INFO: Please post in english here

  • Hello everyone :)
    Like most of the Ost Noir do not speak german very well (or not at all in my case), would you please make your topics in English or do a quick resume after a huge quantity of german posts? Thank you very much :)

    Val aka Iska, high priestess of Tzeentch

    EDIT: Daniel / Teroc
    I edited the topic-name ;D

  • Main topics and diplomatic topics. For the rest, I think we can manage. Just to let know to pepole that we don't be german speakers and may have some difficulties to understand high level linguage. For my part, I will us google trad. and answer in English only due to my very bad german.

  • some other topics like the law of war, and other official topics, will be translate in next days and weeks :)

    ~~Dies soll euch erinnern, warum ihr einst Angst vor der Dunkelheit hattet.~~

    ~~Ich? Ich hatte schon so viele Namen, alte Namen, die nur der Wind und die Wogen aussprechen können. Ich bin der Sturm und das Lied des Eises und des Schreckens Vorbote... Ich bin ... Die Wandel, der durch die Stürme treibt...~~

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