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  • [Campaigngame CW39]

    • All summer turns were done. All that is missing is the Underdark and a surface expedition, which must be discussed in the Northorga.Then we are completely through with the summer turns. So if you do not have an answer to something that awaits (in terms of your campaign), then please write again in the fall reaction.
    • The Skargen- and Concordance-Infos will be available until the end of this week!
    • The Davoriç expedition to the North Continent will continue from mid-October!
    • Date of fall reaction 19 is on October, 20th.
    • The date of the winterturn 19 is on the 27th of December.
  • All martial landings / arson of the skarges during the Conquest on coastal settlements were posted.

    Tomorrow the sea battles will follow (Ecstatica / Raetien, Felsi-Ildebekkoiee, Exilia, Ozam Har'ol) and inland battles (Selfiran, Nebelwacht, Sciminova)

  • [Campaign Game - News]

    Dear North Campaigners!


    - Trading game is decoupled from the CampaignTurns

    - Handling the SummerTurn

    - Update on settler numbers. Send us your number of players

    New trading game mechanics

    We are currently in the process of preparing the revised trade mechanics, so don't be surprised if a new thread called ′′Trade & Tradmarks ′′ appears in your areas. This will only start for usage from fall / winter 20 up on and before that there is at least one Q & A-TS!

    Briefly explained: We are completely decoupling the trade from the campaignturns so that it can be implemented live on your trade statement. So no more quarterly trade, now possible any time all year round.

    The start of this is only after the end of the summerturn. It will be announced again.

    Settelment-requirement: Ore

    At the moment it is still the case that once a year a unit of ore is required when reaching settlement level 2 (of a maximum of 3). From winter 20 this will now be transferred to defense level 2 (of a maximum of 3) of a settlement.

    This step takes place, and has been planned for a little longer, as there are many cities with settlement level 1, but with defense level 3. In principle, a fortress with tents in it for living for sometimes thousands of settlers, in order to avoid supposedly higher settlement needs. We are now trying to counteract this with this campaignrules, but also to show the seriousness and value of the higher level of defense.

    Handling of the summerturn

    We are currently handling the summerturn. Tobias is already orientating and supports strongly in the economic game (production, trade, trademarks) and will soon take over completely. We have really good motivation right now!

    Meanwhile, Hans, Dennis and Daniel are also on to game content and campaign events that will reach you in the next few days and weeks.

    Population numbers

    In order for us to revise the settler numbers of the protectorates and relating them dynamically to your player numbers, we absolutely need the number of players from all protectorates. Player numbers decide whether your IT population grows or shrinks (after previous census / revamp to fall reaction - tba).

    Send us your number of players / group sizes, if possible with how many you would be in the JdS, Chronicles, CoM otherwise it would alternatively your pure protectorate / group player numbers would do, to with the subject ′′CG player numbers".

    If we don't get any numbers from you, your IT population definitely shrinks as we have to assume your group has gotten smaller or inactive.

    So far

    your North Orga