Copperdale - A tale from Mythodea. 4-6th of May 2018

  • What: Ambientecon

    When: 04.05. - 06.05.2018

    Where: 6862 Tistrup, Denmark

    Where in-time: The free city Copperdale of the former Lunorth

    Price: 250dkk (~33.59€) until feb 1st, then 450dkk (~60.47€)

    Orga: Mythodea DK


    In the Northern Realm of Mythodea, in what was once known as Lunorth, there lies a city. One of prosper and problems.

    Black smoke rises from its chimneys. The once proud harbour city; Copperdale, now holds more citizens than ever. All living closer and closer together in a desperate attempt to find shelter between its narrow streets and mighty palaces.

    Under the protection of the famous "Guild-Law", members of the gutter have grown stronger than ever, and now the city Watch have had enougth, they have renounced the "Guild-Law" which for many years have restricted their intervening with gang activity and exploitation of its citizens.

    It's a hard battle between the unexperienced sergeant of the Watch; Michael Johnson, against the mob personified in Father Kettle. A man whom said to have the noblemen aswell as the Chief of Taxes under his command.

    These noblemen, with their grand houses and nearly unlimited ressources, now stands with an important decission: Who are to rule Copperdale and how are the former cities of Lunorth to be governed at all.

    In the midst of this plagued city towers the Academy, always there casting a shadow upon the city. Its former headmaster have gone in hiding and left it in the hands of Hopkins Tobias Kettle. But rumours will have that an old smugglersroute have been found, down to what ever lies beneath the catacombs of the academy...