The fate of The Relentless

  • What follows is the campaign history of the ship The Relentless and its crew. The story unfolded on the Mythodea Denmark discord server where player from Lunorth sailed out from Ozam Har'Ol to pick up soldiers at Katzhafen an then continue their travels along the coast of the Black Ice controlled north eastern section of the Mitraspera continent. After that they wanted to travel to the continent north of Mitraspera.
    The way the story was told was with (near) daily snippets and between these snippets the players were able to react and prepare for the next snippet. Hope you all enjoy our story.

    He looked at the dockyard, then at the large orc next to him.

    "Will it be ready in time?"

    The orc went through the papers on the board in his hand
    "Not with all these modification. Perhaps if you leave out some of the rooms and the fortified midenmast, then perhaps"

    The man sighed. "It won't be safe without the fortifications, Ludvig. Not if we are to go all the way to the north"

    The orc gave the man a hard stare
    "Then don't. I've never seen a sea this unpredictable, here nor in the old world. All the docks are filled with ships damaged by it, and the Duergar will not sell anything to you. So I have to jump through hoops just to get some decent lumber. I tell you, it's suicide what you are planning"

    The man looked around, blowing his pipe.
    "I agree. This is not normal. But we can't let the unknown scare us away. So tell me, how long 'till it's ready?"

    Ludvig sighed before he answered:
    "I'll have her worthy by the end of the month, she won't be a pretty sight, but she'll be able to sail"

    The man smiled
    "Then she'll fit right in with her new crew. I'll better make sure that everyone is ready for the departure"

    Romeo tipped his hat, looked at her and smile. His hand sliding along side the railing. "We are going on a adventure you and I"

    He looked back at his crew, Anna, his long time best friend, Duncan, Rob, Tyym, Arne and all the others. "I do hope we all get back in one piece" Mublede.

    He picked up the flag, smilede to himself. He went up bow, made ready.

    "Please take her out of the habor Mr.Tyym"

    The Relentless, newly renamed by Duncan, slowly but surely made her way out of the busy harbour. Loud cheer could be heard from the ship Horizon next to her as she rowed past. As she drew nearer the cave entrance to the underground harbour they were in, the crew could see the storm outside.

    "Prepare the sails" was yelled by one of the old crew mates.

    The moment she left the comfort of the cave entrance she leap forward into the storm. Everyone onboard held their breath in fear of one of the mast splitting in half.
    Once outside Romeo, with his new captains coat, yelled at the man next to him "Where to now Mr. Brosa?". The man looked up at the sky and yelled back "To be quite frank sir, I have no clue, keep the coast on the starboard side for now, but keep your distance. At some point the rain gotta stop, so that I may check my star charts".
    The captain nodded and yelled to the man at the rudder "Keep the coast at starboard side Mr. Thyme", the man nodded "Aye aye captain, keep coast at starboard".

    Romeo looked out on his ship. Pride in his heart. "Finally on our way".andrzej-dybowski-andrzej-dybowski-dybowski-witcher26.jpg


    Storm lasted since their departure from Ozam Har'Ol. However this didn't hold the captain back from testing the ships abilities. While men was sick around him he continued to yell "MORE SPEED!" and only when one of the masts gave signs of breaking, did he slow the ship down. To much relief of the crew and especially the navigator Arne Brosa.

    Arne was sure that they were lost. None of the men were able to keep an eye on the coast while the ship was being cast around in the storm. But then the sea calmed and the stars came out. Arne took forth his map and smiled. The were still on track. Now they had to steer around Exilia, in order to not get attacked by those pesky fish they're keeping there.

    In the front of the ship were Anna. She seemed calm alongside Gniist. Both enjoying the calm sea as far as the eyes could see.

    In the infirmary Niels and Thyra were patching the last men. All this bashing about had given more than a few split heads and broken limbs. Both of them grunting about the captains eager to show of on behalf of the crews safety.
    Slowly however, the smell of the kitchen filled the air. And nerves settled at the thought of a hot meal and a calm night.



