Visiting the Tavern for the Night

  • (OT: Von den alten Post genomen: When you enter the tavern you do not even know what to look at first. This tavern looks more like three houses have decided to merge and become something new. The counter is very busy and there is something for every guest and every budget. Also, there are ladies on the higher floors, and dudes offering their services, exotic is not an expression. The tribal bard with his fiddlers is heating up the mood. In every corner one can discover pleasures of one kind or another. Or you just sit on a free seat and enjoy his drink.)

    "This should do." Mentions the ambassador as he stands ready to enter the "tavern." "Lets see if they have a room." The ambassador, dressed for traveling was wearing his soldier's attire. A simple blue tunic emblazoned with the emblem of the East Blackwood Embassy over the left breast, a mail shirt, plate arm guards and grieves and of course his weapons. The old soldier now ambassador and merchant wore an arming sword and a war pick on his belt.

  • Raelene walks in behind the Ambassador in her single green dress and her knits around her neck and shoulders. Her blonde hair braided back with felts of red wool mixed in, she doesn’t bother to really look any one in the eye. A piece of decorated metal keeps her hair back, and appears to be some kind of clip or comb, it’s hard to tell just by looking at it.

  • the maid smiles at Raelene

    "And how far from his room would you like to be?"

    In that moment a large man enters from the backroom

    "Stop teasing the guests Sophia and go clean the dishes!"

    He produce a large mug of need for Dagger

    "You can choose whatever room ain't locked upstairs. Payment will be 1silver from each and a penny for the mead. Anything else?"

  • Dagger raises a brow when he hears the price. “Two silver, two pennies and all we can eat and drink included.” The ambassador was not a fan of haggling but the asking price was rather steep he thought. The deal he worked for Lunorth at the Convent a half a year ago only garnered him a few coins. In one night, his earnings from that job would be lost. Comparatively speaking of course.

    The old soldier stood confident looking up to the big man. Dagger himself was no weakling. His red eyes took on the glint of the tavern light as he brought them to meet the eyes of the tavern keeper.

  • Raelene’s face shows little amusement in the girl’s teasing, and her eyes make no mistake of her disapproval, watching the girl leave before bringing her attention back.

    “Our business is in trade,” she said rather directly, “My Mistress has given me orders to represent her in her absence. She has interest in opening up her coffee trade and wishes to know if they would be open to her offer.”

  • Dagger had wanted to answer with a sly comment, but his associate had beat him to words. The ambassador would have to settle for a question instead. „I have been south for a little while now and during that time I heard a rumor about the governor of Copperdale. What do you know about him? I hear he has been charged with treason.” Dagger draws the coin from his pouch and hands it to the keeper.

  • the man raises an eyebrow at the lady's remark.

    "Well personally I don't think much of that black stuff, but I know the finer establishments enjoy it immensely. I would think you could make a good deal there"

    He then takes the coins and shrugs at Dagger

    "Couldn't say, couldn't care. He ain't my governor"

  • A large hand grabs Daggers shoulder from behind, turning him around and before he has a change to pull his sword grabs his right hand and shakes it. The face in front of Dagger smiles heartily and says

    "My friend, let's meet in my chamber and have a little chat, shall we?"

    The orc shaking Daggers hand is old but strong, he looks like the mix of a merchant and a pirate. He gestures to Dagger and Darlene to follow him upstairs and as he does so he says to the bartender

    "Have your sweet daughter bring up three, that's a good boy"

  • Dagger is filled with a mixture of amusment and adrinaline. The old soldier’s instincts are to take control of the situation but not here and not now. Dagger was an „ambassador“ now and should learn to use diplomacy before the sword. And so, he follows. And of course, Dagger lost his knife on campaign and has not had the chance to replace it. That makes combat a bit difficult in close quarters. „Hope you like drinking Rae."

  • Upstairs the orc shows the two guests politely into one of the rooms in the far back.

    The room had clearly been lived in and looked more like a home than an tavern room.

    Sitting comfortably in a large chair and urging the Dagger and Raelene to sit in a small sofa, orc started a pipe of tobacco and continued

    "My name is Ludvig Korp, and I'm terrible sorry for the sudden intervention, but you have to understand that this isn't a place to talk about these things. Up here we have more privacy, however the walls still have ears"

    He coughed

    "You asked about the Doktor aye?"

  • With that simple comment, Dagger’s fears had been confirmed. „Nice to meet you Ludvig Korp. Pardon my ignorance. Last I was living in the north, I more or less just did what I wanted back then.“ Dagger offerse a smile. „So yes, we would like to know what has happened to the Doctor. I heard only rumor. I did not read anything in the Herold as of yet. Perhaps our newspaper could publish and article on the subject? We would, of course, need more information though."

  • Ludvig sighs

    "Well, a couple of years ago he along with a few others challenged her Excellences position as Nyame. Some even say that he attempted to assassinate her.

    This was the course for the Year of the Five Cities. A year where Lunorth was without ruling and all with titles lost what they had created.

    Me along with the rest.

    Her Excellence later forgave him his actions, but the new Lord Protector of Lunorth didn't, and for this he was imprisoned, only to escape and flee Lunorth. At least that's the official version"

    A knock was heard from the door before the maid enters the room with food and drinks to all of them.

    "Thank you Sophia, you sure are an angel"

    She smiles and almost dances out of the room

    "I suspect little Sophia here is part fae"

    He nods at the once again closed door

  • Raelene raises her brow slightly in interest, “Well, if that’s the case we shouldn’t pursue the Doctor’s whereabouts any further or we risk ruining our arrangements with Copperdale.”

    She crosses her arms pondering further, “I guess it depends on the Lord Protector’s reasons... and if that is correct,” she turns to Dagger, “you would have to remember you were an honored guest at his wedding, and Sayeh as well.”