The residence of the Lord Protector

  • The Upper Class district would be quite different from the rest of the city. Wealthy tradesmen, noblemen and people of power would walk the cobbled streets and the stores would be expensive everything from magnificent jewlers, exquisite blacksmiths and stores with the most brilliant clothing could be found, but in the middle of the district would be a massive manor surrounded with a stone wall along with guards wearing the crest of Lunorth. Over the gate into the courtyard would hang two steel dragons holding up a large shield with a Tea Kettle surrounded with flames.

    Victor T. Kettle | Protector of Lunorth | First son of William R. Kettle and rightful heir to the Kettle fortune. | Templar of Ignis | Faithful Servant of the Elements | OT: Patrick Spangsberg

  • Dagger took in the sites as he rode up to the gates of the manor walls. Comparatively, the manor was far larger that the Library of CrestGrath, CrestGrath’s largest building and certainly more decretive. The architecture of the compound was also much more elaborate. CrestGrath was a place of more natural beauty whereas Northheim was displaying the brilliance man can create given the chance, and the coin.

    “What do you think?” Asks the Ambassador of his often grumpy assistant before stopping at the gate.

  • Raelene looks around the high end market, and her eye looks critically at the market. Her own memories of such a place linger in the dark parts of her memory. She knew the rumored words of the Northern Seals laws... and she knew also that just because something looked impressive, did not mean that it was built by the same faces that one saw.

    As for the protectors home... it was a far cry from what she felt comfortable in, and approaching it made her want to turn around and head back.

    She swallowed hard, her discomfort rising and her own tensions. The color in her face fades and Raelene’s stomach feels like it’s been tied into a knot.

    Her voice sounds forced and strains a little as she speaks. “I wonder what Sayeh would think... if she saw this.”

  • The guards would stand as monuments looking out straight infront of them. Only as Dagger would regard one of them he'd salute Dagger before giving him a nod.

    "You are expected. Please follow me."

    The guard would then continue into the courtyard which would be rather large on itself. On each side along the road towards the manor there would be well cut bushes and further on each side would be traning areas one would be a shooting range with a variety of targets and dummies, everything from humanoids, animals and other creatures. On the other side would be a ring surrounded by lit braziers and along the edges of the ring there would be wooden stands with a wide variety of weapenry, some dulled for training others sharp.

    Further along the courtyard before the main building there would be three people digging. Sand, cobblestone and other building materials would be laying on the ground as they would seem to be constructing something, but it was hard to tell what. Perhaps a statue.

    The manor would be three stories tall and formed in a "U" shape. The walls would be made from black clay bricks and heavy wooden logs. Along the walls of the manor there would be several small guard houses and they would be manned.

    The Guard would guide the two guests further towards the large wooden door with brazier burning one each side. The guard would nod to the two other guards by the door signaling for them to open the door leading into a rather large hall with stone floor, with a black and gold rug draping the center up towards a massive wooden staircase leading to the second floor. The walls would be draped with banners of both Lunorth and the Protector Couples own sigil along with a veriety of different oil paintings.

    The guard would guide the two to a line of rather relegant looking wooden chairs where he'd gesture for them to sit. "Please sit here, while I inform the steward and he'll bring you before the Lord Protector." He then gave them both a quick nod before leaving them heading into a room behind one of the many different doors in the large hall.

    Victor T. Kettle | Protector of Lunorth | First son of William R. Kettle and rightful heir to the Kettle fortune. | Templar of Ignis | Faithful Servant of the Elements | OT: Patrick Spangsberg

  • Realene glances at the chairs, the thought in her head for a moment, only to remain standing. From bathing, to riding, to this, she prefers to be on her feet for a little while longer, and move about a portion of the space in the room slowly waiting for the steward to come.

  • After some time an elder bald gentlemen in a black robe with a golden sash would walk walk out of one of doors heading towards Dagger and Realene. His face would be rather stiff and sharp with a lot of wrinkles. He'd give the two a small bow before gesturing them to follow him. "Please come with me." The elder man would walk with firm fast steps towards the door at the far end of the room. "You will meet his Lordship Victor and her Ladyship Eva in the throphy room."

    They would walk through a few roms who'd be rather beautifully dacorated in a victorian style. They'd arrive at a smaller fall with antlers on each side of the room leading towards a door where shouting could be heard from. The elderman would stop up abruptly turning around towards the two guests looking a bit nervous. "Ehmm.. How to put this.. Her ladyship is seven month pregnant.

    Just letting you know." He'd then give them both a short nod as if gesturing them to brace themselves before pushing the door open into a large room. On each of the walls there would be a series of shoulder mounted animals along with som fully mounted animals creatures standing around. Everything from different deers, to antilopes, big cats, wolves, bears and all in between. In the middle of the room there would be a series of couches and chairs and at the other side of the room a large fireplace where Lord Protector Victor Kettle and Lady De'Andre along shouting at each other wildly.

    Victor would wear an open black longcoat, a white shirt with golden flower pattern embroidery and brown silk pants. He'd raise his hand in a fist slamming it into his open palm shouting at Eva "You are simply impossible! I won't have my son named like some soft posh imperial prickling! Vitus is a perfectly suitable name for a strong and self relient boy... And don't you begin to talk about all this surname crap. Children should take the surname of their father!"

