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    Duncan looks at Eva "I suppose, I haven't tried it before. Have anything in mind?

    He moves to the boy to look at the melting copper. He smiles and pads the boy on the shoulder. "Good work lad. "

    Duncan Places him self between the anvil and the melted copper. Looking at Eva waiting for her reply.

    Duncan smiles. "here you will always find peace, though I off cause can't command the council, I at least can his you." He fills her glas again.

    Elisa returns waring her priest robes of terra. Duncan just nods and she moves to the anvil and fastens a purity seal with terras symbol.

    "Holy mother of earth, gift giver to the forge. We ask that you bless this forge and and the ritual we are to preform."

    She takes the flower out of the vial and places it on the anvil. Here after se takes one of the vials she was sent to get, uncorks it and places it besides.

    "Mother we place this flower in eternal sleep. Let the things it has witnessed forever be bound here in and shown to the one holding it." She places the flower in the vial and the flower slowly turns to stone.

    "Mother place your hand on this flower and let the stone be blessed"

    She steps back and leaves only the petrified flower on the anvil.

    Still with her eyes to the floor. "No of them is, just a lot of bureaucracy and forms that needs filled out. They are used to the rituals preformed here and with the war our blessings are in high demand."

    Duncan just chuckles at Elisas visible uneasiness in Evas presence " Go get changed into your priest robes and start the ritual of stone on the flower"

    Then turns to Eva "so will you stay and watch the ritual+"

    Elisa enters carrying a small basket "so I got it all but as usual they where not happy, just so you know." She moves to the table and unloads potions an arranges them in types. "Thyra is happy that we have burn salve and healing potions this time but if we end on the infirmary then there is hell to pay. And Anna says if we fuck up the we are on our own. "

    She turns around and first now sees Eva. Her eyes turns to the ground and she flushes. "high inquisitor, I did not see you there. I'm sorry" she bows

    Duncan just Laughs at Evas comment on Thyra and Anna

    Proceeds to answer her second question "yes people are friendly and i like the diversity in cultures.. It is refreshing. I hope to se more of Lunorth when i have time to do so."

    He takes a swig of his drink "but i like Ardens more.. It More like home. Think i will Explore the mountains next i have time."

    "Eh, by the gods no." Duncan laughs and pours the drinks. "Though High Inquisitor Duncan has a nice ring to it." He hands Eva her glass

    "Nah, me place is here, guiding the people and hearing their worries." He takes a sip "Now where is that las gone off to, I know Anna is disorganised, but Thyra is not. She should have been back by now"

    Duncan smiles and bows "That is why ye are the High Inquisitor and I but a humble priest of Ignis. But i will be looking forward to reading the rest of what ye have written"

    Duncan moves the vial to his work bench and removes to glasses. On his way to his little supply chamber, he stops and corrects the boy again and looks at the progress. "Not to fast, let it melt slowly."

    He returns from the chamber with a bottle "A drink, sister?"

    The boy returns with copper and starts to ad it to the furnace. While listening to Eva, Duncan moved to oversee and corrects the boys task with out a word.

    As Eva finishes Duncan is again looking at her pondering her words.

    "I do agree, nothing is more satisfying than to finish a task and look at what it has given one as reward. And as one how has grown up in a dwarven society I have seen my fair share of bureaucracy for the sake of bureaucracy, and inept authorities. We need to accept that not all is written in stone and we must change or remake the things that hinder or weakens us. Such is the flame always changing and adapting."

    He smiles "As for the flower, yes as a trinket, a memory of the Winter Solstice. I belive in preserving the essens of the ritual of the light battling the shade, so i took my flower with me home and will make it last forever"

    "I am going to preserve one of the flowers that was used to create the ritual arena at the winter solstice, I will preserve it in copper."

    He turns his head and over his shoulder yells "boy, fetch copper and start to heat it. "

    He turns back to Eva "any news from here?"

    "it is when it is trivial stuff, it really depends on the subject" Duncan just smiles and moves to pick up the vial again. "well the exemplar or the council has not given me any new assignments so it is my daily routine and confessions.

    He holds up the vial. "I'll read it through when I have finished with this"

    Duncan turns around and when he sees Eva he smiles and bows.
    "Sister Eva it is good to see you." and then proceeds to place the vial on a anvil.

    He then continues "After the banquet i have been travelling around Lunorth. Mostly Copperdale and Muspelheim. I have been delivering messages from the head of Ordo Rellgio and introducing myself to the clergy in the cities."

    He sighs "a lot of time spent on meetings, but it is good to be home"

    As Duncan finishes his list a young woman enters the room.

    "Father Duncan, your travels has been long we where worried" She bobs slowly while talking.

    "No you where not, Sister Elisa" Duncan just smiles and hands her the paper.

    She mock pouts "We did" she says and snatches the paper and reads it. Her eyes grow big while reading.
    After she finishes she Continues with a smile on here face. "so what are we making today?"

    Duncan just smiles and moves to his travel gear while looking through his gear the boy returns and with out a word starts to light and fuel the furnace.

    Duncan smiles and pull out a small vial with a flower inside suspended in a potion. "we are preserving this for the future to come"

    Elisa looks puzzled but before she can ask another question Duncan continues "now go bug Sister Anna and Sister Thyra for the items on the list and i will tell you when you Return."

    The door opens to a small dark forge, the light from the holy pyre illuminating the interior.

    The wall is bare mountain rock as well is the ceiling, it is filled with all manner of forge equipment and in a little chamber all manner of forge materials can be found.

    All equipment bears the insignia of Ignis and Terra but on closer inspection one can see the insignia of Aries on the air bellows and Aqua on the water basin.

    Duncan steps through the doorway visibly in a bad temper. "oh that boy, better have a good explanation for a cold forge"

    With a sigh he places his travel gear in the corner and begins to light a beeswax candle.

    "Master, you are late? We expected you earlier. A young man in order robes enters the room.

    "Aye, my duties took longer than expected. But that is no excuse for a cold forge. It's a tempel and must always be lit. " Duncan's gaze is stern and anger is clearly visible.

    "Yes, master. It will not happen again." The man's gaze is on the ground

    Duncan relaxes "Good, now fetch a fire from the pyre. And let's go to work."

    "Yes master" the man turns to leave and as he leaves Duncan shouts after him.

    "And find the girl too."

    After this Duncan proceeds to find ink and paper.

    #one month before vinter Solstice#

    The sun is out an even though it's so cold you can see your breath in the crisp winter air, the sun is still felt.

    "Blessed be ignis" Duncan mutters while letting the sun warm his body, what little it can. Under his heavy travel robe the The Orders colours are glimpsed.

    He smiles as he sees the the sign of the cauldron Inn and heads for the door.

    "By Gorlans beard it will be good with some ale. " he says before stomping his boots and the opens the door.