in trading, if not then don't trouble yourself my friend. We can manage on our own as we allways have." Victor pauses again picking up a few grapes eating them as he grins and points to Dagger. "As to the point about distaste to the North, we have had no trouble and you yourself shouldn't speak too fast with you generous reputation with a certain Nyame." Victor winks at him playfully clearly not meaning it as an insult, but more as a freindly tease. "Now with all that in mind. We see that you are really trying your best with the trade and do good work. So, we would love to continue working with you.. But, not under those circumstances."

    The guard would look at Djako for a moment before nodding and guiding him inside the residence and into the trophy room. Victor would turn towards the newly arrived guest smilling. "Welcome to my home, you are Daggers colleague yes? The exellent scribe? Come, come join us. Have some port."

    Victor listens seemingly not all too convinced furrowing his brows at the proposal. "Hmm.. Yess I can see how you would like to do that. I just do see any profit for us. We are doing well on our own. Not to say we don't want you to trade on our behalf, but if you wish to get a commision, then you'll have to make sure we get a fair deal and then you can take the profit as your "commsion"." Victor would take a few grapes of the tray quickly eating them before looking back to Dagger. "Regarding the trade by fleet, what you are proposing is frankly handing over our entire trade fleet into your, no doubt capable hands... That is quite a vote of confidence. I'd be much more open to let you captain some of our ships." Victor becomes silent for a moment before raising an eybebrow as if struck by an ideer. "You could allways try and become Admiral of the Trade Fleet."

    Victor listens to Dagger closely smilling before noticing two servants to comming into the room. One holding a platter with fruit and cheese and the second with four goblets along with two flagons one containing port and the second containing blackberry juice. The servants would place the food and drinks onto the small table before them before leaving bowing slightly in respect.

    "Ah I see, well I am looking forward to compelemting him myself then.. About this whole fixed income, that is understandable. You could speak with some of the different people, but ultimately the decision lies with me. So do tell me what do you have in mind for out river transport? As of now we have one of if not the biggest inland fleet of the North." Victor would smile confidently at Dagger before reaching toward the flagon with the port before filling three goblets sliding two of them towards Dagger and Realene. Victor would then fill the last goblet with juice sliding it towards Eva before taking his own goblet sipping from it.

    After some time the Kettle boy would return back breathing heavily as he's seemingly been running back and forth before regarding Djako. "You've been invited to join them in the residence of the Lord Protector sir." The Kettle boy would then extend a flat palm towards Djako as if gesturing for him to pay for his troubles.

    Victor would listen closely to Dagger leaning back in the sofa comfortably. "I see, well I am happy to hear that the Blackwood Company is doing well and I am sure a great deal of the credit for that goes to you Dagger." Victor would nod at Dagger in recognition. "Ah I see, well give those unholy bone bags a good thrashing on my behalf." Victor would laugh cheerfully while forming a fist in a playful manner.

    "Here? Well aside from the pregnancy, the whole deal with the Doctor, we also have some trouble in Copperdale regarding some underground creatures that we'll hopefully resolve. Though the last couple of months I've been overseeing the construction of the new headquarters of the Dragon Legion, which is going to be a regiment of Elite Troops that we've begun recruiting for... Ah yes and your letter of course. It was quite lovely. I must commend your scribe, quite the calligrapher."

    Victor would down the rest of his wine from his goblet rather quickly before taking place in a broad sofa while nodding at Dagger. "Oh sure, please invite him to join us." Victor would then adjust himself a bit before looking up at Dagger with a smile. "Oh Dagger it is good to see you. We both still have your Coin of the Realm and treasure it greatly. It was indeed a fine and meaningful wedding gift.. So now, tell me. How are you doing?" Victor would fiddle allitle around with his silver signet resembling a dragon.

    Victor would stare at Eva for a long moment not wavering or blinking before turning to Dagger with a cheerful smile and give a short laugh. "That is actually very funny Dagger."

    Victor would gather his han in clap before gesturing towards the sofas and leaning chairs surrounding a coffee table next to the fireplace.

    "Now that we are done with the pleasantries. Please have a seat. Make yourself feel at home. Would you like something to drink?" Victor would then reach for a bell standing on one of the small tables only to see the elder steward walk into the room. "Oh Tiberius, excellent intuition. Please bring me some port, some refreshments and what ever our guests desire." Victor would then quickly look at Eva before turning back to the steward. "Oh and some milk-. No.. Some blackberry juice for her Ladyship." Victor would then gesture the steward to leave them.

    The elder steward would nod at the request before raising a hand to to indicate he wishes to speak. "Excuse me your lordship, but there is a message for the Ambassador." The steward would turn toward dagger before regarding him. "Mr. Djako wishes to inform you that he has arrived at the Running Couldron."

    Victor would look at Dagger suprised and annoyed with his opinion tapping his foot against the ground. Victor would then pick up a goblet of wine from a table looking into the flames of the firepit before speaking thoughtfully. "Right.. Well.. Vitus is a great name. Carries a sort of element of adventure. Wilhelm is such a pompous name. He'd be sure to grow up to be an arrogant prick. He needs to learn that power and wealth is achieved through blood, sweat and tears."