    The calm night didn't last for long. But that didn't stop the crew and passengers from getting the most out of it. With song, full stomach and a few hours of sleep before early in the morning another storm got hold of the ship, throwing it from wave to wave once more.

    On the deck Navigator Brosa managed to get to the Captain
    "We must be near Exilia at this point. We have to sail away from the coast or the wildlife will damage the ship. The Doctor tells me that they have trained whales in these areas attacking any ship not marked or something like that. Any way, I do not recommend us testing the story".
    The captain smiled "Thank you for your concern Mr. Brosa. I've heard the stories as well. Take her away Mr. Thyme", the last sentence directed at the First Mate who came up the stairs ready to take the rudder after having slept. "Aye aye Captain" he responded, yawning as he did so.

    Under deck people was starting to getting used to the waves. Mom, the cook, almost looked like she was dancing while catching pots and pans without looking.
    Less people were in the infirmary, and some sat at the table, which were strapped down, and had a game of dice.


  • 28.11.2021

    The last few days seemed to have merged into one another. The crew hardly knowing one day from another if not for the bell ringing every so often. One morning the Niels stood on the deck when he turned to Mr. Brosa "Where are we on your map, 'cause if I didn't knew any better I would say that that's the Wall to the East we've just passed". Mr. Brosa looked through his scope "So it would look like" he turned to the captain and yelled "Captain sir. We have to turn back. We missed Katzhafen". Romeo looked at Mr. Brosa "Couldn't we just continue Mr. Brosa?". Mr. Brosa looked angry "Not unless you want a mutiny Sir. We need the extra soldiers from Aldarias Wacht. If we do this quick we can be back in the evening, Sir". Romeo nodded "Mr. Thyme, we need to turn the ship around". The man at the rudder nodded and soon the ship had turned. A few hours later they saw the pleasant sight of Katzhafen harbour. Busy as always and soon people felt the comfort of steady ground underneath their feet. Before people wandered of the captain proclaimed that the ship would leave that same evening and that anyone not onboard would be left behind. Soon people were huddling about. Mom, the ships cook, along with Mr. Brosa were refilling ration cargo. Smiling over a bottle of port wine send by a secret admirer to the captain. Thyra the physician were on the lookout for new medical supplies to make up for those used during the storms. Jilista, a priestess of Ignis, found comfort with firm ground under her feet. She and Gniist both took in the site, smell and sound of the busy harbour.

    Duncan, Rob and Anna took charge of fetching the soldiers who were to join them into the territory of the Black Ice. They found them at a barrack. Confused that they ship had come in a day earlier than planned. But nonetheless ready within a few hours, just in time before the ship departed. In the evening before the ship put up anchor Romeo looked at the crew and passengers and said in a firm voice "We are now leaving the comfort of the North. To delve into the territory of the Black Ice. The next few weeks will not be easy, nor safe. But we are The Relentless and we are strong! So join me in this adventure and let's walk where no man have walked before!" The cheer of the men could be heard far out from the harbour.



    Mild rain followed the ship through the night, right up until the morning light. Here in the early hours the Wall of the East could be seen. Slight morning haze covering its feet. The crew on deck looked at the magnificent build as the soldiers from Aldarias Wacht made a salute to the wall. They knew more than anyone else onboard what to expect on the other site. Tales and own experience had prepared them. They were ready for the Black Ice.

    While the Wall disappeared behind the ship. The passengers and crew prepared themselves. Alchemist started brewing their potions on the deck due to the fowl smell their tinctures produced.

    The soldiers sharpened their weapons and double checked their equipment, while the Captain, the Navigator and the Commander of the soldier checked the map once more to find the best place the land.

    "Another day of sailing should bring us near something useful. We'll set of a small group of soldiers and then continue to the next landing point. On our way back we'll pick them up." the captain looked at Mr. Brosa.

