The residence of the Lord Protector

  • Victor listens to Dagger closely listening to all his points before smilling broadly before standing you taking a few steps away before turning towards Dagger smirking. "I have a feeling you are not quite aware of who we are or what kind of size Lunorth is. We are a Merchant nation my friend. For years we have done business across all of Mythodea not only in the North. We have wealth beyond our needs. What you are trading is disposable surplus... Have you not noticed that we have never asked for any special goods in return? It is because we don't need anything in all honesty." Victor pauses to take up his goblet and sip before continuing. "As to whether you have competitors. You do indeed. You are one of but many different groups and organisations that trade on our behalf. They don't demand anything in return and make a profit on their own. Or at least I think so, I don't really care as long as we get out fair share... What we are doing is reaching out a hand to you in all honesty. We have disposable wealth that you might be interested in trading, if not then don't trouble yourself my friend. We can manage on our own as we allways have." Victor pauses again picking up a few grapes eating them as he grins and points to Dagger. "As to the point about distaste to the North, we have had no trouble and you yourself shouldn't speak too fast with you generous reputation with a certain Nyame." Victor winks at him playfully clearly not meaning it as an insult, but more as a freindly tease. "Now with all that in mind. We see that you are really trying your best with the trade and do good work. So, we would love to continue working with you.. But, not under those circumstances."

    The guard would look at Djako for a moment before nodding and guiding him inside the residence and into the trophy room. Victor would turn towards the newly arrived guest smilling. "Welcome to my home, you are Daggers colleague yes? The exellent scribe? Come, come join us. Have some port."

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  • Dagger nods listening but maintains his train of thought. "Our terms? That we want an official contract and we want a fee for the work we do? I thank you for the opportunity to work in such a theater of course... If our requests of contract are not in your favor, what would you have in counter? What we want is somewhat flexible of course but we do not want to work for free. We would go belly up by the end of the year if we did."

    The ambassador looks to Djako and gives him a knowing nod. The subject has the usually erratic-old soldier strangely concentrated and serious. His standard humor is all but gone.

    Dagger turns back to Victor. "We are willing to do a lot by way of trade for Lunorth and have the ability to get the work done. If your lordship finds it in Lunorth's best interest to do so, we are a resource you can use. However, as mentioned, we want to be paid for our services. Are there areas where we could best serve Lunorth? Perhaps you had something else in mind?"

  • Victor listens to dagger nodding acknowledgingly. "Let me make this very clear Dagger. We like the Eastern Blackwood Company, but we will not be making an exception paying you special fees as other trading companies and groups would want the same. We will on the other hand offer you access to our ships, meaning you can use them for your business, that way you'll at least save some money having to rent them from other factions. - As to other sort of services I am sure we can do business depending on what sort of jobs you are looking for. - As for going belly up within a year. I do think we have been more than accommodating offering you a district in Copperdale, don't forget that. Besides I truely doubt and hope we are your only source of income."

    Victor takes a seat down leaning back in the sofa. "So if you wanna make a contract it'll be on those terms."

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  • Dagger smiles at the second to last comment. "No we have business ventures elsewhere. Of course, we are most gracious for the respect shown to us concerning Copperdale. The deal made by the good doctor was most kind... What you have presented us with is an ultimatum. Work for us for nothing or do not work for us at all. I cannot imagine that what we ask for is an exception otherwise those companies would be making no income on the trades. I could of course be wrong." Dagger takes a drink of that which is offered before continuing.

    "If I am wrong, which I hope I am, what is it you are indeed offering? We do not need to be lent ships as we do have access to them. As I understand it, you would continue the business relationship as is which means the East Blackwood Company would be granted some of the excess Lunorthy resources to trade. We would enter trade meetings on behalf of Lunorth, build relationships on behalf of Lunorth, peruse leads on behalf of Lunorth and, close deals on behalf of Lunorth. All of this without being paid for the work done. Is there something you planned to offer the East Blackwood Company as payment for the services rendered that I am unaware of?"

  • Victor sighs as he scratches his chin pondering a bit. "Well the difference is you could lend our ships for free. Also by trading with our goods you get your hands on resources you wouldn't normally have, meaning your partners and costumers will think highly of you. The other trading companies that we work with earn the profit on their own and we expect you to do the same. - Also about these services rendered what services are we talking about? I don't care whether you've been to one to ten meetings. As long as I get more or better goods in return I am pleased. Also the more results you bring back the more exotic and valuable resources we'll give you to trade with. - But no, nothing is really planned concerning payment for the services. What would you have in mind?"

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  • Victor nods before taking the goblet of port before walking back over towards his wife by the fireplace. "Go ahead, don't mind me."

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  • Djako looked surprised about the situation he wanderd into. He turned his head back to the protector who was walking away, and then turned his head to the Ambassador with a asking Expression.

    "Well, i hoped to meet you again in a more pleasent way, but i see that we have some important things to talk about"

  • The three talk for quite some time, Realene leaning in to get Dagger’s attention at times.

