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    "After you Lady Protector" Duncan says with a smile.

    Duncan now cleaner from a recent bath follows Eva with a thoughtful brooding look. Clearly thinking about something.
    His clothes are the same as he arrived which shows he was clearly not aware that there would be a party. but never the less nicely dressed in his priest robes, though dusty.

    He occasionally takes a swig from a bottle of savior port he has found somewhere in the mansion.

    Duncan flashes a smile "sisteeeeh" he stops mid sentence at the sight of Niels. The in a formal tone continues as he bows "Lady Lord Protector, I was in the area and wanted to check in and see if you needed me or if I should continue to Ardens."

    Duncan folds his hands behind his back and waits

    After a while, one of the Donkeys brags and kicks the wagon jolting Duncan awake.

    "oh are we already here Thyme?" he stretches and scratches his beard. Gets up and out of the Wagon. Dusts himself off and looks around.

    The Donkey brags again. "Yes, Yes Thyme. I know I am late" He frees the Rosemary and Thyme from the wagon and the walk into the stables themselves.

    "Well, time to get to work" He turns and heads for the manor, only stopping at the guards before moving on into the manor. "I am here to see the Lady Lord Protector. She is expecting me"

    Down the road towards the manor comes a little wagon drawn by two donkeys both wearing a red priest stola with golden Ignis logos in the front and a black order of the sun logo in the neck. The wagon is simple and sturdy with a sitting part in front and two banners in the rear. Both red, one with a golden Ignis logo and one with the black sun of the order. The wagon is riderless but this does not seem to bother the donkeys as they weave through traffic.

    As they go through the gates loud snoring is heard from the back and the guards shake their heads at the familiar sight of Duncan sleeping in the back. A mighty Warhammer at one side, mugs, books, and scrolls at the other, and a barrel as a pillow.

    The two donkeys stop perfectly at the stables, without a word, and starts to drink from the trough

    Duncan's tone gets comforting. "I do not know. Such things are beyond me. As I have not seen the key. "

    He scratches his beard for some time

    "From to simple rituals to the most powerful artifacts it is normally the same. They need to be renewed, reenergised. One can hope it is the same. But I can't say without looking."

    "hmm" Duncan frowns an thinks a bit. "the world has also witnessed a lot. And with the world forge gone and other resent events, who knows what is to come... But no I can't feel it.

    Duncan looks at Eva with curiosity

    "ay it is buetiful" Duncan says his eyes not leaving the flower as he inspects it.

    After a while he moves to the anvil an places the pliers still holding the flower in a special hole locking it in place and allowing it slowly to cool.

    "Boy start cleaning and Elisa thank you for your assistance.

    "Always the pleasure, Duncan. Do you have more or can I continue on my own"

    Duncan nods to the door

    Then turns to Eva eyeing her slowly.

    "Somethings the Mather?"

    Elisa bows to Eva and leaves in silence.

    Duncan looks at Elisa who just shrugs

    "I have never tried it. But I can try" she finishes with a smile.

    She hands Duncan a pair of long pliers which he takes and proceeds with the ritual.

    "Holy mother, lady of the flame, hearth of the forge, we ask you to come to us."

    He picks up the stone flower with the pliers and turns to the molten copper.

    "Holy mother, please bless this pot of your metal. Fill it with your radiance, your warmth and your passion. Bless it in your name."

    Duncan dips the flower in the copper

    "We ask you to lay you embrace around this flower. Fill it with you warmth, honour and spirit of community. Let all who hold it be filled with these aspects."

    Twice more Duncan dips the flower and repeats the rite before finally holding up a flower covered in copper.

    Duncan looks at Eva "I suppose, I haven't tried it before. Have anything in mind?

    He moves to the boy to look at the melting copper. He smiles and pads the boy on the shoulder. "Good work lad. "

    Duncan Places him self between the anvil and the melted copper. Looking at Eva waiting for her reply.

    Duncan smiles. "here you will always find peace, though I off cause can't command the council, I at least can his you." He fills her glas again.

    Elisa returns waring her priest robes of terra. Duncan just nods and she moves to the anvil and fastens a purity seal with terras symbol.

    "Holy mother of earth, gift giver to the forge. We ask that you bless this forge and and the ritual we are to preform."

    She takes the flower out of the vial and places it on the anvil. Here after se takes one of the vials she was sent to get, uncorks it and places it besides.

    "Mother we place this flower in eternal sleep. Let the things it has witnessed forever be bound here in and shown to the one holding it." She places the flower in the vial and the flower slowly turns to stone.

    "Mother place your hand on this flower and let the stone be blessed"

    She steps back and leaves only the petrified flower on the anvil.

    Still with her eyes to the floor. "No of them is, just a lot of bureaucracy and forms that needs filled out. They are used to the rituals preformed here and with the war our blessings are in high demand."

    Duncan just chuckles at Elisas visible uneasiness in Evas presence " Go get changed into your priest robes and start the ritual of stone on the flower"

    Then turns to Eva "so will you stay and watch the ritual+"

    Elisa enters carrying a small basket "so I got it all but as usual they where not happy, just so you know." She moves to the table and unloads potions an arranges them in types. "Thyra is happy that we have burn salve and healing potions this time but if we end on the infirmary then there is hell to pay. And Anna says if we fuck up the we are on our own. "

    She turns around and first now sees Eva. Her eyes turns to the ground and she flushes. "high inquisitor, I did not see you there. I'm sorry" she bows

    Duncan just Laughs at Evas comment on Thyra and Anna

    Proceeds to answer her second question "yes people are friendly and i like the diversity in cultures.. It is refreshing. I hope to se more of Lunorth when i have time to do so."

    He takes a swig of his drink "but i like Ardens more.. It More like home. Think i will Explore the mountains next i have time."

    "Eh, by the gods no." Duncan laughs and pours the drinks. "Though High Inquisitor Duncan has a nice ring to it." He hands Eva her glass

    "Nah, me place is here, guiding the people and hearing their worries." He takes a sip "Now where is that las gone off to, I know Anna is disorganised, but Thyra is not. She should have been back by now"

    Duncan smiles and bows "That is why ye are the High Inquisitor and I but a humble priest of Ignis. But i will be looking forward to reading the rest of what ye have written"

    Duncan moves the vial to his work bench and removes to glasses. On his way to his little supply chamber, he stops and corrects the boy again and looks at the progress. "Not to fast, let it melt slowly."

    He returns from the chamber with a bottle "A drink, sister?"