Mythweave Library

  • As you enter through the grand wooden doors, intricately carved with runes and mythical figures, you are greeted by the rich scent of old parchment and the subtle crackle of a warm fireplace. The interior is a labyrinth of wooden bookshelves, each brimming with ancient texts, mythical sagas, and scholarly works. In the center of the main hall, a large fireplace casts a cozy glow, creating a welcoming atmosphere for readers and scholars who come in search of knowledge or solace among the tomes.

    Ombra, known in the town for her work at the local tavern, also finds her second home here at the Merak Library. When she's not serving patrons at the tavern, Ombra can be seen here, either assisting visitors in their quest for information, meticulously cataloguing new acquisitions or lost in her own research.

    The Merak Lorehouse is not just a library; it's a gathering place for storytellers, scholars, and those seeking a deeper understanding of the world. Its walls, adorned with tapestries and artefacts, speak of the rich cultural heritage of Merak and the lands beyond. The library hosts regular discussions, storytelling evenings, and lectures on various subjects, adding to the vibrant intellectual life of the town.

    DALL·E 2024-01-04 19.32.53 - A medieval fantasy library in the town of Merak, reflecting a Norse-inspired architectural style. The library is a large, two-story building made of s.pngDALL·E 2024-01-04 21.29.43 - Interior view of the Norse-inspired fantasy medieval library in the town of Merak. The inside is warm and inviting, illuminated by natural light strea.png

  • Several residents of Merak have reported seeing unnatural shadow silhouettes within the walls of the Lorehouse after dark. These sightings have given rise to various rumors and legends, adding a layer of intrigue and superstition to the library's scholarly reputation.

    The shadows, described as ethereal and fleeting, are often seen out of the corner of one's eye, disappearing when looked at directly. Some believe these silhouettes to be the spirits of ancient scholars and sages, still roaming the library in search of unfinished work or unsolved mysteries. Others whisper about cursed books or forbidden magic.

  • Timothy seeks shelter from the infamous weather of the North. Shakes his cape, and looks around in the Library, and waits to see if there should be any librarian coming forward.
    It would be so awfully rude, just to snoop around, if there was a warden of the books to greet first.

  • As Timothy entered, the heavy wooden door closed behind him with a soft thud, sealing off the howling winds and the chill that clung to his cloak. He gave his garment a brisk shake, droplets of rain scattering to the stone floor, momentarily disturbing the library's usual tranquility.

    The library was seemingly devoid of people, the only sound being the soft crackle of the fireplace somewhere in the heart of the building.

    Unbeknownst to Timothy, Ombra had been present all along, absorbed in her research in a secluded alcove. The murmur of his entrance had reached her ears, and, realizing that a visitor required attention, she quietly rose from her seat. Ombra moved with such silence and familiarity through the aisles that she was like a wraith, her presence unnoticed until she wished it to be.

    She approached Timothy from behind, her footsteps muffled by the thick rugs that adorned the library floor.

    "Good day, sir," Ombra spoke, her voice low but clear. "Welcome to the Merak Lorehouse. How may I assist you today?" Her sudden appearance might startle, but her demeanor was calm and her face held a polite smile, the very picture of a dutiful library assistant.

  • Spinning around on his heel with a hand on his dagger, he looks the unfamiliar lady up and down.
    "You are very brave to sneak up on people like that"
    "My name is Timothy, and who might you be?"
    "I'm currently looking for books, notes, and/or scrolls with information on Materials, magical materials, and crafting of such."
    "Do you know if there are any sections in this library about any of this?"

  • Ombra's eyes flicked briefly to Timothy's hand on his dagger, a silent acknowledgment of his reflexes, but she remained composed. "Apologies for startling you, but normally there is no danger to expect in such a place" she said smoothly, the hint of a knowing smile touching her lips. "Here in the library, silence is our constant companion, and sometimes it makes us as stealthy as shadows." she then tilted her head a bit "I think..we might need to include a new rule though: no weapons in the library. You are the first of your kind I see here."

    "I am Ombra," she introduced herself, with a respectful dip of her head. "I serve as an assistant here and at the local tavern. I'm well-acquainted with the collection housed in these walls."

    At the mention of magical materials and crafting, her interest visibly piqued. "Ah, you're delving into the arcane arts. We have a section dedicated to alchemy and enchantment, with several tomes on mystical substances and their uses. Follow me, please."

  • You wouldn't believe the places I have found danger, even though it seemed innocent.
    You say that the silence of the library makes "us" stealthy as shadows, are there more of you hiding around?
    Also please let me know if I'm talking too loudly, I wouldn't want to cause any issues.
    And this dagger is more sentimental and of ritualistic use. It means a lot to the group I belong to, and I would dread to be separated from this.

    So Ombra, a please to meet you, I hope I haven't disturbed you in anything important. But if you have the time, I would love to get a tour, and then I promise to let you get back to your work.