Feast at the Manor

  • *The elder steward would look tired already, his eyes heavy and his expression dull, but his posture would be straight and excellent as he was listening to Skips question. The Steward would sigh slightly before answering.*

    "Right.. Well unless your wife has been specifically invited, then she will not be allowed inside, unless of course she is part of the your company then I'd advise you to speak with the guardsmen to have her taken off the list specifically. - We will get to the mead and the food in a moment, first I'll show you inside, once you've settled into your rooms you may join the feast at your leisure."

    *Tiberius stops abruptly speaking as he hears the horn and watches the knights ride into the courtyard. He'd feel rather nervous for a moment as they group got surrounded by the knights before noticing their sigils sighing relieved. As the Knight in Golden Armour nods towards Tiberius he'd immediately bow before him.*

    "Welcome Senator, your usual room has been reserved as always."

    *He'd say to the knight before returning his attention to the Iron Daggers. He'd nod towards Sir Raven before nodding at him.*

    "Yes of course, I'll have one of the maids prepare a bath for you sir."

    *The Elder steward would then turn around before guiding the group into the center hall of the manor through the large gates. As they did he would speak."

    "Regular procedures would require me to give you a short resumé on the etiquette of the house, but I've been told to make an exception, so I will tell you this. - Most doors in the house are open and the rooms are meant for open use, some doors may be locked are so for a reason. - Regarding the feast. It has been called in your honour at the request of the Lord Protector and therefore the seating arrangements are open and you are free to sit where ever you wish."

    *As they enter the center building a range of men dressed in black suits would waiting. Tiberius would wave a hand and the men would step closer.*

    "Now, please pair up and join one of our footmen here and they will guide you to your rooms. Once ready please join the feast at the main feast fall down there."

    *Tiberius would point down along a hall towards two large open doors leading to the feast hall. Tiberius would then turn towards Sir Raven and Diob.*

    "Special room arrangements have been made for the two of you if you would follow me."

    *Should the guests choose to follow the footmen they'd be guided to their rooms which would be rather lovely in a Victorian style including heavy dark wooden furniture, wooden wall panels and large sturdy beads. - Tiberius would lead Sir Raven and Diob to two larger rooms both with double beds and on the third floor of the building before entering they might notice two Honour guards standing guard infront of the room at the end of the hall.*


    *At the gate the guards would watch the caravan closely watching Niels as he approaches the gates. The Guards Captain would return and walk over to speak with him. He'd look skeptical at the request before answering.*

    "The Lord Protector is holding a feast to---"

    *The Captain would be cut off in his sentence letting out a grunt of displeasement before waving his hands at the guards causing them to open the gate for the Niels letting him enter.

    *After a moment the guards would notice Commander Ingolf approach. The guards would immediately salute him with respect as they opened the gate for him. The guard captain would give the Commander a respectful nod before gesturing him to enter.*

    "Commander. Enjoy the party."

    *He said shortly before returning his attention to the gate as it closed behind the Commander.*

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  • As all this happens around Diob, he politely nods, at any relevant person. And simply enjoys the beauty of the place.
    Clearly, his gaze is all over the place, with a big smile on his face.. that only widens when he heard the possibility for "maids preparing a bath"

    "My Dear Tiberius, could I as well receive the same treatment as Sir. Raven"

    He kindly asked, before following Tiberius to his appointed room...
    For then looking a bit skeptically at the guards placed in front of his room, before entering

    After he entered his appointed room he turned to Tiberius.... "Sorry, is it possible to get someone to carry in the things, I have on my Warlizard?"

    Looking like he might have forgotten something.

    - Diob the to tailed fox

    Owner of the Wineyard.

    Master of Coin in the Coterie of the Iron daggers, under Sir Raven the Loyal.

    He is in the north do to his job as a mercenary, and a diplomat.

    He always wears his sword and dagger on his side, and a big bag filled with small trinkets and valuable items.

  • Raven entered his room and closed the doors behind him.

    He then went to drop his backpack and laid down on the floor, ignoring the bed. For a few minutes, he just rested, enjoyed the peace, silence and solitude. A rare commodity these days.

    He waited patiently and hoped that the others didn't cause too much trouble.

  • Siarah didnt bother much with preparations since she pretty much were ready, she decided to go take a look around at the manor and watch who would be arriving.

    as soon as she sensed that most people had arrived
    she would then go on to find a spot in which she imagined the iron daggers would be the most comftable and for her own sake, a spot with eyes on the entrance and a fast way out. You can never know what or who might show up.

  • Walking to the rooms with the other Iron Daggers Magnus muttered out loud:

    "Do you think they'll bring the raven to the top? Fancy nest and all. And I thought foxes slept in boroughs, no matter the number of tails? Do our hosts think them above us?"

    He walked along with the others.