    Dagger stands first, and says, “Lord Protector, Lady Protector, I would like to present to you Raelene Skie, she would like to tell to you alternative proposal.”

    Dagger step back and let’s Raelene come forward, looking at her expectantly as he crosses his arms, only to put them back down at his side to seem less agitated.

    Djako stands supportively behind her as she comes forward to the protectors.

    Raelene has a moment of hesitation in her body language, her head down before pulling her shoulders back.

    “Lord Protector, I represent my Mistress in this endeavor, the Baroness Sayeh of Sapphire Isle... as well as the company.” She lifts her head, “You seek to rebuild Lunorth and with that comes great expense, surely, and also the vision of the future is far more valuable than anything else.”

    Raelene presses her lips together, “My Mistress too knows the struggle to rebuild. After a long war, she pushed to rebuild many things in the wake of loss. Such things even as rebuilding her uncle’s kingdom. These things I know because I helped her day and night with the books to calculate the expenses to try make the future her mother died trying to save. One day, your children will have to pick up this same torch, and with this in mind...

    “For the services of the East Blackwood Co. in trade across the land of Mythodea, we ask for a piece of land with in the fief of Lunorth.” She quickly raises her hand, “but this land will remain in your keeping, and only that you allow us to add equity to the land by building a farm, or a mill, or something that gives back to the Lunorth’s future. In turn, this will also ensure that we are able to keep a profit and support the Embassy and our work here. For you, there is the ability to know that your lands have value and thus increasing your own wealth in turn with the lands you own.”

    She folds her fingers together. “A farm with sheep would produce wool for the community for example, or even food, and the ability to one day find a way to dye the wool to sell yarns and textiles. This was a venture my Mistress took, and it helped to rebuild the roads and the kingdom in the harsh winter. Or even a wood mill to make the matterials needed for the ships to bring trade to the sea or the rivers, or homes or barns. And these things would bring equity and the ability for the Company to be able to continue its work for you while having the money needed, and all the while you would have the knowledge in knowing that this was part of the future you built for your Lunorth.”

    She takes a deep breath steadying herself, “And should the company move on to start a new, you would be left with cultivated land and the value of the land to secure you.”

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  • Victor turns from Eva back to the three as they approach. Victor nods at Dagger before turning his attention to Realene giving her his absolute attention and as she finishes he would smile broadly. "See now that I like. You are really beginning to think like Kettles." Victor would turn to Dagger. "Keep onto this one Dagger, clearly she got an ear for business." Victor continues to laugh again before moving past them to the table taking up the goblet of port and taking a gulp before turning back to them. "Now, let us discuss this further at the convent. You can come up with the details of your proposal as well as present a suitable candidate for such a charge and then we shall see." Victor looks rather satisfied turning to Dagger to see his reaction.

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  • Dagger smiles lightly, and inclines his head in a light bow. „She has learned a lot since she first arrived in Mythodea. An asset to the Company.“ Dagger picks up his cup and raises it in toast. „To our continued friendship,“ after drinking down a bit of the cup’s contents Dagger lowers the cup. „We will be leaving in the morning for Copperdale if that is all right with You lord and ladyship. I have not physically been there before yet I carry the city’s favor.“ Dagger motions with his free hand at the sigil of Copperdale on the center flap of his belt of favors.

    „After that we are going hunting. “ Dagger grins at the Eva knowingly. “I am taking the Guard and…” The old soldier looks to the new Company Merchant Djako, “Djako. He just learned that that was happening, now.” Dagger’s grin returns full bloom.

  • Victor inclines his head before raising his goblet in a toast. Victor would then look at the presented sigil. "Mhmm yes, you know what would look good there as well? The sigil of Lunorth." Victor would wink at Dagger smirking. "Oh yes, safe journeys. - Oh? A hunt you say? Well as you might have noticed from my avid trophy collection." Victor gestures to all the different trophies in the room. "I am quite the hunter myself. We must go hunting some time. We have excellent Ibex around Arden Lanceam. So if you are up for some mountain hunting, do say."

    Victor T. Kettle | Protector of Lunorth | First son of William R. Kettle and rightful heir to the Kettle fortune. | Templar of Ignis | Faithful Servant of the Elements | OT: Patrick Spangsberg

  • Dagger drinks the toast, „I would be happy to. I am, not the best of riders but my sense of smell is very good.“ His eyes glint breefly a brighter red. „In this case though, we are hunting Undead down South. I mean to speak to the Blutpakt about one of their Jarls while I am there.“

    Dagger looks at the Lunorthy decoration about the room. „If we come to terms at the Convent I will be more than happy to wear that sigil as well in solidarity.“

  • Realene watches the two men for a moment drinking their toast, and presses her lips together and she puts her hands together in front of her.

    She glanced at Eva for a moment and then at Djako behind her.

    For all the celebration, one thought seemed to take up the whole of her mind. Truth was, she didn’t learn any of this in Mythodea... but he wasn’t going to tell Dagger that now or ruin the moment for him.