Traveling Through: East Blackwood Embassy and E.B.Co

  • OT: Wir werden auf Englisch schreiben weil mein Mitspielerin fast kein Deutsch kann und es ist auch mir nicht so leicht.


    It has been a long time since Dagger had been in the North let alone its capital. He had passed through it a couple of times before with Xarann when he worked for Liandra but he had never really stopped to take in the sights. He must admit now that the city truly resembled the strength of the North. Now that Dagger was the his homeland's ambassador to the lands of the East, in this case Mythdoea, a lot had changed. Before Dagger sold his sword and now he lives with defined purpose. The Tivars had told him he needed that and now he has it.

    "Rae, lets find the road to Lunorth. I would present myself before the Arc... Nyame and Archon," the Ambassador correct himself, "but I think that may take too much time. Unless you have other ideas? We could go to a tavern and discuss, again, why I think our trade deal in the North is just as important as our river trade deal in the Reich der Rosen."

  • "Then lets head toward the less wealthy end of the city. If you guard your purse we should be able to save some money." Dagger smiles but takes note that Raelene will likely be annoyed. Dagger himself was dressed for traveling, not for official business. This meant he looked the part of a soldier and not a diplomat or merchant. Armed, at present, with a war pick and arming sword, the old soldier walked with a slight limp favoring his left leg but upright and sure.