Merak: the town center

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    Welcome to Merak!

    Nestled by a serene coastline on vast flatlands, Merak is a jewel of the past, echoing the grandeur of Norse culture. As you wander through its bustling streets, you'll be surrounded by traditional wooden longhouses with steep, thatched roofs, and doors carved with ancient runes. The heart of Merak is its vibrant main square, a hub of daily life, where locals and visitors alike gather around the ornate central well, immersing themselves in the lively market brimming with colourful stalls and the rich scents of traditional fare.

    The grand hall, standing proudly with its intricate runic carvings and flanked by imposing statues of unknown gods, serves as a beacon, drawing in those seeking wisdom or a glimpse into the town's proud heritage. Here, the community thrives, steeped in tradition, where warriors in chainmail share tales of valour, and merchants barter their wares.

    Under the clear sky, with a hint of the northern lights dancing in the distance, Merak is not just a destination but a journey into a bygone era, a testament to the faded echoes of Ulfhednarsheim.

    Welcome, and let the spirit of Merak guide your adventure!

  • Krem woke up to a new day, the taven he stayed in was cheep but good. He thought to himself that maybe today was the day he would talk a walk through the city, so he got ready and made his way down to the main hall of the tavern to get some breakfast.

  • In the meantime, after crashing at Daggers Fall- Anna decided to take a look around the main town of the newly established protectorate of Irenath to see what those people would have to work with in future and how exactly she could help them and fulfil the promise.

    She strolled across the street searching for a tavern of some sort and figuring where there could be a good spot for a potential embassy.

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    As Krem descended into the main hall of the tavern, the warm, inviting aroma of freshly baked bread and brewed tea filled the air. The hall was moderately busy, with a few early risers enjoying their breakfast. Behind the counter, Ombra, the young woman known for working many places in this town, was meticulously arranging some cups and mugs.

    She noticed Krem as he entered and greeted him with a polite nod. "Good morning," she said, her voice carrying a hint of curiosity. "I trust you had a restful night. What can I get for you this morning?"

  • Krem smiles at Ombra with a big happy go Lucy smile “ good morning” he says in a happy voice “ I slept absolutely fantastic. Well what is there on the menu this wonderful morning “

  • Ombra returned Krem's smile with a warm, albeit slightly reserved one of her own. "I'm glad to hear you had a good night's sleep," she responded, her voice carrying a hint of genuine interest. "This morning, we have freshly baked bread with butter and honey, a hearty stew for those who prefer something more substantial, and, of course, our house specialty, oat porridge with dried fruits and nuts. And for drink, there's tea, freshly brewed, or if you're in the mood for something stronger, we have a fine selection of ales and meads."

    She paused for a moment, observing Krem to gauge his preferences. "If you're planning to explore the town today, I'd recommend starting with a hearty breakfast. The porridge is particularly filling and energizing." Her eyes, bright and observant, seemed to take in more than just his breakfast order, as if she were quietly assessing the character of the person before her.

  • “ I will take exactly what you serve I got no preference on that but I would like an ale”

    krem says with a smile. Krem takes a sit at one of the chairs at the front of the tavern. When he sits he takes out a little notebook and starts scribbling down some of his thoughts while he starts singing for himself

  • As Ombra and Krem continued their interaction in the tavern, the door opened with a quiet creak, drawing the attention of a few patrons. In walked Lady Anna, her presence almost immediately altering the ambience of the room. Anna carried an air of both strength and vulnerability. Something was off.

    Her eyes scanned the room with a discerning gaze, she moved with grace, yet was noticeably tired. Anna made her way towards Krem, smiling and fixing her eyes on him, a spark of joy and hope flashed in them and a smile started forming on the Lady's lips.

  • Ombra nodded at Krem's order with an understanding smile. "One hearty breakfast and an ale, coming right up," she said, turning to prepare his order. She appreciated patrons like Krem, who brought a sense of ease and simplicity to her day.

  • Krem looks up from his notebook the moment he fell a a person coming near him. The moment he sees Lady Anna his eyes shoot up with amazement and something that can only be described as love

    He smiles a smile that shows teeth before he stands up and take Lady Anna’s hand and slowly bows and kisses her hand “ greeting beautiful Lady. What a wonderful surprise to see a beautiful Lady this early in the Morning “

    He looks up at her

  • Lady Anna, taken aback by Krem's warm and affectionate greeting, couldn't help but let a genuine smile spread across her face. Her usual composed demeanour softened visibly. There was a continuous sparkle in her tired eyes.

