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    Realene watches the two men for a moment drinking their toast, and presses her lips together and she puts her hands together in front of her.

    She glanced at Eva for a moment and then at Djako behind her.

    For all the celebration, one thought seemed to take up the whole of her mind. Truth was, she didn’t learn any of this in Mythodea... but he wasn’t going to tell Dagger that now or ruin the moment for him.

    The three talk for quite some time, Realene leaning in to get Dagger’s attention at times.

    Dagger stands first, and says, “Lord Protector, Lady Protector, I would like to present to you Raelene Skie, she would like to tell to you alternative proposal.”

    Dagger step back and let’s Raelene come forward, looking at her expectantly as he crosses his arms, only to put them back down at his side to seem less agitated.

    Djako stands supportively behind her as she comes forward to the protectors.

    Raelene has a moment of hesitation in her body language, her head down before pulling her shoulders back.

    “Lord Protector, I represent my Mistress in this endeavor, the Baroness Sayeh of Sapphire Isle... as well as the company.” She lifts her head, “You seek to rebuild Lunorth and with that comes great expense, surely, and also the vision of the future is far more valuable than anything else.”

    Raelene presses her lips together, “My Mistress too knows the struggle to rebuild. After a long war, she pushed to rebuild many things in the wake of loss. Such things even as rebuilding her uncle’s kingdom. These things I know because I helped her day and night with the books to calculate the expenses to try make the future her mother died trying to save. One day, your children will have to pick up this same torch, and with this in mind...

    “For the services of the East Blackwood Co. in trade across the land of Mythodea, we ask for a piece of land with in the fief of Lunorth.” She quickly raises her hand, “but this land will remain in your keeping, and only that you allow us to add equity to the land by building a farm, or a mill, or something that gives back to the Lunorth’s future. In turn, this will also ensure that we are able to keep a profit and support the Embassy and our work here. For you, there is the ability to know that your lands have value and thus increasing your own wealth in turn with the lands you own.”

    She folds her fingers together. “A farm with sheep would produce wool for the community for example, or even food, and the ability to one day find a way to dye the wool to sell yarns and textiles. This was a venture my Mistress took, and it helped to rebuild the roads and the kingdom in the harsh winter. Or even a wood mill to make the matterials needed for the ships to bring trade to the sea or the rivers, or homes or barns. And these things would bring equity and the ability for the Company to be able to continue its work for you while having the money needed, and all the while you would have the knowledge in knowing that this was part of the future you built for your Lunorth.”

    She takes a deep breath steadying herself, “And should the company move on to start a new, you would be left with cultivated land and the value of the land to secure you.”

    (OT Dagger and Djako are traveling at this time and can’t post for themselves. Hence the partat the top.)

    Realene sits while both men are talking, putting her hands in her lap and holding the small charm of sea glass under the cuff of her sleeve between two fingers. She stays close to Eva.

    “My Mistress for most of her life has used arcane magic, but since coming to these shores she has lost it, she’s even said that upon her return home she has not been able to be intouch with her abilities like she once was. So... she has picked up the sword. For her it is the biggest adjustment of all to loose her impulses, and to join in the fight instead of rushing to heal and care for the injured.”

    Raelene at first motions toward the place to sit, but pauses and turns back to Eva. She stops glancing at the rather pregnant woman looking only at the men for a moment before stopping. Maybe it’s a bit of her own pride... and perhaps a bit of her own suspicion.

    She takes a deep breath and lifts her skirts, and walks toward Eva and bows. “Your Ladyship,” she starts, a bit hesitant, “Since My Mistress is not here to say these words herself, I pray you will accept them from one whom she regards like a sister to her.” She glances up, “Many blessings for she who knows the miracle of life, for she brings hope and light. For all that you have given up, may you know the gratitude and love for a future that you give a people now.”

    Realene slowly rises back up, hopeful that she has not spooked the pregnant woman.