    "Maybe we could colour the Ravens feathers gold so he could prance around with the other knights in the courtyard!" he said and laughed

    "oh did you see the one in the golden armour I beat him in the compe..."

  • The smile had left Magnuses face as he looked at Torkild.

    "Sounds like an order..." he said and turned away and started walking on.

    "You know us Iron Daggers don't do well with orders. Not a dog among us. But maybe we will find some in the courtyard. Who wants to go look for a fight?" He said smiling as he walked to his room.

  • A small but fully packed carriage, pulled by a big sturdy horse, stops in front of the closed gates.

    The guards are handed some papers and lets the carriage into the courtyard.

    The driver, who is hidden in a big weatherworn coat with a deep hood, grabs a bag that clinks a lot like glass bottles, jumps down from the carriage, revealing long brown muddy boots and quickly hands the reins of the carriage to a servent.

    Pullling back the hood, revealing a tangled mess of blonde hair, and broad smile, she takes a moment to take in the view of the manor and all the cavalry, she mumbles to herself;

    "Somebody's overcompensating.."

    She walks up to the footman in charge by the entry to the mansion and with a big mischievous smile she asks:

    "So... I was told there was going to be a feast?.. but where's the real party!?"

  • *The Elder sighed to himself before giving a rather passionless smile to Diob along with a respectful nod.* "Right away Mr. Diob, I'll have the maid prepare one immediately and she will inform you once it is ready. - And of course the footmen will bring all the luggage to the individual rooms."

    *Before leaving the the two to each their rooms he'd give them a nod over towards the two guards.* "Please do not tarry too long as feast will begin soon.. Also I'd like to inform you that you've been given the honour of sleeping on the Lord-Protectors floor. Those are the Lord-Protectors private quarters." *The Elder butler would then proceed to offer a respectful bow before disappearing down one of the stairs.*

    *One things the guests might notice hanging at the sealing of most rooms and corridors would be a elaborate network of strings leading through the rooms. In most rooms there would be a colourful rope hanging from the ceiling and behind it would be a placket on the wall which would say.* Servants

    *Outside the footman standing attention by the left side of the entrance to the main hall of the Manor would watch the carriage come into the courtyard. As it arrived before the main building he'd quickly rush over to help the driver of the carriage. He'd look a little surprised at the woman as she asked her question he'd fumble a little with the words before saying. "Ehm.. I am not quite sure what you mean Mrs.? I am sorry I don't know your name.. But The feast is in the Feast Hall which would be the building right there." *The Footmen would point to the building to the left of the Main Manor building, but still connected to it. "Please do use the entrance from the inside... - Is there anything else I can help you with Ma'am."

    *After a little time the doors on the top floor to the Lord-Protectors own quarters would open and out from it Victor would step out. He'd be clad in Black and goldens robes of the same style that he is usually known for. On his back he'd have the golden dragon of Lunorth embroidered. He'd also wear a magnificent fur hat with a few long pheasant feathers to accompany. He'd look rather jolly and would with fast steps make his way downstairs both the guards quickly closing the doors before following the Lord Protector down the stairs. As Victor made long strides through the corridors Tiberius would quickly join his side giving him an update on the guests that have arrived as well as the preparations for the feast. Victor didn't answer him simply nodding and waving him away with his hand as he made his way to the Feast Hall. Inside the feast Hall there would be but a few lowly administrators and dignitaries which would greet the Lord Protector. Victor would return the greeting before walking over to one of the to small talk while waiting for the other guests to arrive.*

    Victor T. Kettle | Protector of Lunorth | First son of William R. Kettle and rightful heir to the Kettle fortune. | Templar of Ignis | Faithful Servant of the Elements | OT: Patrick Spangsberg

  • After Raven had relaxed for a short time, he bathed and put on his fine clothes.

    For once he presented himself as a knight and wore his sigil and his coat. He was used to be a man on the road, with practical clothes and sturdy boots, but after he was knighted, several situations required him to present himself accordingly. Be it banner meetings or lordly feasts and company.

    He stretched his back before leaving the room. He observed his surroundings, trying to remember the right way to the banquet while looking for familiar faces.

  • Inside his room Torkild stops and looks it over. He searches under the bed and checks the window. After the look over he nods acceptingly.

    Looking to the bowl of water he strips down and washes the grime and dirt from the road of with the water. There is a knock on the door and he lays down the wet rag and pulls his dagger from the belt. " Come in!" He says

    The door opens and a footmen stands with his luggage.

    Thorkild points with the dagger "put it there please"

    He sheathes the knife and finds a copper coin that he flicks at the servant.

    Dressed up, he heads for the feast, joining up with Sir Raven

  • Miranda thought for at minute, smiled and said; "hmm anything else you can help me with?.." Judging by the tone in his voice, it definitely sounded like there was more she needed help with..

