INFO - Wappen

  • Slaanesh is the muse of inspiration and desire, He who makes dreams come true. He is passion become flesh. He incarnates pleasure, from the intellectual satisfaction of solving a problem to the fulfillment of the most wicked desires. His realm is frustration and agony, ruling over mortals who struggle to obtain what they lust for. He is Arousal. He is Suffering. He is the peak of all mortal sensations.

    L'Ost Noir is a group of Slaaneshi worshippers in Mythodea. They have the protectorate Ecstatica Inseln on the northern seal.

    Throughout the years, they have recruited many members coming from the Old World. Humans summoned through visions by Slaanesh himself or selected by their hobgoblin recruiter in secret cults, they all came to Mythodea with the hope to live their vile passions freely, to their limit.

    The House is a select establishment on their islands, satisfying the guilty pleasures of the rich and powerful. Every possible perversion can be achieved, even those customers didn't suspect they had yet. Disciples of Tzeentch have also joined the ranks, bringing the offer of magical and alchemical ecstasy to unheard heights. Several members of l'Ost Noir are indeed seeking to understand better the limits of the mind, body and soul, and to experiment it by exploring their darkest bounds.

    L'Ost Noir's focus on the privacy of its customers has also turned the House of Pleasures into the ideal meeting point for secret businesses or strategic gatherings. And money is not the only way to pay for services. Favors, informations and temporary servitude can be a perfectly suitable currency depending on the fantasy one wants to fulfill.