Description of Academia Unitate

  • In the year 7 NDE the Northern Kingdom joined to form the Academia Unitate - the academy of unity - to increase the knowledge of the arcane in Mitraspera. The academy have done just that ever since, and with its tower, filled with books and ancient runes, stretching itself so high towards the heavens that it is said that from the top a man can see as far as to Doerchgard.

    The library is said to span as far beneath the academy as above it. Spreading itself through never ending corridors stretching far under the city of Copperdale. No one dares to go down there. It is said that the rooms beneath the academy has become alive by all the magic that has flown down there. Some even says that creatures created by pure magic lures there.

    The Academy teaches a lot of subjects, some of them are:

    • Basis of magic
    • Battle Magic
    • Defensive Magic
    • The power of foresight
    • Headology
    • Herbalism
    • Healing
    • Planetary and dimensional travel (headteacher in this subject is currently missing, assumed lost in a random dimension)
    • Elemental Magic
    • Rune magic
    • Summoning rituals
    • Alchemy
    • Magical creatures and races
    • Spells in everyday life

    Known headmasters of the academy:

    • (Diseased) Senator Josef Lockmann Nodim
    • (Current Headmaster) Doctor Niels Forbonte

    Known teachers of the academy:

    • Alincia Scarlet
    • Hopkins Tobias Kettle
    • Huldra
    • Niels Forbonte
    • Penny Lane Branson (Missing at the moment)
    • Scylla Adalynn Ó Cearnaigh

    Known other employees include:

    • Igor - Handyman
    • Jørgen - Captain of the Academy Guards
    • Hopkins Tobias Kettle - Keymaster and Battlemage trainer
    • Midon - Gardener

    Note: the Academy is always looking for new teachers and staff members

  • academyunitatelogo2.png
    Emblem of Academia Unitate

    Simpel emblem of Academia Unitate 
    academy gard.png
    Crest of the Academy Gard

    IT: Hopkins Tobias Kettle. Artificer and new headmaster of Academia Unitate. Previously the old Janitor.

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