The story of Arden Lanceam.

  • Arden Lanceam.

    The meaning of the word is "a giant pyre, raise to heaven like a lance"

    When The Order sent out there expedition there to settle the new city and home. A hard winter suddenly hit Nothren Seal, and only with the protection of the fire of Ignis to keep the snowstorms in check and keep them warm. The mountain was hit by earthquake, a prayer to Ignis and stubborn resistance to not stop, they pushed, and it was as though they were shielded on the last claim to the top.

    When they got to the top, the mountain had broken into a Platou, with 3 little peaks around, one at a lot higher than the other two.

    Here they made camp and started building up Arden Lanceam.

    The highest peak was called Caelum Lancea, its meaning 'spear in the sky', from here there were made a pyre, the fire took place to cats light ower the other mountain and to show that there always will be a light in the dark. The fire was lit with fire og Ignis.