In the Hour of Need

  • A small group of East Blackwood Embassy guards surrounding a carriage arrive in Copperdale close to the district belonging to East Blackwood. Within the carriage, a woman dressed in blue robes and a turban of indigo blue with a veiled face. Her corset has brown and ivory vertical stripes and a pair of navy blue and white vertical striped pantaloons as well with brown boots to her knees.

    Another woman in a large hooded cloak is with them in a navy blue dress with a corset of blue and black brocade, her face hidden and takes the other woman’s hand as she steps out of the carriage and into the building. Her steps swift and calculated as she moves, with another female guard in blue with her hair tied back. The other turbaned and veiled woman just behind her, and then the guards of the East Blackwood Embassy.

    “Master Anthem,” the Lady in the blue turban calls, in a thick accent, “please inform those in the district that Lady Sayeh of Sapphire Isle has arrived on an important diplomatic mission for trade. The Mistress’s mission is of great need and a matter of survival, and she will need the names of those who can best aid her so that they might be contacted. She has graced the district with her own presence to show how important this cause is. The Mistress is here to find food stores for the winter for a people in need for the winter. Their crops have failed, and if their army falls it would be a disaster for the continent. Please, time is short and she needs someone else connected in Copperdale to aid her.”

  • After some time a man in a long white trenchcoat and a scruffy brown leather tophat enter the courtyard. He talk shortly to one of the servants and are clearly pointed in the direction of Lady Sayeh. A look of recognition falls on the mans face as he goes towards the lady with a smile.

    "Dear Lady Sayeh, it's been far to long. I've got a message from one of Anthems men that my presence was required. I guess that you might be the reason?"

  • The woman surrounding Lady Sayeh in the meeting hall are all dressed in blue except one, a blonde woman in a red deep red dress and a green believer vest.

    She shakes her head, when Lady Sayeh glances at her.

    “Lee?” Sayeh asks with a serious eye, “Have I been in the North before?”

    The woman in the red dress shakes her head. “No, Mistress, only myself and the Ambassador some time ago to see Lord Victor and his Lady.”

    Lady Sayeh looks over her guest up and down. “Apologies are in order then, for perhaps too much time has passed since I have last seen you, for I have no memory of your face or name.”

  • The man smiles

    "I'm the one to apologise, I shouldn't expect someone to remember a fleeting moment years ago. I were once introduced to you by Dagger, but allow me to introduce myself properly"

    He makes a stiff bow and continues

    "My name is Niels Forbonte, currently librarian at Academia Unitate as well as many other things. I've been a man of the Company for a few years."

    At his belt hangs the sigil of the East Blackwood Company, which is also shown on his coat buttons.

  • Sayeh looks him over as she tries to think on the name for a moment furrowing her brow. Her face relaxes as the name comes to mind, “Ah, yes, Forbonte, ‘The Doctor’, if I recall correctly?”

    Lady Sayeh looks to one of her ladies, and gives her a nod. “Would you like anything to drink, Dr. Forbonte? There is much to discuss, and since I have not been to the North before, my mind might need a moment to refresh itself on the customs. That being said... I am here on a mission, and time is not on my side.”

    She looks around, “We should be seated, there is much to discuss.” She gestures to the chairs and table as one of her ladies pulls out a place for her to sit and for the doctor. Ink and book and leaves of paper are prepared.

  • Sayeh sits herself down and reaches for a rolled up map on the continent, to roll out flat in front of them.

    “The Margrave of Zweiwasser has reached out to the East Blackwood Co. for aid. The crops this year were poor to say the least, too much heat and too much rain the next. Margrave Balor’s will not have enough to get through the winter, and this puts his armies in jeopardy of starvation. So, I am on a mission to see what stores of food can be spared. The other issue is, how to get it back safely to Zweiwasser. Since there is no direct route from Copperdale to Zweiwasser. There are too many large mountains and the rivers while according to this they seem to go down stream, they also run dangerously close to the Schwartz Ice. Which means that going through the Western Seal might be the best course, and with any luck, the Western Seal will also have food stores to spare from Wolfshaven.”

  • Niels looks closely at the map where Sayeh is pointing.

    "the rivers you see here"

    He point to the river coming from the mountains in the south of the northern seal.

    "they all flow from the mountains and into the sea. Until know no one have been ble to travel across them neither. So if you want the goods there quickly, then we'll need a stable Aeris Portal from Paolus Trutz or to ship it to the southern parts of the eastern seal, where we can bring it into the Realm of Roses easily. As going through the western seal will get us to close to Kal'hatra"

    He then sits back

    "Getting enough food isn't the problem, nor is getting the ships and protection to get it to Balor. The only question is payment, does Balor offer anything in return?"

  • Lady Sayeh looks over the map, “There is also, the Westrosen Pass, and the portals will not be reliable. Men have been lost in them for three weeks, and there is enough chaos in this world. Also the portals are good for transporting armies, but transporting goods the roads are still the most useful. The Westrosen Pass was built for this reason, it was why Balor employed the East Blackwood Company to build it. It requires traveling through the Western Seal. A bit easier than Kal’hatra, and with the check points to cover us in Nova Bretonnia and The Embassy in Grian Quihenya before I meet with Josephine and The Voice of the West to discuss sourcing food from their location as well.”

