Feedback - Common area CoM17

  • Unfortunately I did not manage to visit the inn, despite planing to do so again and again. So all I can say is, I really liked the idea and it looked great! I hope you were satisfied with the response during the CoM and had plenty of visitors. Whenever I walked by, I felt like it was well used and a cheerful place to be.

    The only improvement I can suggest, not knowing if necessary, is adding a Viribus Unitis-banner and a more obvious sign, hinting it was the inn/common area, meant to be used by all the VU-players. But as we have talked about the inn during the planning conversations, I think everyone had the chance to knew about it.

    Thanks for your good work!

    „Wenn Ihr es genau nehmen wollt: Man spricht es [ˈgal.vɪn]. Das e am Ende ist stumm.“