The Night Squad in Paolos Trutz

  • The twilight was growing darker and the moon was already in the Sky. The Guards on the battlemens had their eyes on the high way comming from the east. They had the order to watch out for movement. These were uneasy times, troops there leaving the north going south to fight in the brutal campaign against the doubters. At the same time more rifts there opening, leading Soldiers from Kelriothar into Mythodea, killing and kidnapping people where they appeared.
    Even Palos Trutz was not save, two times a rift had opend inside the City and each time people hat been taken.

    The Guards hat been informed, that a group was coming up the high way, but they there uneasy, nothin was without risk these days.

  • A little group of chaotics wearing l'Ost Noir's colours was progressing on the high way.

    The Protektor of the Ecstatica Inseln was about to lead his troops to the Mirror World when he recieved the letter of Gwo announcing his leaving from Drada D'Issan. Keleath decided to let his delegation leave to Kelriothar without him and gathered some warriors in order to meet his old friend in Paolos Trutz to find out more. It was also the opportunity for him to investigate the recent attacks of the doubters.

    Approaching the gates, he ordered the rising of the banner showing the symbol of his protectorate to prevent the guards to confuse his group with the invaders.

    Judging by your expressions, I suppose we are not those your were waiting for. Gwo asked me to meet him here.
    Has he already arrived with his men of the Night Squad ?

    Protektor von Ecstatica Inseln / Master of L'Ost Noir / Champion of Slaanesh on Mythodea

  • The guardsman looked confused, he went through a list with names and symbols: "I have no information of l´Ost Noir comming. What reason do you have, for comming to Paolos Trutz. The Night Squad...Gwo..I don´t know anyone with these Names." Another guard walked to his side, whispering somethin in his ear. "If you are talking about the delegation from Drada D'Issan, they have not arrived yet."

  • Keleath seemed a bit irritated by the reaction of the guard. But he perfectly understood how these troubled times required extra precautions . He waved at Knut, the most massive Chaos marauders who was escorting him, to make clear he had to stay calm.

    I am indeed referring to them. Unfortunately, we did not have time to announce our coming in writing. We were about to leave to Kelriothar when I recieved a letter from the representative of this "delegation" who asked me to meet him here to talk about their situation.

    He took a deep breath before going on.

    Would you allow one of the North's Protektors and his suite to enter, in order to wait for them safely within the walls or would you rather have us set up our camp outside?

    Protektor von Ecstatica Inseln / Master of L'Ost Noir / Champion of Slaanesh on Mythodea

  • The Soldier looked at the marauder claerly not happy about that he saw. But he was not willing not get into trouble for letting a protektor stand infront of the gate. "We will let you pass the gate, that does a wall help, wehn your Enemies can walk right into the city. Makes uns feel pretty useless these days. Anyway the City is full of Soldiers, yours won´t make a big difference."

  • He was fully aware that the guard was right about the uselessness of the walls against the attacks of this opponent. And to think that in the old world it was them, those chosen by the dark gods, who spread the terror with that kind of raid to prepare the great invasions. The irony of the situation draw a subtle smile at the corner of his lips.

    Passing through the gates, he nodded in lieu of thanks and turned to his men.

    We will wait here.

    He leaned against the wall and lit a pipe which crackled and produced a purple smoke of narcotics.

    They should be here soon...

    Protektor von Ecstatica Inseln / Master of L'Ost Noir / Champion of Slaanesh on Mythodea

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  • On the northern road, shortly before the end of the night, small lights appears to the city's guards and those who were standing at the Northern city door. In view of the number, surely a large convoy progressiong slowly.

    Shorty before reaching the arrow distance the travellers stop and five horsemen ride along the last hundreds meters.

    In the glowing dawn, it is obvious that most of them wear black leather armor, weapons and from here to there painted chaos runes on their clothes.

    At around ten meters from the gate the front ridder yell.

    [color=maroon]"Here is the men and women of the Night Squad"

    "We have also forty non-fighters with us"

    "Open this bloody gates, would you, Master Vorn Zress is waiting for us"[color]

    Gwo\&#39;Zothreth Jaelre <br />-----------<br />l\&#39; tah zhah l\&#39; menvis

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  • The guard groaned this was not going to bis his night. Night Squad nobody hat said anything about an Night Squad, 60 men and women from Drada D'Issan he had been told. Well down on the northern road there were 60 people, some of them drow. The Guard knew who Vorn was, nobody wanted to have problems with the Thul´Heen, the drow was fine to get along with, untill people were starting to make mistakes. "Open the Gates and send a Messanger to his excellency the people he has been waiting for have arrived"

    The Gates opend letting Gwo and his escort pass.

  • As the group approached, the fifth and smallest figure came into sight. It was dressed in a long dark brown cape - and was obviously female.

    A small honey-coloured face was hid by the hood, and as she passed the gate, her head turned to the guard and she smiled. Something was in her eyes that identified her as a non-human - maybe a wood elf or even a smaller race from the wilderness.

  • Under the more and more rising sun while morning dust was still on the fields, the next group, smaller then the two before showed far on the street...on closer look there were a black spot on a exactly same dark black slim and fast horse, just the white fluttering hair revael the true origin of the rider. Closely followed by a man in dark armour illuminated by the sunrise behind him and a slightly taller man in green holding a banner with a white unicorn on black, fast approaching on to the first rider and a few more behind them followed by closed wagons at the end.

    The female drow and her two compagnons stopped in front of the city entrance.

    'Good morning! Or how you say...?', she yelled to the guards.

    'Here is Sinafay Laelirin of the Night Squad with....'

    "Rhaon of Leyvyas, Knight Errant", the man in dark armour completes her sentence,

    "and here with me is Wolfgang, my Liutennant and this is my accompaniment" he says aloud while making apointing gesture behind him.

