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    Dantrag smiled to Sik saying:
    If the welcome is subtle as you say, everybody has to prove his worth here.
    This is the only way to become respected in Drada D'Issan. Not a matter of wich qu'ellar you're from...

    Dantrag watched Sik attentively to see her reaction.
    Then he stopped on a crossroad pointing his hand on the right.
    If you continue in this direction you will find horse stabbles.
    Then come to the Obok Anth... Seek for a huge mapple tree in the middle of Edonil.
    You will find me around there. And most of Ilythiiris...
    Anyway I will announce your arrival, Aluve.

    He bowed to Sik as his warrior routine.

    The roads of Edonil were not really large.
    Some vegetation and the way the buildings were made gave all the shadow needed for a drow to survive the day.
    In the streets they were very few drows but lots of different races.

    Dantrag walked in direction of the city gates, listening to his sister.
    He guessed as she keep talking that she must be a shebali...

    As they arrived to the gate, two human warriors bowed to Dantrag.
    They were wearing black leather armors and a red scarf around their heads.
    Dantrag stopped to them and said:
    Vendui. ma garde se termine, la nuit a été trop calme.
    J'emmène notre hôte en ville.

    The two guards bowed to Sik as the ilythiiris walked in front of them.

    Be welcome Sik from Shalzad.
    *He pronounced the last word grimacing*
    I'm Dantrag Jaelre, sargtlin of Drada D'Issan.
    You are not disturbing me...

    *looking at Sik and then at the sky*
    My night watch is coming to its end.
    Perhaps you will need somebody to show you the city?

    Dantrag knew that all drows have to be treated as well as possible.
    He wanted to take this opportunity to make himself knowned, perhaps he could have some other duties than the boring night watch...

    Ryzzil looked at all the people in the tent.
    He was not really aware of what Kop-tar was talking about.
    So he waited for somebody to explain the situation.
    And hoped he could understand the difficult language they were using.

    As she was sleepy she first didn't notice the ilythiiri on the side of the road.
    He was a soldier and Sik could reconize the coat of arms of Drada D'Issan.
    With a gentle voice he said to Sik approaching:
    Vendui malla Ilythiiri. What bring you in Edonil?

    Kop-tar and Dremel could ear horses stopping not so far from them.
    Shortly after, an ilythiiri enter the yurt. He was wearing the coat of arms of Drada D'Issan, his old leather mask as well.
    When he reconize Kop-tar, he first made a step back to let his spear outside, next to the door.
    Then he said with a smile: Vendui malla Kop-tar. I'm happy to see you again... The circumstances could be better tough.

    Ryzzil shortly opened his mouth during Naira speech.
    Then doing no with his head, he answered:
    You didn't understand me.
    And looking to Naira's eyes:
    I was asking you, to explain me your story.
    After that I will judge if I'm going to refer to HER.
    Not more nor less.

    Ryzzil watched Gwo'eyes with a tense face.
    Then he put his cup of tea on the table and answered gently:
    Let me first judge about this change, we will ask Her after.
    Now I would be pleased to ear the whole story.
    But please don't forget to mention any relevant detail.

    During his answer Ryzzil moved his hands in a smooth way to add for Gwo:
    N'oublie pas qu'il y a un Uruk ici.
    Peut-être pas malin, mais toujours capable de répéter nos discussions.

    Very pleased by the situation Ryzzil drinked some tea to hide a large smile.
    What an interesting situation, Naira facing her most dark side.
    Gwo always did act as a real drow...
    But since this cold and rainy night, he was sometimes like a wild beast.

    Ryzzil was flabbergasted by Gwo's answer.
    But happy about it...
    He waited some seconds and said:
    There is no better place than Drada D'Issan to grow up your child.
    You are already protected by your qu'ellar and I know that Alaïs have to light your path now.

    Ryzzil looked to Naira with something melancholic:
    As far as I remember, I always protected you.
    Even when you asked me to go behind the forsaken lines... for second time for me.
    If you didn't do anything against our family or against our faith...
    You are not in danger here.

    Ryzzil thought for him, or until Gwo get mad about his companion.
    Then with a more neutral face, he added:
    You ask for our trust and protection.
    So tell us more about the danger you left behind you.
    And perhaps we will find a way to deal with the situation.

    Before following Gwo, Ryzzil nodded to the Uruk:
    Urrothughosh Uhlakk, I'm Ryzzil Jaelre, protector of Drada D'Issan.
    Naira's guard... You can take some rest for now.
    Here I protect everybody, you are in Jaelre's hands now.
    Follow us, if your presence is needed.

    Ryzzil was happy to see that somebody was protecting his sister.
    But thought about all the doubts he had about Naira and all the chaos she always bring.
    Did she found finally a problem bigger than her?
    And THE question who was the father?!?

    Ryzzil seated on his chair and took his cup of tea.
    He was hidding his emotions under a little smile thinking about Gwo's reaction.

    With a malicious smile, Ryzzil said to his brother:
    Vendui Gwo, I'm happy to see you here.
    Better if you go in my office, your companion came back.
    It seems that we will have a lot to discuss.

    While speaking, Ryzzil moved his hands in a strange way.
    In the secret drow language he added to Gwo: *Je m'occupe du prétentieux. Ce que j'ai entendu d'elle ne me plait pas du tout. Besoin de ton avis et peut-être de tes dagues.*
    Then turning his head to Uhlakk, his said with a neutral voice:
    Vendui. I dont remember you from the battle field fearless warrior, so tell me who are you?
    And what brings you here in my place?

    When Kruïk realised that Uhlakk called Gwo a fool, he knew that something bad will happen here.
    He screamed: Ryzzil toOOld! No fight between blaAAck und grüüüün!
    Don't move maïï friendZ! Be Naïce! Aï Com' BaK with JAbUK!

    Then he ran to Ryzzil's office like crazy.


    When Ryzzil eared about Kruïk's screams he told Naira:
    I'm going to see what's going wrong.
    Stay here and take some rest because we have lot to discuss.

    When he joined Kruïk at the door, he was really pissed off.
    He stopped Kruïk with one hand and told him with a cold voice.
    Amène de la nourriture dans mon bureau, je m'en occupe.
    Kruïk answered:
    A dos quarth!
    Then the goblin ran back in the kitchen with Ryzzil behind him.

    Ryzzil was not surprised to see Naira here, but her belly...
    He thought about the best answer to give her.
    He knew that Naira always arrived with new opportunities but not only...
    Ryzzil said bowing his head:
    Vendui Naira. A pleasure to see you.
    With a malicious smile, he added:
    I see you are not alone, so take a seat and tell me more about them.
    Then Ryzzil take some cups on the table and begin to fill two of them with tea.
    There were a big table in the office surrounded by 5 confortables chairs.
    In front of the biggest one there were some parchments and maps.

    There were a short way to Ryzzil's office.
    They pass trough the main hall of the house.
    Lots of wooden sculptures were covering the walls.
    Beautiful as a white elf work but with some dark touch of the Ilythiiri tribe.
    When they arrived in front of the Ryzzil's office door, they could ear:
    Come in my white sister.