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    Djako looked surprised about the situation he wanderd into. He turned his head back to the protector who was walking away, and then turned his head to the Ambassador with a asking Expression.

    "Well, i hoped to meet you again in a more pleasent way, but i see that we have some important things to talk about"

    Djako, after being led by the kettle boy, approached the gate of the Mansion, looked the Dragons and Shield and the turned to one of the guards. "Grettings, Djako Kaevh is my name, i have been summond into the Manison of the Lord Protector, and to meet Ambassodor Dagger."

    Djako smiled and pulled a few coins and handed them to the boy. "Thank you for your service, i hope this is enaugh",Djako smirked and turned to the counter to pay for his drink"In this case i will go there, i might return for the night, but we will see, till then i wish you the best, good man. Do you think he" Djako pointed at the boy" might be able to lead me there?"

    "So, that answers my second question already. So he's here, thats a relief" Djako said with a happy tone in his voice, glad that he didn't have to travel alone much longer." Well, if he's at the Residence it's most likley for the better if i don't just burst in there, not that that would be easy anyway." Djako said with a smirk" I will take a room, and a good wine would also be nice. Could you do me a favor and tell Dagger that im around if he comes by?"…he asked the broad bearded men before him

    Djako looked at him, noticing his tattoo and guessed that he and this place had a long history. He looked the men in the eyes and smiled back."Greeting good sir, Djako Kaevh is my name", he said, laying his hand on his chest and nodding his head as a greeting ."There are two things i hope you can be of help with. The first would be that im looking for a place to stay. As of now i don't know how long, but at least in the next two nights i will need a room."

    Djako enterd the Inn through it's heavy front door, taking in the various strange displays going on. He smiled, because he could see that the times would be more enjoyable here then in the rough taverns he had been in on his travel to lunorth up to this point.

    He was clothed in his green and ocker jacket, lined with silver thread and embroided with differnt floral patterns, and with the patch of the blackwood embassy over his heart.

    Over his legs he wore kneelong light green pants with a floral pattern, long white socks and cow-mouth shoes and a hat in the same coulours as his jacket with a green feather on his head.

    He was in Lunorth to look after businnes, and also to catch up to Dagger.

    " I hope i find Dagger somewhere, im tired of traveling alone", he said to himself as he made his way to the counter.