    Realene presses her lips together, for a moment, the urge to join and give her own opinion is hard to ignore. Her past experiences though expressing her opinion without consent make her hesitant, especially since both of these new strangers were Ignis followers it seemed. Not a good idea. She folds her hands in front of her trying to behave and keep her mouth from getting ahead of her.

    Raelene’s nerves show for a moment as Victor asks for her hand, as she isn’t sure if it is appropriate for her at her station. Maybe the customs in the North are different, she thinks?

    Deciding to be polite she lifts the hem of her skirts enough to curtesy and lower her head. There’s an obvious hesitation as she presents her hand, “It is nice to meet you, Lord Victor, my Mistress has told me about you and your wife and her attendance at your wedding this summer.”

    Realene’s own thoughts occupied her mind for a while as she followed behind Dagger glancing at the rooms.

    Coming into the room, and seeing the Lord Protector and his wife for the first time, she recalled what her mistress had mentioned, and quickly pressed her lips together to avoid her first impulse. Though watching them fight, this did make her think of one thing that seemed to calm her a little... there was certainly a lot of Ignis in this room.

    She listened in on the argument as well, and her mind wandered a bit more. Though the last time she spoke her mind in front of an Ignis follower, she well... regretted that instantly. She stood up tall in this case then and tried to quiet her mind of her own personal thoughts. She placed one hand over her wrist, a small charm from a bracelet, a blue piece of seaglass under the cuff of her burgundy gown with the heraldry of the embassy sewn at her hip.

    Realene glances at the chairs, the thought in her head for a moment, only to remain standing. From bathing, to riding, to this, she prefers to be on her feet for a little while longer, and move about a portion of the space in the room slowly waiting for the steward to come.

    Raelene looks around the high end market, and her eye looks critically at the market. Her own memories of such a place linger in the dark parts of her memory. She knew the rumored words of the Northern Seals laws... and she knew also that just because something looked impressive, did not mean that it was built by the same faces that one saw.

    As for the protectors home... it was a far cry from what she felt comfortable in, and approaching it made her want to turn around and head back.

    She swallowed hard, her discomfort rising and her own tensions. The color in her face fades and Raelene’s stomach feels like it’s been tied into a knot.

    Her voice sounds forced and strains a little as she speaks. “I wonder what Sayeh would think... if she saw this.”

    “You realize the baths are in the bathing hall, correct?”

    She turns her face to one of the walls, fumbling with the laces of her dress. “Sorry if you have anything against smelling like sandlewood, Sayeh left some of her oils and I used them in the bath. Thought it would be better than smelling like lavender.”

    Raelene heard the knock on the door as she pulled her dress over her head, the laces still not tied. “Just a minute!” she called, and didn’t really bother debating if she should finish dressing before letting him in or not.

    She opened the door, and reached for the laces of her dress to pull them, walking back into the room.

    Realene catches Dagger’s dark look, and hisses a whisper as she follows him down, “Oh, don’t you even try. It’s a perfectly normal reaction to be concerned that armored guards are being sent to arrest someone, if it was peaceful then why not send a messnager instead?”

    She stops talking as they approach the guards and they are within earshot, and listening to them she presses her lips, her shoulders tense until she finally relaxes after the message is received.

    Raelene breathes a little more easily after bowing her head to the guards.

    Realene looks at the room, and puts her bag down on the bed that’s farthest from the door. She overhears Dagger mention a letter to the West, and sits on the edge of the bed. “Are we really so short on coin that we have to share a room? Thought after that night you would have preferred to have a room to yourself much rather than share one with anyone ever again.” Her voice is lighter, signaling that she is not being heavily critical of the situation as she normally would. She opens her bag and starts looking for her bottle of ink, paper, and a quill to write with.

    Raelene brushes off the dust at the hem of her green dress, and her eyes scan across the room just to get a feel for her surroundings. She keeps close to Dagger, at least within ear shot to listen to his conversation with the innkeeper, putting her hands together over her middle and waiting a moment.