    Lady Sayeh let’s the map go so it will roll back. “The route is already planned and secured, Margrave Balor has the coin to cover the cost and pay the company to transport it.”

    Her tone has been business, plain straightforward, and yet also showing a stubbornness, she has spoken with confidence and with direction up to this point. Her eyes turn firm as she looks at him, and her voice hardens. “Yes, the Margrave can pay, otherwise I would not have come all this way, since Copperdale has an East Blackwood district it makes sense to start here. That said, when on the subject of trade, each region is more plentiful than another depending on its resources. That is why I also intend to visit Wolfshaven, they have also sent aid to Sapphire Isle in its hour of need, but I know Sir Jean-Louis, The Voice of the West. Only so much aid can be given, and I cannot put all of Balor’s money in one supply.”

    Lady Sayeh takes a deep breath, “So, what food is available that will keep for the winter that can be transported from here than can make the trip by road, and can keep an army fed to keep the Schwarze Eis in check to the south, especially since this common enemy is also knocking at the boarder of the Northern Seal just to the Southeast of here.”

  • Niels is silent for a moment in reflection. Then he takes out a pipe and starts stuffing it.

    "Then let's send the goods around from the west. I could also send a messenger to the Mitrasperan Trade company located in the Realm of Roses, they should have some goods in stock. That way we are sure to have the goods arrive in time."

    He lights the pipe.

    "Balor is an important man with a bright future. But these goods would either have to come from my own pocket or that of Lunorth, and coin won't do it alone."

    He thinks for a moment

    "Say, could you manage a letter of gratitude, in which he offers to help us in. Similar dire situation hmm?"

  • In through the archway to the room a large pale goblin dressed in heavy purple robes would walk in a servant would walk bahind him hastily seemingly trying to stop the goblin from interupting the meeting.

    "Sir, you can't just intterupt a meeting like this."

    The elder obese goblin allthough walking with a cane would keep a fast pace approaching the Lady and the Doctor.

    "Of course I can. Do you even know who I am!"

    As the goblin comes closer to the two he'd bow before them while sporting a wicked smile showing off his sharp yellowish teeth, he'd then straigthen with some difficulty leaning onto his cane.

    "Grand Patrician Munog, I am sure you've heard about me.. I am employed in the service of the Lord Protector Victor Kettle. My birds told me there was a meeting so I thought I'd drop by."

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  • Sayeh presses her lips for a moment, “My gratitudes can only be for the King of Blackwood and Dagger’s word when he is not here. To make such promises would mean you would need one of his vassals to make such a promise. Now, if the grievances are that if the North is in dire need and they want to employ on East Blackwood, that I can work with, but I will not make promises for Balor. If the Margrave employed me to speak on his behalf to ask for aid, he would have sent a very different type of ‘company’.”

    Upon hearing the commotion, Lady Sayeh rises to her feet instinctively. Her eyes, wide from the intrusion, and she steadies herself resting her hand on the table as the sudden rush to her head makes her vision tunnel for a moment making her dizzy.

    She glances at the Doctor, and then back at Munog, “Lord Victor and the Lady were so kind as to invite me to their wedding upon my first journey to Mythodea. Though you will have to forgive me, Grand Patrician, this is perhaps our first introduction to one another.”

    Sayeh presses her lips together a moment, “I was just telling The Doctor since he works for us about a private buyer in need of a large amount of food stores for the winter. They asked for anonymity, and thus the East Blackwood Company has been employed.”

    Letting go of the table now that her head is clear she puts her hands at her sides. “Lady Sayeh of Sapphire Isle, Representative of East Blackwood in His Majesties, King Kerrell’s court, across the sea, for Ambassador Dagger.” She gives a slight tilt of her head, “Perhaps, the Ambassador is our common acquaintance?”

  • Niels nods at Munog and then looks at Sayeh and in a plain tone informs her

    "I doubt that Munog ever met Dagger, he however keeps a spy nearby me in order to snatch any trade which comes in my direction"

    He then continues in a more conversational tone

    "Regarding the deal. The coin itself will not be enough. The year haven't been kind to the people in Lunorth, and taking away their security for food would mean a lot more to them than coin. So try flatter me with more than cold metal when all the good reputation will end up in the pockets of East Blackwood"

    As he is saying the last sentence his voice becomes hard but not cold.

  • Sayeh watches both Niels and the orc for a moment. After she lets a moment of silence pass, the noble lady vanishes and she crosses her arms, and she digs mentally into a side of her that she has buried for somewhere deep within.

    There is a slight shift in the air, like a breeze that passes through the window on the far side of the room... it’s fleeting, but makes the shutters rattle a little.

    “Well then, what is it that the Lunorth needs? Perhaps you can start by telling my what plagues have come to the protectorate.”

