[Roleplay] Preparing for an expedition

  • who: Anyone

    When: September the 20th 2019 (someone please translate this to NDE time)


    At the harbour office in Ozam Har'ol is a line of all sorts of people, some are pushing and some even get into a fight.

    A yell can be heard from one of the officers, demanding peace and good order.

    In front of the sitting at a desk is Niels Forbonte with his usual white rugged coat and worn down leather tophat. At the table in front of is a paper saying in large letters:

    Hiring adventurers and sailors

    The ships Magdalene and Excellence are once again embarking to explore the northern continent along with the Davoric Expedition

    Are you up for the task head to the Harbour Office at Ozam Har'ol and speak with Niels Forbonte

    *Payment will be settled when signed to the ship*

    Niels looks up through his spectacles at the person in front of him saying with a smile

    "So you are looking to become an explorer are you?"

  • Frigg just reached the harbor when the notice was posted. She had read the message and nodded inwardly. Her three boxes of map-making equipment, clothes, and other things were still safe at the inn.
    In the office now she was in front of Niels Fortbonte und smiled.
    "You can say that." She nodded politely. "May I introduce myself? I'm Frigg, a freelance cartographer and at the same time vice-guild master of the cartographer guild. Where titles mean nothing here. I am here to support the expedition and to draw maps. This is my special area. " She smiles widely. She politely waits for the answer.

  • Niels moves his head back a bit.

    "Your work is excellent and you will be an active to our expedition I'm sure.

    Here's a contract claiming that you are travelling willingly with us and on your own risk."

    He takes out a piece of paper

    "Please sign here. And you will be appointed to the ship Excellence where I'm stationed as well.

    The ships will take of in a few weeks, and you are welcome to stay on the ship until then "

  • Frigg reads the contract and nods. "Very good." With her own handwriting of her people, and for everyone on Mythodea readable she signs the contract. She hands back the contract. "Wonderful then I'll have my boxes brought to the ship." She smiles briefly: "Your descriptions sound exciting. It will be an exciting journey! "