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    Dagger drinks the toast, „I would be happy to. I am, not the best of riders but my sense of smell is very good.“ His eyes glint breefly a brighter red. „In this case though, we are hunting Undead down South. I mean to speak to the Blutpakt about one of their Jarls while I am there.“

    Dagger looks at the Lunorthy decoration about the room. „If we come to terms at the Convent I will be more than happy to wear that sigil as well in solidarity.“

    Dagger smiles lightly, and inclines his head in a light bow. „She has learned a lot since she first arrived in Mythodea. An asset to the Company.“ Dagger picks up his cup and raises it in toast. „To our continued friendship,“ after drinking down a bit of the cup’s contents Dagger lowers the cup. „We will be leaving in the morning for Copperdale if that is all right with You lord and ladyship. I have not physically been there before yet I carry the city’s favor.“ Dagger motions with his free hand at the sigil of Copperdale on the center flap of his belt of favors.

    „After that we are going hunting. “ Dagger grins at the Eva knowingly. “I am taking the Guard and…” The old soldier looks to the new Company Merchant Djako, “Djako. He just learned that that was happening, now.” Dagger’s grin returns full bloom.

    Dagger takes a deep breath, his eyes gleaming a brighter red for a moment. The Ambassadors eyes drop to the Terra symbol hanging from his belt. He takes a long moment to center himself and think of, more diplomatic language. "If it would be permissible, I would like to confer with the members of the East Blackwood Company who are present?"

    Dagger smiles at the second to last comment. "No we have business ventures elsewhere. Of course, we are most gracious for the respect shown to us concerning Copperdale. The deal made by the good doctor was most kind... What you have presented us with is an ultimatum. Work for us for nothing or do not work for us at all. I cannot imagine that what we ask for is an exception otherwise those companies would be making no income on the trades. I could of course be wrong." Dagger takes a drink of that which is offered before continuing.

    "If I am wrong, which I hope I am, what is it you are indeed offering? We do not need to be lent ships as we do have access to them. As I understand it, you would continue the business relationship as is which means the East Blackwood Company would be granted some of the excess Lunorthy resources to trade. We would enter trade meetings on behalf of Lunorth, build relationships on behalf of Lunorth, peruse leads on behalf of Lunorth and, close deals on behalf of Lunorth. All of this without being paid for the work done. Is there something you planned to offer the East Blackwood Company as payment for the services rendered that I am unaware of?"

    Dagger nods listening but maintains his train of thought. "Our terms? That we want an official contract and we want a fee for the work we do? I thank you for the opportunity to work in such a theater of course... If our requests of contract are not in your favor, what would you have in counter? What we want is somewhat flexible of course but we do not want to work for free. We would go belly up by the end of the year if we did."

    The ambassador looks to Djako and gives him a knowing nod. The subject has the usually erratic-old soldier strangely concentrated and serious. His standard humor is all but gone.

    Dagger turns back to Victor. "We are willing to do a lot by way of trade for Lunorth and have the ability to get the work done. If your lordship finds it in Lunorth's best interest to do so, we are a resource you can use. However, as mentioned, we want to be paid for our services. Are there areas where we could best serve Lunorth? Perhaps you had something else in mind?"

    Dagger makes no attempt to eat, his mind is on other matters. "As of yet the East Blackwood Company has worked at nearly no price to your Protectorate. We have traded and marketed goods produced and raised in Lunorth on Lunorth's behalf and received perhaps a few copper coins in compensation for money spent on your behalf which had come out of the Company's coffers... I am proposing our relationship continue but that we earn our share doing so. The suggestion of having us trade for profit is grand if in fact the goods being traded are desirable in regions outside of where they are produced. Although I like them very much, no one wants mountable war lizards." Dagger smiles warmly at the idea. "We still take your certificates to the trade conferences. We still work on relationships with potential buyers. We still make connections and attempt to sell products Lunorth produces to even the not-so-willing. We market the value of your goods as best we can in the time permitted in the limited circumstances we are set with. And we have made trades yet we were not compensated."

    Dagger takes a sip of the drink before him before continuing. "As I am sure you well know, much of Mythodea looks at the North with distaste." The Ambassador raises his hand in caution. "The culture of the North combined with its," Dagger searches his mind carefully for proper wording, "leadership of strength does not always blend well outside of its borders. We offer a neutral avenue in which to insure the ever increasing prosperity of Lunorth. We offer our consultation, mediation and facilitation in matters of trade but our offer has a price. We are, indeed, a trading company after all."

    At this point in the conversation, the Ambassador offers a sure grim but but one without edge or an overly inflated sense of self. "Our suggestion to take over the logistics of the trades we do on your behalf is not an attempt to buy up your existing infrastructure but rather be those responsible for the making of the deals and the transportation of goods once the deals have been made on Lunorth's behalf. How we transport, and insure the transportation, goods could change depending on the circumstances. We could provide our own ships. We could subcontract to other guilds. We could place our agents with the captains of your vessels to insure timely and successful transportation of Lunorthy goods in an effort to insure those receiving trade agreements have faith in our ability to deliver on promises given at the point of the deal... Of course we would not say no if you wanted to give us your trade fleet." Dagger smiles at his joke but beyond that returns to the more serious matter at hand.

