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    As Eva and Duncan walks away Niels stays for a moment taking in the scene, then shrugs his shoulders and walks in to the feast hall.

    In there he sees Victor and the Iron Daggers and manages to slide over into a comfortable chair at the table.

    A little after the cavalry arrived, a small carriage arrives, bearing the sign of the Kutschergilde. A man in a white coat and worn leather hat leaves the carriage and as he does so talks briefly with someone inside the carriage. He then signals to the coachman and the carriage moves on.

    The man then nods to the riders, touching his hat as he goes towards the Honour Guard.

    "Greetings, I need a meeting with the Lord Protector, can this be arranged? Sometime tomorrow maybe. Looks like you you're having a party"

    He pauses for a moment, then asking

    "Am I invited? I've lost track of what day it is"

    After having pondered over the offer for quite some time, Niels finally nods.

    "it'll do. If you pay for the construction as well. Should I send a bird immediately to ensure the goods are in the hands of Balor as fast as possible?"

    A servant comes in with a leather folder for Niels and he thanks the servant for fetching it. The folder is filled with marked papers, before he goes through them he asks Sayeh

    "We'll have to clear some things regarding the lease and the size of the area, but I can personally help you with a few things. I suggest that we send a messenger to the Mitrasperean Trading Company, as I have some goods stored at their facilities around the continent. Not food per say, but a good butcher should be able to sort that"

    He then starts to go through them and stops at a few of them

    "So I have a lot of horses stored, these makes for easy transport and have a freat taste after being roasted with wild mushrooms and a good brandy."

    He sets aside a few papers

    "However on a different note, not food but maybe for the war effort. You see I have a lot of trained war lizards which tastes terrible, but are brilliant for war cavalry. I can also see that we have a whole batch of elixirs with healing properties stored. Again, all these are things we could have in the hands of Balor quickly if we send a messenger or a bird, and these are from my personal stock. For food we'll need to escort it from here and that would be from Lunorths own stock"

    "That is true, it didn't use to be this big, back when I granted the district to them, it only stretched a street or two. Enough for them to manage and store goods and men without the need of the rest of the harbour"

    He takes a sip of his drink

    "such and area I wouldn't expect to be build in a day, but surely no more than a year is needed. With the proper tools and materials of course"

    Niels shakes his head and whispers

    "I'll rather have some of that"

    And points at the bottle with hard spirit.

    As the servant pours the drink Niels ask them

    "Could you send someone to fetch my special folder at the Stab the Janitor will know which one it is"

    Niels look concerned

    "Ever since the summer-winter we've had problems with the ground being ever more unstable, as a result of those holes the Calamus plague have had an easier access to our people. We've manged to handle most of it, but who knows for how long. This is why I ask a favor for a favor. This won't be the first time we've aided the Realm of Roses, and it probably won't be the last either."

    His voice have become sincere

    "so understand me when I say that what we need most is the guarantee to get help in the time of need, from those whom we've helped. I understand that you won't be able to make such a promise on behalf of Balor, but you can promise that you'll do your outmost to obtain it"

    Niels is silent for a moment and then changes his tone into a more jovial one

    "or we could get a steady trade agreement with them, we'll supply them with food in a steady stream and they'll supply us with something else, could a meeting be made between our to lands?"

    Niels nods at Munog and then looks at Sayeh and in a plain tone informs her

    "I doubt that Munog ever met Dagger, he however keeps a spy nearby me in order to snatch any trade which comes in my direction"

    He then continues in a more conversational tone

    "Regarding the deal. The coin itself will not be enough. The year haven't been kind to the people in Lunorth, and taking away their security for food would mean a lot more to them than coin. So try flatter me with more than cold metal when all the good reputation will end up in the pockets of East Blackwood"

    As he is saying the last sentence his voice becomes hard but not cold.

    Niels is silent for a moment in reflection. Then he takes out a pipe and starts stuffing it.

    "Then let's send the goods around from the west. I could also send a messenger to the Mitrasperan Trade company located in the Realm of Roses, they should have some goods in stock. That way we are sure to have the goods arrive in time."

    He lights the pipe.

    "Balor is an important man with a bright future. But these goods would either have to come from my own pocket or that of Lunorth, and coin won't do it alone."

    He thinks for a moment

    "Say, could you manage a letter of gratitude, in which he offers to help us in. Similar dire situation hmm?"

    Niels looks closely at the map where Sayeh is pointing.

    "the rivers you see here"

    He point to the river coming from the mountains in the south of the northern seal.

    "they all flow from the mountains and into the sea. Until know no one have been ble to travel across them neither. So if you want the goods there quickly, then we'll need a stable Aeris Portal from Paolus Trutz or to ship it to the southern parts of the eastern seal, where we can bring it into the Realm of Roses easily. As going through the western seal will get us to close to Kal'hatra"

    He then sits back

    "Getting enough food isn't the problem, nor is getting the ships and protection to get it to Balor. The only question is payment, does Balor offer anything in return?"

    The man smiles

    "I'm the one to apologise, I shouldn't expect someone to remember a fleeting moment years ago. I were once introduced to you by Dagger, but allow me to introduce myself properly"

    He makes a stiff bow and continues

    "My name is Niels Forbonte, currently librarian at Academia Unitate as well as many other things. I've been a man of the Company for a few years."

    At his belt hangs the sigil of the East Blackwood Company, which is also shown on his coat buttons.

    After some time a man in a long white trenchcoat and a scruffy brown leather tophat enter the courtyard. He talk shortly to one of the servants and are clearly pointed in the direction of Lady Sayeh. A look of recognition falls on the mans face as he goes towards the lady with a smile.

    "Dear Lady Sayeh, it's been far to long. I've got a message from one of Anthems men that my presence was required. I guess that you might be the reason?"

    "hmm. That's a tall order. Regarding how powerful artifacts could, many would say that the Wordlforge is the most powerful build yet. And since it were capable of creating new worlds it could be argued that its powers are unlimited.

    However since the powerveins are so unstable these days it's hard to say how powerful artifacts one would be able to create.

    And as for an artifact which binds people together, there are examples of this with the banner of Unity as well as Adamant. These banner people would swore their loyalty and soul, and thus were connected.

    Others use spells to force people together rather than artifacts"