    "Aye captain. Nice and quick". They both looked at the Commander, he nodded "My men will do their duty. But don't be late. These are dangerous lands".

    The rest of the day went past and the evening came quick. In the middle of the night the Captain were woken up by Rob

    "We have spotted something Captain. Come to the deck"

    Up on the deck the star shined brightly in the cold winter air. Romeo immediately regretted not taking on a jacket, he stood there in his sleeping attire.

    Anna went to him "We've spotted something in the distance, it is gone now, but there was something"

    Romeo looked at her "I believe you" he smiled "Have the soldiers do double shifts, we might get visitors tonight"

    The rest of that night the ship deck were busy with soldiers and crew.



    A white thick mist lay around the ship as if the ocean had gone over the railings. The whole day they sailed though this white void, feeling miserable despite the effort from the Ignis priests' holy words. Thoughts crept into the head of the men, unpleasant, nasty and demotivating thoughts, voices even. Down in the infirmary Thyra was going through her things when one of the crew came in, he was a young boy, hardly fourteen, "Miss Dannelund, Ma'am. May I talk to you for a moment" Thyra nodded and pointed him to a chair, then he broke out in tears "I can't help it Ma'am, I'm so afraid, and I keep having these thoughts, these terrible thoughts. I see them you know, those who are in the fog, those who died and never came back, just like us. I fear we are doomed Ma'am" Thyra looked at him "We'll get thought this. I won't let anything happen to you, do you hear me boy? You're safe here. What's your name" "John" the boy sniffled, "John Lake, carpenters boy" Thyra smiled "Well John, you can stay here for as long as you like" she then went to the door, asking Mom for something and went back to the boy. "Now I've asked Mom to make me some coffee and you some hot coco, coco always helps" The boy managed to smile "Thank you Ma'am".

    Later Mom went around the deck with hot coco for all the men, when she came to the Captain she said in a firm voice "Orders from Thyra, drink and be merry", the Captain smiled "That's just what I need, it's cold out here. Have Thyra or the Doctor figured out where these thoughts are coming from?", Mom shook her head "I'm sorry but no. They are haunting, they talk about things, things that only I would know, it must be magical in some way". The Captain looked to the horizon "We have to move on, we must not be discouraged so soon", then he saw what he was looking for, a signal from within the mist, telling him that the scouts had reached land "That's the signal Mr. Thyme, let's move on".

    It was hard to see if they were moving at all, if it weren't for the sails and the wind in their faces. As evening came, a yell was made for the doctors, both Thyra and Niels hurried to the deck, along with Jilista where they found John laying on the floor, neck broken and head smashed in. Niels stood up and in a calm voice said "Who did this" and then he yelled "Who did this!". Thyra's silent anger flamed around her, making the men step back. From up the rigging sounded a voice "No one sir". The voice came from an older man, climbing down the rig. When he stood on the deck, eyes filled with tears he said, "No one did this sir. The boy were with me up in the riggings, when he plunged head first towards the deck." the man fell to his knees sobbing "It all happened so fast. I.. I couldn't help him. His eyes... his eyes were empty when he fell." A silence fell on to the deck, nothing but the old mans cries and the creaking of the ship could be heard as Niels took the boy down stairs to the infirmary, were Thyra would cleanse his wounds, before stitching him in his hammock. When she returned to the deck, she saw it lit by candles, the priests stood, ready to say a prayer along with the crew. The Captain then came up, carrying the boy, wrapped in his own hammock. No one remembered what was said, or what songs were sang. All anybody remembered were the feeling of loss as the kid was thrown into the water. That, and their own dreadful thoughts.