    "Good morning, Krem," she responded, her voice carrying a mix of surprise and delight. "Your words are as kind as ever. It is indeed a pleasant start to the day to be greeted so warmly."

    Her gaze lingered on Krem for a moment, reflecting a complex mix of emotions - perhaps gratitude for his affection, coupled with the burdens she carried that were momentarily lifted by such a heartfelt welcome. She then glanced around the tavern, acknowledging the few patrons who had paused to observe the exchange, before her eyes settled back on Krem.

    "I didn't expect to find such a delightful company here this morning," she added, the hint of weariness in her voice contrasting with the warmth of her smile. "May I join you for breakfast?"

  • As Krem settled into his seat and began his quiet singing, Ombra busied herself with preparing his order. She carefully poured a frothy ale, the golden liquid catching the light as it flowed into the mug. She then arranged a hearty breakfast on a plate, ensuring it looked as appealing as it smelled.

    Carrying the meal and the ale over to Krem's table, Ombra placed them before him with her usual efficient grace. "Here you are," she said, her voice soft but clear above the melody of his song. "Enjoy your meal."

    She lingered for a moment "It's not often I see someone so immersed in their thoughts so early in the day," she commented, a hint of genuine interest in her tone. Acknowledging Anna with a nod Ombra decided to take the decision for everyone: a cup of tea appeared on the table "And this is for the Lady"-

  • “ it would be my pleasure if you would join me my Lady”

    He looks at ombra and smiles “thank you so much for the food. And well what can I say I may not be an early bird but when I’m up, im just happy to be alive an other day “

    He says with a smile

  • Ombra stood back a moment, observing the two. There was an unspoken understanding in her gaze – she was no stranger to the complexities of human emotions and relationships that often played out within the walls of the tavern. With a slight bow, she said, "If you need anything else, please don't hesitate to ask." Then, with her usual quiet efficiency, Ombra retreated to the counter, leaving Krem and Lady Anna to their conversation. Her presence at the tavern was a blend of subtlety and keen observation, always aware of her patrons' needs and the undercurrents of their interactions.

  • Lady Anna, with the poise characteristic of her demeanour, took a moment to appreciate the tea before her. She gently lifted the cup, her fingers curving around it, and brought it to her lips. The steam from the tea wafted up, and she inhaled the aroma deeply, savouring the scent before taking a small, thoughtful sip. Her eyes closed briefly in appreciation of the blend, a small moment of tranquillity amidst her otherwise weary aura.

    Setting the cup down, she turned her attention fully to Krem. Her posture was relaxed-

    "So, Krem," she began, her voice carrying a mix of curiosity and warmth. "How have you found your time in Irenath so far? It's a place full of mysteries as I heard. Not sure how much of that has reached you so far"

  • Krem take a ship of his ale and a bite of his food and after he tunes his full attention to Lady Anna

    “ well actually I Ben away from irenath for a couple of months I actually just got back here a couple days ago” krem smiles at Lady Anna “ and it seems I was lucky to be here at the same time as you “ he winks at Lady Anna

  • Lady Anna's cheeks would show a faint blush at Krem's words, the subtle gesture of familiarity not lost on her. The corners of her lips would curl into a more pronounced smile, and she would regard Krem with a gaze that mingled fondness with a hint of playful reprimand.

    "Krem, you're quite the charmer," she'd respond, her tone light and teasing. "Your timing is indeed fortuitous, or perhaps it's fate that our paths have crossed again at this moment." She'd take a composed sip of her tea, maintaining eye contact over the rim of her cup.

    "Actually" Anna would continue after setting down her cup, leaning in slightly with genuine interest, "what adventures have kept you from Irenath?" ..."-Before I try to entangle you in my whereabouts and possibly drag your whole crew into it.."

  • Krem’s smile becomes bigger as he hear her words “ I’m not a charmer I’m just telling the truth” he take a sip of his ale wile looking at her at all time “ I like to think it is fate that keeps bringing me to you. And well my captain and I needed to meet with a friend in one of the northern harbors so we sail to there and meet with her. After the meting we remembered we forgot Angel here somewhere so now we are looking for him “

    Krem cheeks blushing a red tint. But he gets himself under control he look s Anna deep in the eyes “ I would absolutely love to be entangled with you “ he blushes “ wait I mean entangled with your whereabouts ofcurse “