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    The rider would smirk upon the question before giving the ambassador a nod. "Yes, sure. Depends on what sort of inn you're looking for. Something more high end or? The most famous tavern in the city is the Kettle inn, The Running Cauldron."

    The soldier would then proceed to give him the directions to a couple of inns including The Running Cauldron before bowing his head towards the ambassador respectfully. "I'll infrom the Lord Protector, that you've arrived. Farewell."

    The rider would take a moment to look Dagger over once more listening to his words. The rider would look back to the other soldiers before looking back to Dagger. "Alright, please come with us. We will take you to the Lord Protector." The rider would turn around his horse and gesture for Dagger, Rae and the other soldiers to follow him before kicking his horse into gallop.

    After an hour or so of riding a round wall could be seen surrounding a city. Outside of the walls there would be tilled fields. As they'd approach the entrance to the City the front rider would saute the guards before being let inside. As they'd ride into the city they'd notice carvings and furnishing resembling dragons adorning many of the wooden homes. The rider would turn towards Dagger. "It won't be long now. The Lord Protector should be at his residence in the Upper class section or at the Head Quarters of the Dragon Legion."

    The riders would continue their way until one of the front riders would raise up a flat palm signaling the others to stop before Rae and Dagger. The riders would be wearing black and yellow tabards with a badge of Lunorths flag sewn on them. Underneath they'd wear chain mail and they'd be armed with swords having shields mounted on the side of the horse ready to be taken into use. The front rider would move a bit forward from the other riders raising a hand to his chest formed as a fist.

    "Greetings, travelers. What is your business here." The rider would address Dagger looking him over assessing his level of threat.

    The road would be well traveled as tracks would be seen everywhere. Everything from tracks of footsteps, to livestock to wagons. In the distance the road would go further in quite a bit and seemingly continue behind a hill. Suddenly dust would be seen rising behind the hill and a sound of multiple hooves could be heard in the distance.

    After a few moments one could see six horses along with their riders ride towards the two. The cavalrymen would be dressed in black and yellow.

    Munog regards the ambassador looking down towards his sword before looking back up into his red eyes. "Mhmm yes, yes for sure."

    Raises an eyebrow at the lady of the company quickly pulling forth a lovely flower embroidered handkerchief before handing it to her to alliviate what ever sickness had struck her before turning his attention to Ludvig.

    "Ah yes, I'd advise the same thing. I wouldn't go the southern road through the forrests of Selfiran, strange things happen in those forrests." Nods at the people before leaning back into his chair causing it to creak.

    The elder goblin would have his hand shaked sighing out laud while rolling his eyes before giving Dagger a smile. "An ambassador how interesting. This Blackwood company sounds like a lairdom or something from the knightly fellows in the realm of Roses, but with those eyes I'd pick you more for a chaos kind of guy. So what is it?"

    Munog would look at the three other guests before drinking all four glasses before taking a seat down in the orcs former chair having ignored the previous comment on his obvious heavy weight. "Ah also. You are in luck I am also heading towards Lunorth, so why not share each others company." The goblin would burst into hectic laughter before ending it in a rather awful sounding cough.

    The old goblin would grin at the orcs remark. "Bah.. Well, nothing is really setled yet, but I am sure I'll make a profitable deal with the young Lord Protector."

    The tremoring goblin would pick up the flagon and begin to fill the four glasses as he listened to the ambassador before looking him over. "Mhmm yes, I am sure it is. It is Grand Patrician Munog to you, young man." Munog would then raise his bejewled hand including a remarkably large golden ring on his ringfinger up towards Daggers head while looking up at him expectingly.

    Suddenly a sound of yelling would be heard from the stairs going upward. "Well, get on with it allready. I don't have an eternity dum girl."

    After a moment the door to the room would open and a rather fat old pale goblin would walk in through the door. He'd be wearing a lot of different jewelry everything from rings to, pendants to a fine golden chain hanging from his long pointy ears to his sharp pointy nose. He'd be wearing a very extravagant robe of purple and gold. The goblin would seem very old and fat at that with a very wrinkled face, three extra chins and an almost bald head with only a few strands of white hair adoring his neck and sticking out of his ears. The goblin would hobble inside with his cane looking around before lightening up at the sight of the orc. "Ahh Ludvig if it hasn't been a year or so. Good to see you. I was told the most esteemed guests were present and busy with a meeting here, so I had to have a look."

    After the goblin came inn, the girl would follow with a tray with four small glasses and a rather fine flagon of seemingly a red liquid which would be placed upon the table along with the rest of the food. The goblin would turn his attention to the girl poking her rump with his cane looking her over while licking his lips saying. "Oh get on with it girl and get out!"

    The pale old goblin would then turn his attention to the orc extending a handshake towards him. "How have you been? You do remember me right? It is me, Grand Patrician Munog!"

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    Troels would hear his fathers voice in the distance before turning towards him.

    "I was merely securing the financial flow. I believe that would be in the interest of our lord protector."

    Troels would turn toward the guards gesturing them to continue their work before turning to his father once more.

    "But I am happy to see you father. How was the journey?"

    Troels would smile at his father rather plainly.

    Troels would look at the Orc for a moment or two before answering in a rather jolly and cheering tone.

    "It's settled then. Ahh yes, it allways feels good to help the common folk."

    Troels would smile at the all the gathered peasants before gesturing a few guards to follow the peasants.

    "Would there be anything else?"

    Troels would look up at the giant peasant clearly unsatisfied with the result of his strike, but after a moment of intense starring Troels would smile playfully at the peasant before turning his head towards the now arisen master of coin.

    "But of course my good friend, please do come with the solution."

    Troels would turn his head agian to the peasent before giving him a polite nod followed by a foot towards the peasants groin only to settle the score before turning his attention back to the master of coin slowly making his way back to his people.

    "So what solution are you speaking of good friend?"

    Upon hearing the answer Troels would smirk before tightening the grip upon his bloody mace. Before speaking out loud.

    "I hoped you would say so."

    Troels would then turn around hesitantly and attempt to swing his large mace at the large peasants scalp hoping to knock the giant out in one strike.

    Troels would sit among the different men listening to the peasant from afar in the large Hall. He would look to his people for a moment before grabbing his large blodied mace and moves with long strict steps towards the peasant. Troels would smile cunningly upon the peasant. He would wear his ussual garmant black leather boots, with a pair of black saggy trousers, a bloody and dirty leather armour that would reach all the way down to his boots. Under the armour he would have a shirt that would once have been white and on his head a large black top hat. He would look nothing like a noble, yet everything like a kettle. As Troels reaches the man he would realize that he is quite smaller than the peasant, yet he would look at him as if far supperior. Troels clears his throat spitting down next to himself before looking up at the peasant.
    I see your problem and I will solve it for you as is my duty as lord of my people. But you will continue working untill I have done so.
    Troels would nod upon the peasant and swing his bloody mace up onto his shoulder before turning around and aiming to stride back to his people.