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    Would it be possible, to have something like "half place in a tent and the other half on the outside"? - I think, people are easier, to take a seat on the outside of a tent, when they just want to have a short rest.

    And I do not know, if everybody knew in 2017, that your community-place was for anybody in the VU and not only for Guests of the Kettles, because it felt like it was a part of your Camp and not for wole of the VU - I hope, you can understand, what I mean...

    our plans was to create a more open place, as you suggest, to ensure that more people will feel welcome. We also plan on events (no matter what) which invites people in.

    We also hope to be close and visible from the kommandatur so that we won't be on the edge of the camp 😉

    and so the evening ended, the two weary travellers slept tight all while the old orc sat hunched over his writing table. When morning came, Dagger and Raelene had to leave, unfortunately their host were nowhere to be found. But on the nightstand beside Dagger were a letter with the text

    "Open when safe"

    And so ends our little story, for a new one is about to start.

    Ludvig reenters the room and hands over an inkwell to Hopkins.

    "Be warned, it's a bit thin"

    He then turns to Dagger and Raelene

    "Promise me to bring my regards to little Viktor, I haven't seen him in years. And allow me to make a toast in the hope of fair trades for our two friends here"

    He raises his glass.

    Ludvig looks out of the window and the remarks

    "It's withdrawing, almost gone. May I ask why? Are you of a canine temper? Sorry not my place to ask."

    He goes back to the table

    "Well if you are of to Lunorth tomorrow may I then suggest the crossing at Northheim. Victor would most likely be there, and you would arrive within the day. The Running Cauldron is a decent inn wouldn't you say so Munog?"

    "I sure do, heard rumours that you now hold my old position as Head of Trades isn't that so?"

    He rose and while shaking the goblins hand made a gesture towards his chair

    "Please take my chair, I fear no other will hold the weight of your shoulders"

    He then sat down on a small stool and continued to Dagger

    "Munog here is also from Lunorth, a tradesman if his attire didn't give him away"

    Ludvig sighs

    "Well, a couple of years ago he along with a few others challenged her Excellences position as Nyame. Some even say that he attempted to assassinate her.

    This was the course for the Year of the Five Cities. A year where Lunorth was without ruling and all with titles lost what they had created.

    Me along with the rest.

    Her Excellence later forgave him his actions, but the new Lord Protector of Lunorth didn't, and for this he was imprisoned, only to escape and flee Lunorth. At least that's the official version"

    A knock was heard from the door before the maid enters the room with food and drinks to all of them.

    "Thank you Sophia, you sure are an angel"

    She smiles and almost dances out of the room

    "I suspect little Sophia here is part fae"

    He nods at the once again closed door

    Upstairs the orc shows the two guests politely into one of the rooms in the far back.

    The room had clearly been lived in and looked more like a home than an tavern room.

    Sitting comfortably in a large chair and urging the Dagger and Raelene to sit in a small sofa, orc started a pipe of tobacco and continued

    "My name is Ludvig Korp, and I'm terrible sorry for the sudden intervention, but you have to understand that this isn't a place to talk about these things. Up here we have more privacy, however the walls still have ears"

    He coughed

    "You asked about the Doktor aye?"

    A large hand grabs Daggers shoulder from behind, turning him around and before he has a change to pull his sword grabs his right hand and shakes it. The face in front of Dagger smiles heartily and says

    "My friend, let's meet in my chamber and have a little chat, shall we?"

    The orc shaking Daggers hand is old but strong, he looks like the mix of a merchant and a pirate. He gestures to Dagger and Darlene to follow him upstairs and as he does so he says to the bartender

    "Have your sweet daughter bring up three, that's a good boy"

    the man raises an eyebrow at the lady's remark.

    "Well personally I don't think much of that black stuff, but I know the finer establishments enjoy it immensely. I would think you could make a good deal there"

    He then takes the coins and shrugs at Dagger

    "Couldn't say, couldn't care. He ain't my governor"

    the maid smiles at Raelene

    "And how far from his room would you like to be?"

    In that moment a large man enters from the backroom

    "Stop teasing the guests Sophia and go clean the dishes!"

    He produce a large mug of need for Dagger

    "You can choose whatever room ain't locked upstairs. Payment will be 1silver from each and a penny for the mead. Anything else?"

    And The Kettles National Song
    Notes: Skuld_gammel_venskab.png

    And text


    Velkommen her, til Keddelland.

    Hvor tankerne, de gror.

    Hvor der er plads, til alle mand.

    Der hvor ægte, krofolk bor.


    Hvor byerne, de kør’ på damp.

    Med en høj-teknisk, armé.

    Ja velkommen her til Keddelland.

    Sæt dig ned, og drik lidt the.


    Vor fader han bød fjenden trods.

    Kæmpede, som en barbar.

    Han lærte kedlerne at slås.

    Sønnerne, og én bastard.


    I byerne, der kør’ på damp

    Med en…


    Lord Aske gav, et land, til os.

    I bytte for lidt korn.

    Nu får han heste, lad ham slås.

    Imens vi hygger, os med hor.


    I byerne, der kør’ på damp.

    Med en…


    Vi svor vor troskab, ved en dram.

    Og vi fandt, en rette pris.

    Nu ruller madvognene frem.

    Med whisky, spæk og gris.


    Fra byerne, der kør’ på damp.

    Med en…


    En stormagt, blir vi nok, en dag.

    Mythodea, den blir vor.

    Vi tager det hele, slag for slag.

    Om mange, mange år.