    "We have an appointment with Gwo Zoreth Jaelre, Captain of the Night Squad.", continued the dark elf on the prancing horse.

    "We´re here to join force with the brave and honourful people protecting the land and the people", he proceeds.

    "Are we allowed to come in?"

  • The Guard shilded his eyes against the rising sun. He groaned, what was wrong with these people, the Night Squad hat arrived, 60 people from Drada D'Issan, nobody had told ihm more there comming. The Night Squad was about to be escorted to their quaters, they there only waiting vor the Thul´heen who wanted to welcome them personally.
    The Guard looked on his list with names and banners, but he found no help there. "You will habe to wait a moment, the Night Squat hast arrived and we have not been informend about a second party." Not waiting vor an answer he ran down the battlements, looking vor the Night Squad.

  • Just after a few steps the guard nearly ran into Gwo but the drow swiftly dodge him at the last moment.

    Staying quite a few second letting the man overcome his surprise and get back his breath.

    He askes politely but with a cold voice full of deadly promesses.

    "Would you please also grant the free passage to the latest newcomers, I reply of their good behaviors. Our time is precious, as said i have to meet the Thul'heen. I am sure you don't want to waste our time, don't you ?"

    As the men nods, Gwo disapear quickly and joins the Drada D'issan people in the gate courtyard.

    After a quick talk with one of his intendant, he jumps on his horse back and make a sign. Shortly after that the collumn starts moving towards the city.

    Guided by the city gard escort the troup has the time to admire Paolo Trutz as the sun rises to the east.

    Apparently Paolo Trutz paid a large tribut to the war against the Ratio.

    This remember Gwo the last discussion he had with Ryzzil about Edonil... "unharm and safe, but for how long ?"

    Gwo\&#39;Zothreth Jaelre <br />-----------<br />l\&#39; tah zhah l\&#39; menvis

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  • Keleath moved toward Gwo.

    You seem to be in a hurry.

    He said smiling.

    May we join you when you meet the Thul'Heen ? We will find the time to talk about your letter after this meeting.

    Protektor von Ecstatica Inseln / Master of L'Ost Noir / Champion of Slaanesh on Mythodea

  • The city portal opend for the waiting...and the only thing they saw were the backs of the last horses...

    "Wonderful", murmured the Drow.

    Rhaon to Sinafay : Might make Sense to be aware of this, do you think you can arrange us to join to? he whispers.

    She spured her horse and galloped through the followers and passing by city inhabitents, so she got some 'Hey! and 'Attention!' to hear. She knew why she had choosen exactly that mare to join Gwo.

    "He is always in a hurry, seemingly, if I am passing by. Vendui, gentlemen." she nods towards the unknown.

    "Greetings, Naira. Nice to meet you again", she smiled.

    Stay back and guide the rest in safely, Rhaon orders towards Wolfgang and follows Sinafay swiftly, however being a bit more gentle with people around, while Wolfgang proceeds as told and continues entering slowly and with patience alongside the remaning members of the accompaniment.

  • Naira turned her head, as she approached, then stared at her for some seconds. She tried to remember who the `cat creature´ was. To her, drow had been some sort of animal, at least from the perspective of her people, and sometimes she fell back into this mental pattern.

    "Oh, hello" she answered somewhat weakly. Naira let go off her hood, and her light skin appeared.

  • The message that the Night Squat had arrived reached Vorn in a meeting with the commander of City Watch. After the recent raids, Vorn had not left the hall of war, wating for the latest news regarding the doubters.
    He nodded, took the message and told the commander that he had important business to attend. He left with four soldiers for the city walls.

    The Thul´heen arrived 20 minutes later, a guard came running towards him. He pointed at the Night Squat and let the way.

  • During the ridding Gwo welcomes Naira, Keleath and Sinafay by a head sign.
    Silent and very focus behind his mask his eyes looks in every shadows of the city. He seems to get ready to anything.
    As the Eastern city walls and the city barracks appears Gwo noticed the Thul'heen and his guards. He immediately stops the column.

    "Corbus, Gar'esh with me"

    Two men, dressed in black leather with some chaos signs on their outfit step out of line.

    With a look he also invites the Ost Noir protector, the small white elf, Rhaon of Leyvyas and Sinafey of house Laelirin to follow him.
    Arrived in front of Vorn, he dismounts and kneels, his right hand on his chest.

    "The Northern Night Squad is at your service Thul'heen”
    “Let me also introduce you Corbus and Gar'esh intendants and officers of the Night Squad. If it pleased you, trust them as you trust me."

    Talking about trust Gwo smiles shortly and continue the presentation

    " I think you already have met Sinafay of house Laelirin, we fight with her in the South this year and her party joined us again in this troubled times. We also have the honor to have the protector of the Ecstatica’s Islands, his support in training some of the Night Squad men was more than appreciated. And last but not least, Naira, she will be acting as one of the Night Squad counselor. “

    Looking back to the civilians and the mass of warriors in black behind them.

    “As you can see Leaving Drada D'issan was not that simple, we also bring some extra with us, as per the information i have more might follow in the forthcoming months"

    Gwo\&#39;Zothreth Jaelre <br />-----------<br />l\&#39; tah zhah l\&#39; menvis

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  • Mac came by on an errant, when the Night Squad arrived. His interest was quite low. On the other hand... he would make inquiries later. For now he was much to concerned about what and where (and maybe who) to dine.

    Mac Sgíthanach <br />Occupations:<br />Former Ambassador of the Freyenmark to the Northern Realm<br />Now: Private Citizen and Advisor<br /><br />Ah, yes, Mac... A known Connoisseur of faerie weeds and various supernatural intoxicants, aswell as of any creature, large and small, alive, dead or undead...