A poster on the streetcornor of Firnheim

  • *On a street cornor in Firnheim, is a poster that have been hung up recently

    Are times tough, are you looking for a better place to live?

    Take your family and move to the protectorate of Lunorth, to make your mark on the world.
    Housing and Food will be provided.
    Lunorth is a wast land know for it's proud warriors, strong horses and good mead.

    Pack your things and travel to the proud city's of Northheim, Copperdale or Muspelheim.
    Upon arrival contact the local city office's to get housing assigned.

    We bid you welcome.

    Sanctioned by the Council of Lunorth"

    IT: Hopkins Tobias with the former lastname Kettle. Battlemage, artificer and Headmaster of Academia Unitate.

    "We are the small voices. Together we roar."
    OT: Martin Straarup

    Host of LARP web-show LarpForge www.youtube.com/lazylarper

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