  • 01.12.2021

    Since yesterdays tragedy the men on the ship wasn't in a cheery mood. No one walked around alone, the voices in their head more present than ever despite the special candles lit by the members of The Order of the Black Sun. Under deck the mood where a bit more cheery due to the tasty food prepared by Mom. In the Captains quarters the officers talked about what could case an effect such as this, but non of them had ever experienced anything like this. In the afternoon the wind fell short. It was as if the ship itself felt depressed and didn't bother moving anymore. Night came and the fog thickened. Jilista were on deck along with Gniist. She saw a man in the mist coming towards her, she didn't recognise him, although she had tried to learn the names and faces of all the crew members. Almost too late did she realise that the man wore a thick fur coat, he roared as he tried to attack her with his axe, but she dodged to the side yelling "Skargen! We are under attack!", after that the lights went out on the ship and darkness fell. Jilista reached for her dagger and tried to make out the man in the dark. She was soon blinded by the light of a burning fire in front of her. Here stood Gniist a grin upon his face as he sat the Skargen warrior on fire and watched him burn "That's it. Let Ignis feed upon you, Forsaken scum" he uttered, almost manically. Jilista stood up with her weapon in hand, she could hear the battle around her, but couldn't see much in the heavy fog. Rob hurried to the deck together with Anna. It was hard telling friend from foe, so he started singing "Lunorth lovely Lunorth" and soon others chimed in. He could even hear some of the Aldarias soldiers (redigeret)

    trying the lyrics, although they only heard them a few times before. But that was enough for him. A man stood beside him, not singing, he swung his sword, but heard no thumb, although he felt the blade make contact. Another swing with his sword. Another hit, this time he heard a grunt and then nothing. Then he heard a roar and he felt the sting on his right arm as an axe chopped into it. He turned around, a bear of a man raised an axe ready to attack. Rob moved to the left as the axe came down, dodged and thrusted his sword into the heart of the Skargen warrior. The man looked at the blade in his chest, smiled and moved forward, jabbing the swordblade further into his chest. As he did so he whispered to Rob "I will sail with Eternity forever", he coughed blood onto Robs face and turned to mist in front of him. Rob quickly took out a potion from his garments, uncorked it and drenched his wound in it. He immediately felt the relief that the elixir gave, and scouted the area for his next target. Captain Romeo and Thyme stood at the wheel. Talking about future travel plans when Romeo heard a guttural sound coming from Thyme. He looked and found his First Mate stabbed in the back by a large man. Then he heard the cry from Jilista and realised what was going on. He drew his sword and cut of the head of the Skargen in front of him. He then looked at Thyme who were still making noises. Romeo knew he had to act quickly, he took Thyme over his shoulder and navigated his way down stairs and into the infirmary and on to the table. The next moment both Niels and Thyra were working on him. Romeo didn't hesitate and went directly to the door and the battlefield above were he heard the men singing the song of Lunorth, and his roaring voice joined in the song with them. The battle were short, but the number of wounded high, as well as the casualties. When the count were made 6 men had lost their lives and another 4 was missing.



    Everyone were on edge. The sudden attack of the Skargen shook the crew of The Relentless to their core. Around noon a strong wind took hold of the ship. Blowing away the fog. Arne, who stood at the wheel of the ship looked out at the horizon. He then told the Captain to take the wheel and hurried to his chamber. He came back holding maps and nautical equipment. He laid it on the table and made a bunch of measurements over and over again. When he looked up at the Captain: "This can't be, we are miles ahead of were we're supposed to be. Captain, we are at the eastern tip of the continent". Romeo looked at Arne, "Did we find a shortcut Mr. Brosa? or did the men find a way to get her above 10 knots" he smiled. "No, but seriously Mr. Brosa, how can we be so far of course?". Arne shook his head "I have no idea. Maybe the Lord Below gave us a hand" he smiled and Romeo hoped it was meant as a jest. Just after noon Thyme came up on deck to the cheer of the men around him. He felt fine, if a little out of breath. But a nights sleep and the care of the medics had done wonders. Although he was terrible sorry for having missed the battle. He joined the Captain and Navigator at the wheel when he saw something in the distance. He smiled when he saw the familiar shape of two longboats sailing fast towards them. As if they were able to defy the nature of the wind. "Men, it seems like they are coming back for more", both Romeo and Arne turned around quickly. They saw the two ships getting nearer, on one of the sails were the Skargen symbol, intertwined with the head of a horse, on the other intertwined with the shape of a hawk. Behind both ships there were fog spreading. Romeo roared "Skargen! All men on deck!".