    She looked down at her weather worn coat, and muddy boots "Uhm... sure! I just might need a bath and a change of clothes - I guess thats most appropriate.. Oh and a room with af nice bed! Uh and bring some nice wine to my room please!"

    She grabbed another bag from the carriage and set of after an appointed maid by the footmen, and walked to her room.

  • Roland (another Iron Dagger) arrived a while after the other Iron Daggers on his war-lizard, looking like he was having a hard time to controlling the beast.
    In an attempt to get off his mount, he fell to the ground, landing on his back with his left foot stuck in the stirrup.
    The war-lizard didn’t seemed to care while Roland was lying on his back making angry growling noises.

  • In the small room Magnus threw himself on the bed, enjoying the silence for a bit. Privacy was not a luxury for swords of hire on the road. So for a few moments he enjoyed just laying there. A knock on the door sounded and Magnus said "come in", not wanting to move he waited for whoever it was to get into view. It was a footman with his luggage.

    "Oh thank you!" Magnus exclamied.

    "just put it somewhere" he said as he jumped up. The notion of clean clothes putting aside the need for rest. He quickly washed and put on some fresh clothes. A simple hemp tunic, boots and his belt. In his belt was his irond dagger, and the badge of the group. Going to grab his sword out of instinct he stopped. He opened up his door and shouted out the hallway: "SHOULD WE TAKE OUR SWORDS?!"

    With no answer he figured that the rest had already left, so he ditched the sword and headed for the courtyard.

    When he arrived he saw Roland come through the gate. He leaned up against a post and saw the scene unfold of him tripping and Tim coming to the rescue. When he had stopped laughing he walked to them, and when he was within ear range he shouted:

    "Your late! Quickly, come to the hall! You'll miss the party!"

    Smiling he turned around, not waiting for an answer. He walked quickly to the door he came from. Walking the hallways he found the hall and joined the Iron daggers there.

  • Raven went a bit back and forth, trying to round up all the different Iron Daggers.

    "A Rooster, all dressed up fine tonight eh?" Even when Raven tried his best, he still wasn't a match for some of the others, their taste for outfits and elegance was exquisite. And Raven always preferred the more practical outfits anyway.
    "Did you see where Illya and Dimitri got off to?"

    As Magnus, Roland and Tim approached down the hall.
    "Roland! I wasn't sure you would make it? Was it Tim that dragged you here?" Raven smiled as some more joined.

    With a good handful of them by his side, he began to move towards the great hall. Hopefully, they were ready for them.

  • Down the road towards the manor comes a little wagon drawn by two donkeys both wearing a red priest stola with golden Ignis logos in the front and a black order of the sun logo in the neck. The wagon is simple and sturdy with a sitting part in front and two banners in the rear. Both red, one with a golden Ignis logo and one with the black sun of the order. The wagon is riderless but this does not seem to bother the donkeys as they weave through traffic.

    As they go through the gates loud snoring is heard from the back and the guards shake their heads at the familiar sight of Duncan sleeping in the back. A mighty Warhammer at one side, mugs, books, and scrolls at the other, and a barrel as a pillow.

    The two donkeys stop perfectly at the stables, without a word, and starts to drink from the trough

    Father Duncan Rex, Priest of Ignis
    Member of The Order of The Black Sun, located in Arden Lanceam

    Voice of Ignis in the Lunorthian Council of Elements

  • *Victor seems rather bored with the conversation he had found himself with a local administratior about interprotectorate tobacco taxes when he notices the court musician an middle-aged gentleman with greying hair and a fine clothes as well as a wide white collar around his neck would take seat at the clavicytherium. He would then begin to play with great skill. *

    *Victor would raise his hand at the administrator cutting him off mid sentence as he turned towards the muscian giving him his full attention. Victor would allmost fall into a trance listening to the smooth sound of the string instrument.*

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    *After a while Victor would have a servant gently point towards the entrance to the hall where Victor would notice the company of the Iron Daggers enter. Victor would smile broadly spreading his arms up on the air in a welcoming gesture as he hastily makes his way towards them. He brazingly intterupts the music and allmost shouts gathering everyones attention.*

    "Welcome! Welcome! Welcome! My dear friends! Good ladies and gentlemen let us give a warm welcome to the Iron Daggers, who hav chosen to settle down in Lunorth!"

    *Victor would allow for a short pause for people of the court to clap their hands in celebration before continueing.*

    "Tonight we celebrate this decision and you my friends are the guests of Honour! - So pleaese eat, drink and dance to your hearts content!"

    *Victor would then snap his fingers before wavaing the court muscian away and after a moment a band would enter the hall from one of the side doors. They would begin to play more festive and folk music.*

    Victor T. Kettle | Protector of Lunorth | First son of William R. Kettle and rightful heir to the Kettle fortune. | Templar of Ignis | Faithful Servant of the Elements | OT: Patrick Spangsberg