    "Before the East Blackwood Company started making deals with other Seals and other Companies this past year, how did Lunorth turn its profits outside of the North? Is there perhaps another competitor we should be worried about undercutting to insure your pleasure?" The Ambassador inclines his head at the Protector pair in respect.

    Dagger takes the drink offered and raises it to the couple in a brief salute before drinking from it. "Our primary concern is acquiring a formal contract to trade Lunorth's resources on their behalf. As of right now we have only been working on commission and this sort of work is not sustainable. As far as the river trade goes, if you agree to a contract in this manner with the East Blackwood Company, the E.B.Co could also take over the transportation of those resources once we have made trades on Lunorth's behalf. This would be preferred as we would be able to insure delivery is completed after we make the trade. It would keep the process in our capable hands."

    Dagger smiles at the compliments especially the one about the scribe. “The letter was penned by the East Blackwood Company merchant who you just sent for to have join us. I am sure he will take the praise well. As for the East Blackwood Company doing well, not as much as I would like. We may be known but we are searching for more fixed incomes. It is my understanding that Lunorth has some sort of trade alliance. Previously I suggested a contract in a logistical direction but as a system is already in place and the belief remains that we would be more expensive than what already here is, we could perhaps talk about other options?

    “As we wrote in the letter, we are interested in having a more fixed contract with Lunorth concerning trade and we could naturally talk with the leaders of the system you already have in place for Lunorth’s river transport for other possibilities. With your permission of course.”

    Dagger smiles happily but he does notice the symbol on the ring. He peals his eyes gingerly away from it before answering Victor's question. "There is much stress but otherwise well. The Embassy has come a long way and is establishing itself. The East Blackwood Company has started to make a name for itself as well but we would like to work our dealings into something more permanent. On top of that we are doing what we can to recruit and train our Embassy Guard. Well, I do a lot of the training of them myself when there is time but I find it hard to make time... I hope they fare well this season. When we leave Lunorth we will head to the Western Seal and then onto the Hohld to fight the Undead Flesh. The guard can cut their teeth on that...How about you two? It seems as though I missed a lot in the months that have passed."

    Dagger smiles, "something warm. Hot mead if you have it. Tea if you don't."

    That old soldier accepts the offer of a seat and finds himself a place in one of the chairs leaving room for Rae. When that announcement of Djako's arrival is presented, Dagger raises his brow and curls his lip in slight surprise. "Djako recently arrived in Mythodea. He traveled here on behalf of his family from Blackwood to try and build his family's name here as part of the East Blackwood Company. If you would not mind, I would like it if he were allowed to be present, time permitting, to allow him the chance to get to know our friends and business partners."

    Dagger realized that instead of helping to settle a dispute for both parties he simply seemed to have stoked the fires of conflict further.

    “Well, what do I know? I have been called Dagger for as long as I can remember. When I was still a whelp the joke when that “they call me Dagger because it is too short to be a sword.” I of course protest that but there it is.” The Ambassador hoped that this time his words were a bit more diffusing.

    ... Dagger stairs for a moment wide eyed and puzzled before not being able to withhold his opinion. „Well, Vitus sounds too much like the child is unborn... And I cannot speak for your traditions here in Lunorth but I personally would suggest that the family with the strongest name should be the name the child takes. So perhaps a compromise? Wilhelm Kettle or Wilhelm Vitas Kettle? Forgive my ignorance,” Dagger looks to Eva, “but what is your family surname? Perhaps a full combination of the two houses within the name is in order of the children? Also, too keep the name Vitas one could use a version of it for you daughter, Vita… But that is just the opinion of an old soldier.”

    Dagger smiles doing his best to return to his more confident composure. That confidence wavers some as he becomes well aware that he blurted out an answer without really thinking it through before speaking it.

    Dagger smiled at the pair by the hearth. “When last we spoke you mentioned plans for the future. I should have known that legacy was among them. Congradulations.” The ambassador offers a light bow does not lower his eyes. Likewise, Dagger does not remove his smile.

    “Thank you for the invitation. This is my assistant, Raelene Skie.” Dagger moves slightly to the side to present the mistress from Sapphire Ilse. "She aids me in matters of business and finance.

    I was also expecting another merchant for the East Blackwood Company to arrive after me but I am sure he can find accommodation suiting in the city.”

    Dagger’s brow raises at the mention of a pregnant Eva. The Ambassador looks to the Raelene for some sort of comfort in the more complicated situation than he had thought would happen when he arrived. Well, if truth be told it should have been expected. Dagger still found it hard to picture the woman he held in high esteem after meeting her during the Summer Campaign the prior year. Not that that would change much of course. Of course not!

    The ambassador, Dagger of Blackwood, wore his green vest, the one he wore to the wedding, over a deep-blue shirt accented by thick-leather bracers. Though here for business and diplomacy, Dagger wore his weapon’s belt which also held leather bags and holsters for other day to day items such as his two ambassador titles. Hanging from the belt was the long skirt-like flaps which held the heraldries of Hemmenshire, East Blackwood, Sapphire Ilse and Terra. Most notably is the large sigil of Copperdale which sits just above the Element Terra’s symbol on his center-belt sash.

    Dagger, with red eyes and dark lines trailing from them, smiles at the site of the Protectorate pair. „Congratulations.“