    Below deck there was a commotion, Father Duncan hurried to get his weapons, he chose a club thinking that if they vanish upon death, then he would make sure to take one alive. As he ran towards the deck he heard Niels moan from the infirmary "... they could at least have given us a days rest". Up on deck the priest saw the ships. Then he heard the sound coming from them, a skin crawling sound like a terrible screech. Then he started praying when he saw what was on the front of their ships. It was two of the crew. Hanged up, arms and legs spread apart. And their shoulder pads flung out as if they had wings. He prayed to Ignis, to burn these creatures. (redigeret)

    Rob and Anna came to the deck. Both with bows in their hands. They saw the ships, now on either side of The Relentless. The men on the relentless were already shooting arrows at the longboats. But they were to far away to have any impact. Rob and Anna both climbed up in one of the masts and aimed their bows. As Rob did so he felt the pain in his shoulder, then he fired arrow at a figure dressed in white. He missed and as he did he uttered "Not quite healed yet". Anna was more lucky. She managed to hit one of the warriors. Then she saw the ballista on the longboat. She yelled at Rob "Get down" as it fired. She grinned as it missed the ship and almost hit the other longboat. Thyme looked as the ballista arrow missed the ship, and for a moment he was confused about what the Skargen were during, and why there was a chain attached to the arrow, when he saw both longboats sail away from the ship, stretching out the chain pulling it along the deck ribbing anyone who stood up over in half. Then the ship gave a halt as the chain reached the main mast, slowly breaking it. Thyme yelled "Break the chain!" and hurried down with his axe, hammering on the large iron links. Beside him he saw Jilista, Duncan and Gniist doing their work along most of the crew. Finally the chain snapped and the longboats sailed of into the mist in the horizon. As the Skargen disappeared a laughter could be heard in the wind.

    "They're toying with us" said Romeo, "Bring the ship around. This time we will take the fight to them!". As the ship turned a groan could be heard from the damaged mast as it gave in and fell over. Anna and Rob still in the rigging. As the mast hit the water, the whole ship tilted. Again Thyme were quick and started cutting every rigging still connected to the ship. Out on the mast Anna and Rob hurried back on to the ship. Anna helping Rob navigating the ropes. When onboard the ship, they too started hacking at the ropes and feeling the ship fling itself up right as the mast separated completely from the ship. Romeo banged his hand onto the railing "Dammit!".


  • 04.12.2021

    As the evening came, the crew were at it. Rituals, spells and alchemy had been prepared, all along the side of the ship were old rune markings made by Father Duncan, he were still at it when the command came to dim the lights on deck. He looked up at the construction Romeo had the last few carpenters make. It was a pram, with wooden planks sticking up as if they were miniature masts. Romeo nodded to the men and they tipped the pram into the water. Anna then jumped down on the pram as it flowed away behind the ship. Her heart was steady, and when the pram was about an arrow shot away from the ship it gave a yank as the robe between it and the ship was stretched to capacity. She whistled, someone whistled back. Now was the time. She went up the make-do mast and lit the lanterns on, “This better work Romeo” she muttered to herself before she climbed back via the rope to the ship. Up on deck everyone was silent. Waiting for the enemy to approach the bait. Below deck Gniist and Mom were making some final potions in the light of Gniist’s lantern hanging in the kitchen. This lantern contained the holy flame of Ignis, which he had been given to protect, and which will never be put out. Gniist felt the warmth from the light, and despite the Captain ordering every light put out, no one could get themselves to ask for this one to be dimmed. It was a light of hope. A long time went by, and without the sound of a bell to tell the time, none of the men knew for how much time exactly. But finally something happened. A fog started to form, and soon they could only see the light on the pram, bobbing from side to side. Then, one of the lights went out, Romeo gave the signal for all archers to light their arrows and fire. The small swarm of burning arrows flew into the mist, setting the pram and the people on it ablaze.