    Victor T. Kettle | Protector of Lunorth | First son of William R. Kettle and rightful heir to the Kettle fortune. | Templar of Ignis | Faithful Servant of the Elements | OT: Patrick Spangsberg

  • Dagger’s brow raises at the mention of a pregnant Eva. The Ambassador looks to the Raelene for some sort of comfort in the more complicated situation than he had thought would happen when he arrived. Well, if truth be told it should have been expected. Dagger still found it hard to picture the woman he held in high esteem after meeting her during the Summer Campaign the prior year. Not that that would change much of course. Of course not!

    The ambassador, Dagger of Blackwood, wore his green vest, the one he wore to the wedding, over a deep-blue shirt accented by thick-leather bracers. Though here for business and diplomacy, Dagger wore his weapon’s belt which also held leather bags and holsters for other day to day items such as his two ambassador titles. Hanging from the belt was the long skirt-like flaps which held the heraldries of Hemmenshire, East Blackwood, Sapphire Ilse and Terra. Most notably is the large sigil of Copperdale which sits just above the Element Terra’s symbol on his center-belt sash.

    Dagger, with red eyes and dark lines trailing from them, smiles at the site of the Protectorate pair. „Congratulations.“

  • Eva De'Andre long red dress has gold embroidery around the edge. In the neckline, you can just see a kind of tattooing that clearly shows the sun from The Order of the Black Sun's heraldry. It almost looks like flames.

    Eva looks furious at Vitor while she leans up at a chair with one hand on her pregnant stomach.

    "Are you absolutely sure you want to maintain your attitude to what MY children should be have as there surname?

    It is I who have dragged them around for nine months when they finaly arrives... NOT YOU!!!".

  • Realene’s own thoughts occupied her mind for a while as she followed behind Dagger glancing at the rooms.

    Coming into the room, and seeing the Lord Protector and his wife for the first time, she recalled what her mistress had mentioned, and quickly pressed her lips together to avoid her first impulse. Though watching them fight, this did make her think of one thing that seemed to calm her a little... there was certainly a lot of Ignis in this room.

    She listened in on the argument as well, and her mind wandered a bit more. Though the last time she spoke her mind in front of an Ignis follower, she well... regretted that instantly. She stood up tall in this case then and tried to quiet her mind of her own personal thoughts. She placed one hand over her wrist, a small charm from a bracelet, a blue piece of seaglass under the cuff of her burgundy gown with the heraldry of the embassy sewn at her hip.

  • Dagger smiled at the pair by the hearth. “When last we spoke you mentioned plans for the future. I should have known that legacy was among them. Congradulations.” The ambassador offers a light bow does not lower his eyes. Likewise, Dagger does not remove his smile.

    “Thank you for the invitation. This is my assistant, Raelene Skie.” Dagger moves slightly to the side to present the mistress from Sapphire Ilse. "She aids me in matters of business and finance.

    I was also expecting another merchant for the East Blackwood Company to arrive after me but I am sure he can find accommodation suiting in the city.”

  • Victor would sigh at Eva's having heard it over and over again. Upon noticing the guests arriving Victor would walk over to Dagger and Realene.

    "Welcome, welcome my friend good to see you, and thank you. We are awaiting twins. A boy and a girl or that is what the medicus tells us."

    Victor would attempt to grasp Dagger in a tight hug aiming to kiss his cheeks three times before letting go and turning his attention to Realene reaching for hand to give it a kiss if allowed. "Hello there dear. My name is Victor Kettle a pleasure, I am sure."

    Victor T. Kettle | Protector of Lunorth | First son of William R. Kettle and rightful heir to the Kettle fortune. | Templar of Ignis | Faithful Servant of the Elements | OT: Patrick Spangsberg

  • Raelene’s nerves show for a moment as Victor asks for her hand, as she isn’t sure if it is appropriate for her at her station. Maybe the customs in the North are different, she thinks?

    Deciding to be polite she lifts the hem of her skirts enough to curtesy and lower her head. There’s an obvious hesitation as she presents her hand, “It is nice to meet you, Lord Victor, my Mistress has told me about you and your wife and her attendance at your wedding this summer.”

  • Victor would smile at Realene nodding at her. "I hope only good things. Please give her my regards and tell her that she is allways welcome to visit us here."

    Victor would then turn his attention to Dagger with a cheeky smile before looking over at Eva and then back at Dagger. "Well Dagger, now that I have you here you might help us settle our disagreement. Don't you think Vitus is a much better name for a boy than Wilhelm. Also children should take the surname after thier farther, wouldn't you agree?" Victor would take a moment looking expectingly at Dagger.

    Victor T. Kettle | Protector of Lunorth | First son of William R. Kettle and rightful heir to the Kettle fortune. | Templar of Ignis | Faithful Servant of the Elements | OT: Patrick Spangsberg

  • ... Dagger stairs for a moment wide eyed and puzzled before not being able to withhold his opinion. „Well, Vitus sounds too much like the child is unborn... And I cannot speak for your traditions here in Lunorth but I personally would suggest that the family with the strongest name should be the name the child takes. So perhaps a compromise? Wilhelm Kettle or Wilhelm Vitas Kettle? Forgive my ignorance,” Dagger looks to Eva, “but what is your family surname? Perhaps a full combination of the two houses within the name is in order of the children? Also, too keep the name Vitas one could use a version of it for you daughter, Vita… But that is just the opinion of an old soldier.”

    Dagger smiles doing his best to return to his more confident composure. That confidence wavers some as he becomes well aware that he blurted out an answer without really thinking it through before speaking it.