  • Niels look concerned

    "Ever since the summer-winter we've had problems with the ground being ever more unstable, as a result of those holes the Calamus plague have had an easier access to our people. We've manged to handle most of it, but who knows for how long. This is why I ask a favor for a favor. This won't be the first time we've aided the Realm of Roses, and it probably won't be the last either."

    His voice have become sincere

    "so understand me when I say that what we need most is the guarantee to get help in the time of need, from those whom we've helped. I understand that you won't be able to make such a promise on behalf of Balor, but you can promise that you'll do your outmost to obtain it"

    Niels is silent for a moment and then changes his tone into a more jovial one

    "or we could get a steady trade agreement with them, we'll supply them with food in a steady stream and they'll supply us with something else, could a meeting be made between our to lands?"

  • Munog inspects the Lady closely letting out a small high pitched grin nodding at the comments. "Mhmm yes well.. I do know the Ambassador and I know you.. By name, but I am most pleased to be able to meet your eminence in person and am looking forward to meeting the Ambassador next time he visits our lovely Protectorate."

    Munog looks over at Niels with a sharp look before waving at him dismissively. "Now, now Niels, don't be rude to the Lady here. I sure we can hammer out a deal under the right circumstances."

    Munog turns back to the Lady with a sharp grin on his face as he's spreading his arms in a hospitable way. The pale goblin would seem very old even though he'd act rather frisk for his age. His face very wrinkled and a thing golden chain would hang from his nose going back to his large, pointy and hairy ear. "So tell me lady what exactly is it you need. Let us put the numbers on the table and you can tell us what you can offer and then we can negotiate. Doesn't that sound reasonable?"

    Munog smiles at the lady gesturing for her to take a seat before snapping his fingers at the nearest of the ladies servants. "Get me a chair servant."

    Victor T. Kettle | Protector of Lunorth | First son of William R. Kettle and rightful heir to the Kettle fortune. | Templar of Ignis | Faithful Servant of the Elements | OT: Patrick Spangsberg

  • Sayeh grits her teeth, at the mention of Balor’s name while a stranger is present. Her eyes widen at the mention, yet she still listens to what else is said.

    Munog’s command for a seat to her ladies, only sharpens this. As she watches glances to her ladies and Raelene.

    “These women are my sisters under my mother’s oath in the Order of the Sapphire Phoenix, they are not servants,” she looks to Raelene and gives a nod. The woman in the red dress leaves the room for a moment to open a door and check it for one of the servants in the hall to come. She whispers the command softly into the man’s ear and he gets a chair for the elder goblin. Raelene steps some distance off to the side. Another servant arrives with drinks for the table, two decanters of wine and another with a harder spirit.

    Lady Sayeh sits down, and Raelene assumes her place just visible to her in the corner of her left eye. One servant leaves and the other stays just at the door.

    Lady Sayeh reaches for some documents, “The crop failures are different depending on the areas on the continent. Blackwood will buy what is in surplus here depending on what the Lunorth has to offer. Obviously what items are in short supply should not be taken from the Lunorth people. Foods that can keep during the long journey are preferable, pickled items, dried or salted meats would be prime examples of what would keep.”

    Sayeh places, the paper down, “That said this is the transactional part, and yes there is the negotiation of price. Grievances heard, Neils, asking for favors in this case is a diplomatic motion, and knowing Balor’s reasons for why East Blackwood was hired for this job, making a plea to Balor is not possible. My purchase of this food from the Lunorth is to do my business.”

    Slowly she pushes the paper to the side, showing both parties that the transaction in this case for food is a separate one. “That said, business in the Reich der Rosen, is a possibility, but it will not be apart of these negotiations, and will involve Sir Dagger naturally and Master Merchant Djako.”

  • Munog shrugs slightly at the lady at her comment regarding her ladies. "Sure, if you say so my lady. Apologies if offended." Munog waits impatiently until the chair is brought to him. He'd take a seat immidiately before reaching over for one of the decanters to pour himself a glass of wine to the fullest grabbing the glass and downing it in one go before nodding at the lady as he wipes his mouth with hankercief he'd draw from one of his inner pockets of his robe. "Mhmm good year I am sure.."

    Munog then opens his satchel before pulling up a leather covered book which he woud unwrap as well as a quil and ink. He then looks up at Lady Sayah. "So how much food exactly are you in need of and what exactly can you offer in return? Lunorth has fed the enitre North and the Realm of Roses a couple of times before. I am sure we can accomodate as long as we know what is needed."

    Munog then pauses as if he has come to a realisation. "Or are you merely here to inquire as to what we have available so you might come with an offer at a later point?" Munog raises an eyebrow at the lady very expectingly.

    Victor T. Kettle | Protector of Lunorth | First son of William R. Kettle and rightful heir to the Kettle fortune. | Templar of Ignis | Faithful Servant of the Elements | OT: Patrick Spangsberg

  • Niels shakes his head and whispers

    "I'll rather have some of that"

    And points at the bottle with hard spirit.

    As the servant pours the drink Niels ask them

    "Could you send someone to fetch my special folder at the Stab the Janitor will know which one it is"