Information gathered at CoM2015

  • Hi curious as I am, I was wondering if there where people who had/collected information gathered at the ConQuest this year. And if so wether they whould like to share those information with people like me.

    Also I am looking for maps of any kind from the ConQuest: be it a sketch of our camp, the area we played in, or the city or anything really ^^

  • There are some text's in english:


    Neph’teli Texture:
    Primarily pestle Feuermoos an red Schwämme in equal parts and then dissolve them in cold water until the water is sufficiently stained. In the same amount roast Hurenmund and crushed blue Schwämme over a small flame. Then pestle Knochenmoos and white Schwämme and mix them with Ichorharz. And finally cook Tallac-Lausplatten and crushed green Schwämme in hot water vapor. These prepared ingredients are harmless on their own. If you know add them to the tincture in equal parts, you better take a step aside. The opposing powers should rip apart everything that was not able to summon a protecting shield immediately. We think about designing bombs out of it. But the considerations fail at the point that we individual ingredients may only react after the impact.

    if you have questions, just ask in a private message. I'm not a fan of knowlegde found with google ;)

    Eine Stimme, Eine Kraft, dein Licht wird mich leiten.....<br /><br />Ich bin nur verantwortlich, für das was ich schreibe. Nicht für das was andere daraus lesen.