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    The Academy teaches a lot of subjects, some of them are:

    • Basis of magic
    • Battle Magic
    • Defensive Magic
    • Headology
    • Herbalism
    • Healing
    • Planetary and dimensional travel (headteacher in this subject is currently missing, assumed lost in a random dimension)
    • Alchemy
    • Spells in everyday life
    • Cartography
    • Nature magic
    • Fencing
    • Knowledge in Locks and How they Work

    Other subjects that is researched:

    • The power of foresight
    • Elemental Magic
    • Rune magic
    • Golem making
    • The 9 aspects of existence
    • Sphere magic
    • Magic metal work

    Known headmasters of the academy:

    • (Diseased) Senator Josef Lockmann Nodim
    • Doctor Niels Forbonte
    • (Current Headmaster) Hopkins Tobias Kettle

    Known teachers of the academy:

    • Alincia Scarlet - Herbalism
    • Hopkins Tobias Kettle - Basis of magic, Battle Magic, Defensive Magic
    • Niels Forbonte - healing and headology
    • Penny Lane Branson (Missing at the moment) - dimensional travel
    • Scylla Adalynn Ó Cearnaigh - healing and medicine
    • Medicus - Alchemy
    • ... - Cartography
    • ... - Nature magic
    • Don Elehandro Delatesa - Fencing master
    • Stab - Master of Key and Knowledge in Locks and How they Work

    Known other employees include:

    • Igor - Handyman
    • (Dead) Jørgen - Captain of the Academy Guards
    • Josef Lockmann Midon - Gardener
    • (not employed but affiliated with) Klinkenberg - Nature magic and Voodo
    • Huldra (old teacher - (Care for and Lore about Magic Creatures)
    • Hank Linconln - Smith and warrior

    Note: the Academy is always looking for new teachers and staff members

    "Don't think blood donations would be the biggest problem. Heck I would donate the blood myself, where it not for the cut. I am just not sure blood would keep her at bay. There is just something scary about that vampire... Halfvampire if we are being correct."

    "Who...Ohh Scrylla. No its not that. She is an excellent healer and doctor. I am just not sure I can trust her not to bite me, and I don't how to keep her at bay. Traditional vampire weakness's don't seam to face her. I mean she is a half vampire, so I guess not the same things would work, but still. Garlic, sunlight, holly water or something. Nothing seams to effect her a little. Also blood magic freaks me out a little."

    Hopkins looks over his shoulder, to see if Scrylla had followed them or not. He quickly add's

    "How did you do it?"

    Hopkins swallowed nervously.

    "Well... good... I mean not good, we can't have a hungry vampire walking around."

    Hopkins turn to Niels, without taking his eyes of Scylla

    "Shall we continue? I think there is not much more to see here."

    Hopkins , which had jumped and made a small scream when Scylla popped up behind him, put his hat back in the right place and tried to smile (while not starring to much)

    "Yes... yes, I will be the new headmaster. "

    He nodded nervously, not taking his eyes of Scylla.

    "Like Nils said everything seams to be in order.... By any chance have you had your liquid lunch for today?"

    Hopkins looked quiet weird at the dagger, almost like somebody was whispering to him.
    He then shook his head and put dagger in his belt, to follow the doctor.

    In the medical hall, they began to walk between the beds looking at the healers/doctors work on the patients, which all seamed to be a big mix of people and races. Many seamed to have injuries that you would get in a street fight or brawl, like brushes, broken bones and smaller cuts. While others where more serious injuries.
    As one student carrying a mob and a bucket, with something that looked like clean up blood Hopkins said loud to himself.

    "I wonder where that vampire is... I am guessing she is encharge of the medical faculty now."

    Hopkins was standing a little befuddled before he answered

    "Sure... I mean yes. I will take the position." he said "Its not like I have any other choice" He added with a low mumbling.

    He slowly began to move around the room and then took an extra look at Doc.

    "Do you need help to pack your bags?"

    Hopkins stood still in his robe and top hat in hand.

    "I don't know what to say Doc."

    He looked around in the office, one of the jars with some grey ash caught his attention. The jar was labeled - Nox. Remember to give blood and plenty of moonlight. -


    And the it seamed like a lot of quistions started to dawn on him.

    "Do this mean I get a raise? Wait do this mean I have to stand accountable for all the stuff the students and teachers are doing?"

    He paused a bit and then continued before Niels could answer

    "Can I move into this office? Or would I have to keep a room for you? I mean you are always more than welcome to as a guest teacher, its hard to find somebody better skilled in autonomy, headology and convincing people that they are put back together than you..."

    Hopkins suddenly stopped talking looking at Doc and Igor, like one do when they suddenly realise that they have been going on a tangent.

    "Hmm... I mean, I would be honoured. But what would you do?"

    A person who looks to be the librarian or an assistant comes over and wakes Hopkins up.
    Hopkins nods and blinks as he is told that this is a library not a hostel.
    The librarian wakes away as Hopkins remove some drool from his cheek and starts opening another book.

    His note book still quite empty.

    Where: In library

    Who: Everybody


    Next to a big pile of books sleeps Hopkins with a tiny snore. His head is jammed in-between the pages of something on ways of travle in Mythodea.

    He looks to have been researching for a long time, with no luck by the look of his notes next to him, which only carry the title of "Greifenportal, how do they work?".

    The books next to him looks to be books on travle, magical gates and the element of Air, Aries.

    The old capital of Lunorth, home of the current protector of Lunorth and the headquarters of the Dragon Legion.

    Northheim is wellknown for its horses, blacksmiths, jewellery and nobility.

    The city itself however is very old and have not changed much over the years. This have resulted in the living quarters of the nobility and the common folk, being a little separated.

    Current protector of Lunorth:

    - Victor Troels Kettle, know as the Adamante Dragon

    Old Protectors of Lunorth include:
    - Lord Baron Aske Aesar (One of the founders of Lunorth known as The Golden Dragon. In later years nicknamed The Mad Dragon)

    Other interesting placed include the inn The Running Cauldron, which it run by the Kettles.

    The Emblem of Lunorth, The Golden Dragon.
    The Golden Dragon was the emblem of the first Protector of Lunorth Lord Baron Aske Aesar.
    But have since then been adopted as the crests for the whole of Lunorth and Northheim in particular, which have taken it as the cities crest. It's worn by every soldier there is loyal to the city.

    Map of Northheim, 13NDE

    The southern cities of the old Lunorth. This city is primarily a mining city and delivers ore materials.

    The city is home to the Earl of Muspelheim, Johann Crimson and his family. Their family crust is the white wolf on a blue background.

    The city itself, have sprung up around the big stone query form where it makes most of its income.

    Besides this the city also contain a shine to the Old Gods, since the Earl worship Ulrik.

    "I have heard that too, kind of glad the wife if still here."

    *He sits down on a large stone*

    "Well we could always make rafts... Be kind of good business to be a ferryman, its going to make it a lot easier to move the rocks from Muspelheim quarry"

    *Hopkins laughs a little of Ludvig's remark*

    "Who knows... He he. Also not entirely sure I trust the wife enough around the Lost Noir folk. She seams to take some long glances aften them. By the way have you heard a new sea have appeared next to Muspelheim. Wonder if we need to make a harbour down there now."