State of Emergancy in Lunorth

  • —-------------------------IT Announcement---------------------------
    *Riders of the Protectorate guard are being sent out to every corner of the Protectorate handing out notices and making announcements in central squares.*

    The Northern Seal has been invaded! A large army sailing unmarked ships known only as the Retinue of Kalisang has landed by the City of Dakara in the Protecorate of Yunalesc!

    By order of Lord Protector Victor T. Kettle. A state of emergency is called onto the Protectorate of Lunorth! All Winter Solstice festivities are to be canceled and everyone is expected to prepare for the worst. All Citizens of Lunorth are asked to return to the safety of our borders. All Military Forces of Lunorth are expected to be on High Alert and remain ready to receive further instructions!

    All contact with the force is strictly prohibited as all contact so far has led to either conversion or assimilation to their ranks or death! Further instructions will follow upon consultation with the Northern Commanders.

    Victor T. Kettle | Protector of Lunorth | First son of William R. Kettle and rightful heir to the Kettle fortune. | Templar of Ignis | Faithful Servant of the Elements | OT: Patrick Spangsberg