    Victor would then turn to Dagger again looking him in the eyes the brown eyes of Protector piercing. "We have a name for the girl, Victoria." Victor would nod at Dagger turning towards Lady Eva. "Yes, shouldn't the child take the surname of the strongest family Eva? Hmm? I don't know that the De'Andre family is as powerful in Mitraspera as the Kettles? Besides didn't you throw all that away when you joined the Order of the Black Sun?" Victor would look up into Eva's eyes, without smilling, without being cocky, but instead being dead serious.

    Victor would smile at Realene nodding at her. "I hope only good things. Please give her my regards and tell her that she is allways welcome to visit us here."

    Victor would then turn his attention to Dagger with a cheeky smile before looking over at Eva and then back at Dagger. "Well Dagger, now that I have you here you might help us settle our disagreement. Don't you think Vitus is a much better name for a boy than Wilhelm. Also children should take the surname after thier farther, wouldn't you agree?" Victor would take a moment looking expectingly at Dagger.

    Victor would sigh at Eva's having heard it over and over again. Upon noticing the guests arriving Victor would walk over to Dagger and Realene.

    "Welcome, welcome my friend good to see you, and thank you. We are awaiting twins. A boy and a girl or that is what the medicus tells us."

    Victor would attempt to grasp Dagger in a tight hug aiming to kiss his cheeks three times before letting go and turning his attention to Realene reaching for hand to give it a kiss if allowed. "Hello there dear. My name is Victor Kettle a pleasure, I am sure."

    Baldur would look at Djako for a moment listening to him before giving a nod snapping his fingers before one of the kettle boys with the classic kettle shoulder pad would step closer. "Go tell Mr. Dagger that his guest has arrived." The Kettle boy would not all to tall but seeingly heavily built would give a short nod before running off out of the inn.

    Baldur would then give Djako a smile before taking a jug of wine and just as he was about to pour into the glass, he'd stop looking up at Djako. "Are you sure you want wine? I would recommend our very famous Kettle mead."

    After some time an elder bald gentlemen in a black robe with a golden sash would walk walk out of one of doors heading towards Dagger and Realene. His face would be rather stiff and sharp with a lot of wrinkles. He'd give the two a small bow before gesturing them to follow him. "Please come with me." The elder man would walk with firm fast steps towards the door at the far end of the room. "You will meet his Lordship Victor and her Ladyship Eva in the throphy room."

    They would walk through a few roms who'd be rather beautifully dacorated in a victorian style. They'd arrive at a smaller fall with antlers on each side of the room leading towards a door where shouting could be heard from. The elderman would stop up abruptly turning around towards the two guests looking a bit nervous. "Ehmm.. How to put this.. Her ladyship is seven month pregnant.

    Just letting you know." He'd then give them both a short nod as if gesturing them to brace themselves before pushing the door open into a large room. On each of the walls there would be a series of shoulder mounted animals along with som fully mounted animals creatures standing around. Everything from different deers, to antilopes, big cats, wolves, bears and all in between. In the middle of the room there would be a series of couches and chairs and at the other side of the room a large fireplace where Lord Protector Victor Kettle and Lady De'Andre along shouting at each other wildly.

    Victor would wear an open black longcoat, a white shirt with golden flower pattern embroidery and brown silk pants. He'd raise his hand in a fist slamming it into his open palm shouting at Eva "You are simply impossible! I won't have my son named like some soft posh imperial prickling! Vitus is a perfectly suitable name for a strong and self relient boy... And don't you begin to talk about all this surname crap. Children should take the surname of their father!"

    The large bald man would nod at him listening to him. "Mhmm right. A fellow named Dagger mentioned you'd drop by, but he went to the residence of the Lord Protector to stay." Baldur would pick up a mug cleaning it with a rag. He'd seem very muscular seeing his muscles tense up as the glasses would get nice and presentable. "But sure, we can get you a room if you like."

    The guards would stand as monuments looking out straight infront of them. Only as Dagger would regard one of them he'd salute Dagger before giving him a nod.

    "You are expected. Please follow me."

    The guard would then continue into the courtyard which would be rather large on itself. On each side along the road towards the manor there would be well cut bushes and further on each side would be traning areas one would be a shooting range with a variety of targets and dummies, everything from humanoids, animals and other creatures. On the other side would be a ring surrounded by lit braziers and along the edges of the ring there would be wooden stands with a wide variety of weapenry, some dulled for training others sharp.

    Further along the courtyard before the main building there would be three people digging. Sand, cobblestone and other building materials would be laying on the ground as they would seem to be constructing something, but it was hard to tell what. Perhaps a statue.

    The manor would be three stories tall and formed in a "U" shape. The walls would be made from black clay bricks and heavy wooden logs. Along the walls of the manor there would be several small guard houses and they would be manned.

    The Guard would guide the two guests further towards the large wooden door with brazier burning one each side. The guard would nod to the two other guards by the door signaling for them to open the door leading into a rather large hall with stone floor, with a black and gold rug draping the center up towards a massive wooden staircase leading to the second floor. The walls would be draped with banners of both Lunorth and the Protector Couples own sigil along with a veriety of different oil paintings.

    The guard would guide the two to a line of rather relegant looking wooden chairs where he'd gesture for them to sit. "Please sit here, while I inform the steward and he'll bring you before the Lord Protector." He then gave them both a quick nod before leaving them heading into a room behind one of the many different doors in the large hall.