In the Hour of Need

  • Lady Sayeh smiles with a small hum of a laugh, amused and yet glad to hear. “Thankfully the food I’m looking to buy from the North is not to feed an entire seal, nor an entire fiefdom in the Reich der Rosen.”

    Realene comes forward in her red dress and pulls out a red ledger, pulling out a list of items. At the top it says “Copperdale”, and lists out dried meats and grains, items that can keep and not spoil over the course of a long journey. If both parties didn’t know any better, it would almost look like Sayeh was planning on providing provisions for a sailing voyage of five ships, give or take the size of them.

    Giving them a moment to mull over what is being asked for, as Lady Sayeh sits upright. “As for matters or trade, Neils, I will inform you that East Blackwood has come into the possession of a lease. Two times five acres, and while Sir Dagger has some buildings planned for our own uses, there are other plans being discussed. The land touches the Blauer Strom, Blue River, and in its location has the potential to be a central hub of trade. There is hope that the merchants of Copperdale and perhaps a few of those in the North, might take interest in it. A thought that has crossed my mind was if Copperdale owned, perhaps some kind of inn for their merchants to stay in while doing business. True, they would expected to aid in paying the lease, but the building would belong to Copperdale to keep and sell if they do choose.”

    Sayeh smiles, “This trade for Balor gave me reason to come here to discuss this with you and in the hopes of perhaps convincing The Ambassador of... how shall I say this... planting the seeds of economy? It is no mystery that Sir Dagger and I have opposing views at times of the direction the East Blackwood Company would take, but... given the right... investment, shall we say, the Ambassador could make a compromise?”

  • "That is true, it didn't use to be this big, back when I granted the district to them, it only stretched a street or two. Enough for them to manage and store goods and men without the need of the rest of the harbour"

    He takes a sip of his drink

    "such and area I wouldn't expect to be build in a day, but surely no more than a year is needed. With the proper tools and materials of course"

  • “Naturally, it would be hard to build any kind of building without the materials, but that’s what also makes the building belong to someone. Here’s an opportunity to make something of your own from the ground up.”

    Sayeh looks over some papers, “The concept is the same as what my mother put together, naturally the land belonged to her and then I inherited as her heir. The homes and buildings belong to the businesses and the peasants, and if they so chose to move on with their lives then they could sell their homes and the new residents would take on a new lease to use my land. Of course, there are also contracts and negotiations every three years on the leases because the value of ordinary land that is cleared and made useful, provides a profit. And of course, there is the value of their investment in what they develop. The lease money goes to maintaining the port, the roads, the health of the community, and so on.”

    Sayeh waves her hand, “Please, do not take offense, I am sure that you need no education from me on such things. However, these are things I feel... I have some difficulty feeling that Sir Dagger would understand.”

  • A servant comes in with a leather folder for Niels and he thanks the servant for fetching it. The folder is filled with marked papers, before he goes through them he asks Sayeh

    "We'll have to clear some things regarding the lease and the size of the area, but I can personally help you with a few things. I suggest that we send a messenger to the Mitrasperean Trading Company, as I have some goods stored at their facilities around the continent. Not food per say, but a good butcher should be able to sort that"

    He then starts to go through them and stops at a few of them

    "So I have a lot of horses stored, these makes for easy transport and have a freat taste after being roasted with wild mushrooms and a good brandy."

    He sets aside a few papers

    "However on a different note, not food but maybe for the war effort. You see I have a lot of trained war lizards which tastes terrible, but are brilliant for war cavalry. I can also see that we have a whole batch of elixirs with healing properties stored. Again, all these are things we could have in the hands of Balor quickly if we send a messenger or a bird, and these are from my personal stock. For food we'll need to escort it from here and that would be from Lunorths own stock"

  • Sayeh nods and looks to Raelene, as the woman looks over the East Blackwood books. There is a pause and Lady Sayeh snaps her fingers to one of the other girls who brings over a ledger in blue canvas. Raelene looks just to the side as the book is opened to a page, and looks back at her mistress for a moment who looks back at her, only to see Sayeh’s raised brow.

    Lady Sayeh looks back to Doc as Realene scratches on a small piece of paper, tearing it, then folding it and giving it to the girl with them to give to the doctor. “Here’s our offer for 70 of those horses then. Do you wish to counter?”

  • After having pondered over the offer for quite some time, Niels finally nods.

    "it'll do. If you pay for the construction as well. Should I send a bird immediately to ensure the goods are in the hands of Balor as fast as possible?"

  • Sayeh leans her hands on the table, “If I build the inn, it will be at Sapphire Isles expense then and your lease will be higher. Are you sure you don’t want to pay a smaller lease on the land and build it yourself? The building then belongs to you and should you sell it its profits are yours and then you only need negotiate the land lease every five years with me.”

    She crossed her arms, and raised a brow. “I am offering you a chance to make quite a return on investment here, Neils. Are you absolutely sure?”

    A moment passes and she takes a breath and closes her eyes like she hard in thought, “I’ll tell you what? Take control of the construction of the inn, the offer still stands on being able to help pay the lease for the portion of land since the building would belong to you, and in exchange for some of the elixirs, I’ll guarantee residents in the inn for the first year. That would help you make your money back and a profit, and...” she stresses, “you still retain the ownership of the inn should you decided to sell it, and still making your money back on it.”

  • Sayeh puts out her hand for the shake, looking the man in the eye, “Raelene, draw up the papers and melt some wax, and then send a correspondence to the Madam to make the Jasmine ready.”

    She gives her sister a look, and a nod. “You should come with us Neils and see Sir Dagger, I’m sure he would enjoy being able to show you the lands and discuss his plans for the future with it.”