    Beside the pram were the two longboats. “Fire again, show those bastards the power of Ignis!” The men did as Romeo demanded, and sent another swarm towards the two ships, setting fire to one of the sails. The longboats gained on them, and as they did the crew could hear chanting from the boats. In both boats a person in white stood up and sang a gruesome guttural song, it sounded as if the wind was singing along. Then another man stood up, he was a deal taller than the rest, and as the boats got closer he jumped the side of the ship along ten other men, all of them climbing fast up the side of the ship, as if they were spiders. All the while the crew on The Relentless fired arrow after arrow at them. When the Skargen warriors touched the railings, a deafening sound could be heard and the runes that Father Duncan had made glowed. On both sides came the sound as Skargens spilled over onto the deck. The large man in front, drenched in blood. He looked at Romeo “No more games, FuvRun will have her sacrifices, tonight!”. He leaped at Romeo, who parried just in time. Every hit by his axe felt like a hammer. Romeo couldn’t do much more than dodge the best he could and look for an opening. On all sides he could see his men fighting as best they could, and it looked like they were getting the upper hand. He saw Thyme wielding a club against a Skargen, as if a beast had possessed him. Arne had just kicked one of them over the railing as Gniist and Jilista sat anyone near them ablaze.

    Down below Mom saw men coming down the stairs, “What’s goin…” when she realised that those men weren’t the crew. She grabbed the closest bottle and spilled it on the floor. The Skargen ran towards her, but was hit by an invisible barrier where she had spilled her potion. She smiled. “That will keep them away”. Niels came out of the infirmary behind Mom just in time to see her put up the barrier as a loud crack came from the side of the ship as a large ballista arrow flew through the room, bounced of the invisible barrier. Then another arrow came through the other side of the ship, hitting one of the Skargen and turning him into mist.

    Mom stood up, looking around the room. She saw Niels laying on the floor, his face all bloody from a large gash across it. She called for Thyra, and then she saw it, the fire spreading. The lantern containing the flame of Ignis had fallen over and the fire was spreading quickly. When Thyra came out Mom looked at her and both of them tried to stop the flames, but to no avail. The fire now had such a large hold that it was becoming hard to breathe. The two looked at eachother and Mom took out a potion, splashed it on the barrier and it vanished, allowing the smoke to spread, warning those on deck. Thyra jumped on the Skargen that she could see and planted a knife in his eyes. Then she turned and helped Mom drag Niels up on the deck. Rob and Anna saw the smoke coming from below deck and hurried towards it as Thyra, Mom and the lifeless Niels came up the stairs. “Ignis’ flame have taken hold on the decks below. We must abandon ship” Thyra proclaimed as she gasped for fresh air. Rob looked around as more Skargen came over the railings. “The longboats” he said as a Skargen tried to attack him from behind, only saved by the quick reflexes of Anna.

    The flames from below could now be seen by Romeo, he was still fighting the large brute, when he felt the ship tip to starboard. “Shit” he uttered. But the sudden change gave him an opening against his enemy, and he took it. Making a big cut into the Skargens upper arm. Then another, but the brute didn’t flinch. Did he not feel pain? Now the ship really started to tilt. Romeo swung his sword, making a straight cut across the throat of his opponent, seeing the man vanish in front of him. He turned to the battle and yelled “Abandon ship!”. The flames had now taken hold on the rest of the sails and the whole ship was a hellish inferno. Everyone jumped from the ship and into the freezing water. Trying to stay afloat on pieces of timber or barrels as the Skargen slowly disappeared into the mist. Only Romeo stayed onboard the ship, following for as long as he could manage into the depth.


    And so the story of The Relentless concluded. Some of the players are still (december 29 2021) playing some of the afterplay in the city Raetien. If you want to participate write to me and I'll invite you.