Poster on the posterboard in Exilia

  • *On posterboard of Exilia is a new poster, that have been hung up recently

    Are times tough, are you looking for a better place to live?

    Take your family and move to the protectorate of Lunorth, to make your mark on the world.
    Housing and Food will be provided.
    Lunorth is a wast land know for it's proud warriors, strong horses and good mead.

    Pack your things and travel to the proud city's of Northheim, Copperdale or Muspelheim.
    Upon arrival contact the local city office's to get housing assigned.

    We bid you welcome.

    Sanctioned by the Council of Lunorth"

    IT: Hopkins Tobias Kettle. Artificer and new headmaster of Academia Unitate. Previously the old Janitor.

    "We are the small voices. Together we roar."
    OT: Martin Straarup

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  • People in Exilia aren't very impressed. Most of them use the posters to wrap their freshly baked bread before carrying it home through the ice-cold winds. Some of them smile at the notion of 'strong horses'. "Horses!" they snort. "We have Larks here! Two legs are better than four, two less you could get trampled by, I always say"

    Exilians are very happy where they are. It may be cold and the air always tastes a bit like garlic and saltwater (even though if you ask anyone in Exilia they'll admit it's actually a good thing!) but the people are content, hard-working and only slightly inconvenienced by big Terra giants breaking down parts of their town (even though they don't like to talk about it and will silently point you to the next souvenir shop for more information about that).

    Still. Even though on the surface Exilians are deliberately unaffected by the posters it's just a couple of days before the people of Lunorth wake up to a little surprise themselves. Plastered against their town's poster boards they find one quite similar in tone and style, even the handwriting, though obviously forged, seems the same. It says the following:


    Are your breads too tough? Are you looking for a better place to get freshly baked bread?

    Take your family and your inconveniently quadrupedal mounts and come to the protectorate
    of Exilia to eat better bread.
    Housing, work and bread will be provided!
    Exilia is an exciting city perched on the most northern cliffs high above the sea, known for
    it's stupendously good bread, the unnervingly huge birds called Larks we use to ride,
    and of course the ridiculously deep trench shielding it from enemy attacks. Seriously. It's ridiculously deep.
    Not to forget those dolphins with their muscular arms who tend to wreck enemy ships with
    their heads. Yes. You read that right. Their heads. (Don't question them, neither do we.)


    Pack your things (not your bread though, you won't need THAT where you are going) and travel
    to the glimmering city of Exilia. Don't forget to visit the market during the Great Exilian Bake Off,
    and celebrate Breads-Giving with us every first Sunday after full moon.
    Upon arrival contact the authorities and let them point you to the next bakery.

    Did we mention we have really good bread?"

    The poster is not signed nor does it bear any official seal, and in the whole of Lunorth there are just a hand-full of posters to find.

    But they all smell suspiciously of garlic butter......