A date with the doctor

  • Niels Forbonte, dressed in his long white coat and beige top hat, stood looking at the site where the new Running Cauldron would be build in the near future.

    But Niels wasn't in Logr just to see the site, he were here due to a promise and a curiousity. He had met Trauguid in Kelriothar, just a few weeks ago, and they had talked about many things, one of which were the island academy of Ecstatica.

    Niels looked around, he had seen more than a few shady figures in the corner of his eye, and he had no doubt that he had been followed. He wasn't afraid, he was after all used to Copperdale at night, which wasn't much different. Still he couldn't seem to shake the feeling that maybe he should have taken a few of the men with him.

    He exhaled and said to himself as much as to those spectating him

    "Death is no more than a state of the mind"