Posters around the city

  • posters can be found around the city saying

    Hiring adventurers and sailors

    The ships Magdalene and Excellence are once again embarking to explore the northern continent along with the Davoric Expedition

    Are you up for the task head to the Harbour Office at Ozam Har'ol and speak with Niels Forbonte

    *Payment will be settled when signed to the ship*

  • In the town square, a poster has been put up. With the words

    "The Inquisition wants you! Do you think you have what it takes to be part of the Inquisition? Can you stand firm when heretics try to lure you in? Even if your family are the ones to be arrested? Then the Inquisition would like to talk to you. Contact the Inquisition for further information and registration.”

    (OT: Do you want to join officially or unofficially, pm me.)

    Grand Inquisitor in Lunorth, Lady Eva De´Andre.

    First Lady of Lunorth

    Member of The Order of The Black Sun, located in Arden Lanceam