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    Dagger presents the soldier with a smile. "I would prefer it if we did not go directly to him. A room at an inn to stay in and a hot bath would be better. I would not want to smell like the road when making a formal appearance. Could you show us to an inn you would recommend?"

    Dagger offers a smile, „We are on our way to visit your protector. I am Amassador Dagger of Blackwood and the East Blackwood Company. This is my assistent Mistress Raelene Skie.“ The old soldier dips his head in greeting.

    "Well I know where Nieles is." Dagger folds up the letter and places it into his leather scroll case. "You have never met Viktor have you? Your sister met him during the Summer Campaign. You know, the war you said she had no business in taking part of." Dagger snickers in mild amusement.

    As he had said, Ambassador Dagger and Raelene left the Norden capital for Lunorth. The road chosen was the Road to Northheim. It would lead into Lunorth’s most northern region and with luck to Protector Viktor Kettle. Dagger worse his blue tunic and was armed and armored as if marching off to war save for his head where he wore no helmet. As prepared as he was, the Ambassador’s composure was juvial and well tempered.

    The two sat atop horses rented from a stable back in Palo Trutz. In the past Dagger had walked everywhere but these days the old soldier has had to keep more of a time plan with his current line of employment. Gone were the days of casual travel and in were the days of appointments and meetings

    When Dagger and Rae crossed the border into Lunorth, Dagger opened the letter he found when had woken up that morning.

    Dagger's eye's widen realizing that in the confusion he had, once again, forgot the manners he was taught. "Oh ah this is Mistress Realene Skie. She is my assistant and the appointed representative of her island home while her sister Sayeh is away." The ambassador turns to Rae, "Rae this is Hopkins. One of the Kettles. A friend."

    My view has always been somewhat limited and frankly I just want to move past it. Our project is moving forward and I want to see it succeed more and more. Dagger supported Liandra as a merc and eventually a friend but now he is serving his homeland as an Ambassador to Mythodea and to finance that running the East Blackwood Company. So I am in the North a lot on business as well as much of the rest of Mythodea.

    Dagger laughs at the next new arrival. "Did Lunorth expand to the capital of the North or something?" Dagger cannot help but muse himself at seeing Hops. Well, he supposed it made since to see at least one Kettle in the slums of a city... The moment after that thought had passed the ambassador realized that if he were to lend voice to his mind, he could likely insult someone without meaning to. So with that realization, Dagger decided to say something else, "What brings you here?"

    The Ambassador and merchant raises a brow at the words spoken. 'A tradesmen or something more?' thinks Dagger. Instead of doing what Dagger thought was expected, he instead stood up straight and took the goblin's hand in hand-shake form. "Ambassador Dagger of Blackwood, Ambassador of Blackwood and the Realms. Leader of the East Blackwood Company," offers Dagger in response.

    Als jemanden die Liandra unterstutzt habe im Spiel, ich finde es schade wie es gelaufen ist. Ich hasse es wenn ich nichts etwas die IT passsiert hatte anspielen darf. Ich wollte gern, spezial als Drow, ein konzequence auspsielen oder schalcht oder etwas haben. JdS 2017 ich wollte das den Norden angreift aber damals war ich noch auf der Meinung das es alles noch IT war mit kein OT Probleme. Ein jahr später und ich habe mit mein eigene Augen gesehen das ich, mehr oder weiniger, gar keine Ahnung hat an was alles ging.

    I still do not know the details even though I was involved. I still do not understand what the big issue was and I am unhappy with the way things went. To that end my friendships remain and my character is doing something new with the East Blackwood Embassy and East Blackwood Company. I for one, even if I do not like it, have done what I can to push this part of the story into the background of whatever it is that I do now.

    So while I can feel as though I understand where some angered parties are coming form, I ask only that we find away to move forward and play with those we have interest in playing with and ignore those we do not. Our group had a great time being part of the North for Conquest last year and will be happy to do so again, if not in camp then in story.

    With that simple comment, Dagger’s fears had been confirmed. „Nice to meet you Ludvig Korp. Pardon my ignorance. Last I was living in the north, I more or less just did what I wanted back then.“ Dagger offerse a smile. „So yes, we would like to know what has happened to the Doctor. I heard only rumor. I did not read anything in the Herold as of yet. Perhaps our newspaper could publish and article on the subject? We would, of course, need more information though."