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    I was wondering how the travel route from the north and to the summer campaign is. Are we going through the terra portal in Erengard or do we have to travel to the west and use their Adria portal, for as far as I know the portal in the north doesn't have a dial

    Copperdale - A Tale From Mythodea 2

    7-9nth of September 2018

    Copperdale in the Northern Seal


    Spejdercentret Assenbækmølle

    Assenbækvej 1, 6862 Tistrup, Denmark

    Before July 1st = €33,56
    After July 1st = €60,40

    Art: Ambiente

    Mythodea Denmark and Northern Seal


    Michael Tot Korsgaard
    Website: http:\\

    What: Ambientecon

    When: 04.05. - 06.05.2018

    Where: 6862 Tistrup, Denmark

    Where in-time: The free city Copperdale of the former Lunorth

    Price: 250dkk (~33.59€) until feb 1st, then 450dkk (~60.47€)

    Orga: Mythodea DK


    In the Northern Realm of Mythodea, in what was once known as Lunorth, there lies a city. One of prosper and problems.

    Black smoke rises from its chimneys. The once proud harbour city; Copperdale, now holds more citizens than ever. All living closer and closer together in a desperate attempt to find shelter between its narrow streets and mighty palaces.

    Under the protection of the famous "Guild-Law", members of the gutter have grown stronger than ever, and now the city Watch have had enougth, they have renounced the "Guild-Law" which for many years have restricted their intervening with gang activity and exploitation of its citizens.

    It's a hard battle between the unexperienced sergeant of the Watch; Michael Johnson, against the mob personified in Father Kettle. A man whom said to have the noblemen aswell as the Chief of Taxes under his command.

    These noblemen, with their grand houses and nearly unlimited ressources, now stands with an important decission: Who are to rule Copperdale and how are the former cities of Lunorth to be governed at all.

    In the midst of this plagued city towers the Academy, always there casting a shadow upon the city. Its former headmaster have gone in hiding and left it in the hands of Hopkins Tobias Kettle. But rumours will have that an old smugglersroute have been found, down to what ever lies beneath the catacombs of the academy...

    Niels looked thoughtful for a moment, then replied

    "Well, the classrooms used for lecture on interdimensions haven't been in use or cleaned for that matter"

    He gave Hopkins an accusing glare

    "But the green houses are marvelous at this time of year, besides, your wife should be there, taking care of some of the more delicate beings"

    "thank you for reminding me. Yes, yes it does"

    He took the dagger and its scabbard from his belt, hesitated and then gave it to Hopkins.

    "Keep it safe, in it is all those who came before you. Have it with you always"

    His face was serious and his voice low.

    They walked out into the hallway and from there into the medical hall.

    The large medical hall was lit with small candles, on in front of each bed. Each bed been separated by a white cloth for privacy.

    A couple of students and teachers walked around nursing the patients. But as the two men entered the room the already low whisper vanished completely


    He walked towards Hopkins and placed a hand on his shoulder

    "No matter what you might think I am happy that you will be the one taking this position after me"

    His smile was a sad one

    "Even though you know the place from your days as the janitor I was thinking whether we should take a look at the school, in case you have questions?"

    Niels didn't smile, in a dissatisfied voice he said:

    "Of course I'm welcome, just who do you think you are?!"

    Then he collected himself and said in a friendlier voice

    "As for a raise there is non. The position is pro-Bono. However this office will be yours."

    There were silence for a moment and Niels continued

    "I don't know, yet, what my future holds, but I'm sure the academy will be better of not having me as its headmaster while I find out"

    He then gave Hopkins a glare

    "So you'll take the position?"

    when: a short time after the summer campaign

    Where: headmasters office in Academia Unitate

    Who: anyone

    Niels stood in the room, admiring the collections he had gathered over the years. Jars of all sorts, and with all kinds of creatures and body parts, filled every inch of his office. Someone knocked on the door.

    "Come in" he said, and into the room came Igor, a fairly large man with a crooked smile.

    "Hopkins venter på at komme ind"

    Igor hardly ever spoke anything but his mother's tongue.

    "Send him in" replied Niels. And into the room came Hopkins T. Kettle, the head of the Battlemage section of the academy.

    "My dear Hopkins. I've summoned you because I have to retire. There have been some unfortunate events of which I seem to be the center, and I therefore wants you to be the new headmaster of the academy. What do you say to that, boy?"

    The hard stare from the doctor devided the room and fixed Hopkins where he stood