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    Certainly greatful for the idea of a bath, Realene catches Dagger’s look her brow only twitching a little. As she glances back and forth for a moment before diping her head, following the ambassador. Not sure what is going on, she waits for the ambassador to speak first.

    She doesn't look at him, "She has no business in taking part in it... what recklessness she decides to put herself into is where my business ends as long as Sapphire Isle doesn't get dragged into it," Raelene lowers her head giving her eyes a rest and blinking a few times, "She said she taught his wife at their wedding reception how to use her fan because she had never used one before."

    She rubs her eyes a little, "After that, she didn't say much about the matter. Only that she got a glimpse into the thing that frightened her the most."

    Raelene grimaces a little at Dagger, but stands an bends her knees to curtsy. “Pleasure to meet you,” she says with a smile to the new stranger, before taking a seat again.

    She turns to the orc, “To answer your question earlier, I had forgotten to keep track of when the full moon is and when the high tides are. I just have to keep track of a window of time.”

    Realene swallowed hard and it’s only about then at she realized she had been holding her breath as well.

    The goblins comments mull around in her head a moment before they go silent at the sound of the creature’s cough. In her mind, she knows that if she even shows a single emotion that Dagger would have a field day not letting her hear the end of it. Her built up appetite for food after the journey has miraculously disappeared now rather quickly, and she grows thankful that her stomach is empty at this point.

    Her mind shoots for something to say to go with the pent up reaction to be completely disgusted. “Cach!” She cusses, her eyes wide, “What phase of the moon is it tonight?”

    Raelene raises her brow slightly in interest, “Well, if that’s the case we shouldn’t pursue the Doctor’s whereabouts any further or we risk ruining our arrangements with Copperdale.”

    She crosses her arms pondering further, “I guess it depends on the Lord Protector’s reasons... and if that is correct,” she turns to Dagger, “you would have to remember you were an honored guest at his wedding, and Sayeh as well.”

    Raelene’s face shows little amusement in the girl’s teasing, and her eyes make no mistake of her disapproval, watching the girl leave before bringing her attention back.

    “Our business is in trade,” she said rather directly, “My Mistress has given me orders to represent her in her absence. She has interest in opening up her coffee trade and wishes to know if they would be open to her offer.”

    Raelene walks in behind the Ambassador in her single green dress and her knits around her neck and shoulders. Her blonde hair braided back with felts of red wool mixed in, she doesn’t bother to really look any one in the eye. A piece of decorated metal keeps her hair back, and appears to be some kind of clip or comb, it’s hard to tell just by looking at it.