Attack on Skargen - Ankor Mortis Campaign

  • Hello all,

    I am planning along with the other Seals and free people the attack on the fleet of the Skargen.

    I would like all the Protectorates and people in charge of the Fleet of the North to write here or send me a PM with the information about how many ships you have or are willing to participate, what kind of ships and where these ships are.

    This week we are discussing the attack with Live Adventure, we are not going to register all ships as this is a massive under taking and is something that we will have to do later, but we need the numbers to have an idea of what kind of fleet the setlers are gathering to fight the Skargen.

    If you have any questions please write them here or send me a PM

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  • Hello all!

    Our player-initiated idea to gather the Fleets of all the Realsm and the Free People to attack the Skargen fleet that is amassing to support the Undead Flesh in our siege of Ankor Mortis as well as tell some awesome background story for the summer campaign in Mythodea, is officially approved by Burgschneider.

    This is what will officially happen:

    - our Fleet made up of ships from all the Realms and Free people will approach the area and fight off some easy to sink-fishermen from the Hold

    - the Skargen arrive with their fog, so that most of us lose sight (and therefore, do not know what happens to the other participants of the battle)

    - the battle is extremely bloody, and there are losses to be mourned; it is completely up to you if you lose a ship, an asset of any kind or who of you dies, but you should always keep in mind that the Skargen are really good sailors, they have magic at their disposal and they are mighty warriors (so no, you didn`t beat them all by yourselves lad - but you might of course try to tell everyone some cock-and-bull-story...)

    - everyone who survives and is not needed elsewhere travels to the summer campaign directly from the sea battle, so act accordingly, be tired, be bruised, be worn, be sad, be hateful towards the Skargen,...

    And this is what you should also know:

    - IF you want to, you may send me your stories - I will collect them and pass them around; but you can also just tell them to everyone who wants to hear them of course

    - this is all about good storytelling, so don't be shy; send your fictional best ship, tell about the tragic death of that one character who isn't larping anymore, make use of that strange magical weapon or creature you have acquired in your background and never really had the reason to tell about it, and use this perfect opportunity to make up a good excuse why someone won't be on the battlefield at the summer campaign this year (because " I was severely wounded in that epic bloody sea battle" is just much cooler than "I didn't get the days off by my real life boss")

    And now, yall, let's tell a damn good story together!

    Attatched is the battleplan for the battle along with a map of the South