businnes discussion about the Houses of pleasure

  • Where : Ecstatica Inseln,WendThing, Palace of Pleasures, thermal bath
    When : 1 month after JdS
    Who : Trauguid (Great Steward of L'Ost Noir), Ludwig Korp and other people who wants to participate at this bussiness talk ..

    As the sun comes down, Trauguid came in the main room of the Palace of Pleasures, servants and young vestales devoted to luxure welcomed him in the traditional slaaneshi way. He's here to settled all the preparatives to welcome his guest. They received a special invitation in the purpose of discussing for further house of pleasure building abroad Ecstactica Inseln.

    Inside a dark basaltic bath, large and warm, Trauguid was watching all the devots preparing the "code du recevoir" wich is concerning all the comitments and decorum when people of mark are coming. Candles, roaring fire in many brazerros, purple hangings bearing the signs of L'Ost Noir, the servants were highly selected, silent and petty to look.

    One of the most gracious maid came to him, with a chalice of wine.

    Shall I poor It directly in your month, my Lord ?

    Some drops vanished in Trauguid's throat

    Perfect as usual !! But usual is boring me and the way you served It, even if it was a nice try, was a little bit academic. Our guests deserve a far better nectar than this middle-strong beverage and a more lascive presentation. You will bring some of my personal cellar and you will receive a particular lesson wich is called "how to serve wine properly as a good slaaneshi maid"

    She blinked an eye with a tiny smile surrounded by lust then go back in the ranck of the other jalous servants.
    Trauguid was contempting all the perfections of the stage he created. This bath was his design, one that he cherished the most. A metaphoric sculpture of his tortuous mind eager of beauty, volupty and decadent vision.

    Let Our guest come in ! Be assure that he will receive all the best attentions and special kindness from your part ! I will not tolerate a false note !

    Verwalter des Ost Noir<br />Regisseur die Luste und Schmerzen

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  • Barely had he's words been heard before a servant entered the room followed by two tall men.

    The first, an old weathered orc, he seemed comfortable in the heat of the baths, even thou he had kept his thick black garments on.
    The second on the other hand - a slim human wearing not much than a white shirt and a top hat - seemed conflicted by the place. On one hand it was clearly to hot for him, on the other he obviously were very satisfied with the view.

    They both where directed towards Trauguid.

    The orc made a manneret bow and shooked Trauguids hand.

    "Let me intruduce myself, I'm Ludvig Korp, head of the Traders Guild in Lunorth, and this here is Tobias Kettle of the Kettle Family. I hope we are not late?"

  • Tobias removed his hat and nervously made a gesture towards Trauguid in the form of a slight nod.


    IT: Hopkins Tobias Kettle. Artificer and new headmaster of Academia Unitate. Previously the old Janitor.

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  • Welcome ! Welcome my Lords ! Don't be shy and let you submerge by the ravishing pleasure of the steaming heat !

    At that words, Trauguid claped his hands . Three maids came with purple calyces and jars.

    Give to our guests the best nectar of this place !

    The maids executed imediatly.

    My friends come at your ease. And join me in this magnificient pool, designed by my spirit and crafted in the purest Slaaneshi taste. I heard that you were very intersted by such "installation" in one of your gracious city ? You can see here only a quarter of the half of the whole conception. We've got here 13 pools and pounds, the temperatures are all differents .. from steamings bath to icy basins. As you already have seen yet, the geothermy from our lands supplied by our tremendous volcano is a benediction for our accomodetion. Although we are in the nordet part of the lands, our weather is very tempered.
    We possess here the pride of 25 rooms from every sizes. Those places are dedicated for all the pleasures ! Even the most extravagant if you'd like but always in an esthetic achievement . We've got a central hall surounded by sofas, divans. Some works will soon start to settle a bed of silence also,kitchens where our cooker will bring here the most exotic "savoir-faire" and exquisit dishes .. But most of all we've got our entertainements areas where every lads and maids they serve here will show you the wonder of their panels. They are truely living piece of arts.. their knowledge in pleasure is infinit as their sensual beauty is too. We prospect also to have a special room of "NAar-Kotik" where our guest will have the fortune of taking some magic powders, smoke of dreams, and a lot of differents small specialties provided by our finest master alchimist .

    So my dear Lords .. Shall we begin to speak business first, and then have the whole time to entertain in our splendid house ? That way we could easily join practice to theory ..

    In wich manner could we help you to settled a house of pleasure of your own ?

  • Ludvig smiled

    "I think we'll start with business, then we can explorer the wonders of this establishment"

    He sat down at the side of the pool

    "So far I'm very pleased by what I've seemed, and I truly believe that such a place would be just what is needed in Copperdale, and in time Muspelheim and Northheim aswell."

    Ludvig took fourth some papers from his garments

    "As I didn't know the exact needs for an establishment as this, I had my men work on a sketch of how one might look in Copperdale, and if it's pleasing for you my good sir, then construction will start immediatly"

    He gave a piece of paper to Trauguid

    "As for management, would it be possible for one of your people, who have experience with running an establishment like this, to join us in our travels back to Lunorth to be in charge of our new House of Pleasure?"

    The paper

  • Trauguid made a blick of an eye to Fruzsii, one of his favorite servant, that kind of maid who keeps secret their skills by a powerfull cleaverness and pleasant discretion ...
    At that sign, She directly dived in the pool and join her master without breathing under the 25 meters of water... She emerged in a nick of time upon his shoulder, having a look on the paper while the "Steward of pains and pleasures" was scaning it .

    What a fancy and exciting project, isnt'it my Lord.

    She replied, licking Trauguid's ear while he silently shows a face of contentment.

    Indeed my dear Fruzsii

    Caressing her neck and breast while she was lightening a purple cigar.

    It's truely a tremendous plan, full of excessivity !!! I like It ... A first question.. How will you manage to make the healings ?? And the second one, the most important for such a so briliant place .. what is your coins ? You know that such an ambitious building is not for free ?

    But.. Be assure that for a such a purpoose .. I will be very glad to give you advice and work as a concellor .. Isn't the goal of Slaanesh, my god, that Luxury, Art and sensuousness will provide to "heal" the world ...

    Verwalter des Ost Noir<br />Regisseur die Luste und Schmerzen

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  • Ludvig smiled at the beauty, and at the question about payment.

    "Well, the building will be paid either by my own pocket or by the Traders Guild in Lunorth, since we sincerely believe that it will pay itself back tenfold. However, since the first house will be in Copperdale, the Governor of the city would like to gain a bit himself, which is why mr. Tobias is here, he is son of Governor Lord William R. Kettle and whishes to establish one of their inns in your land. It's a tradition of theirs."

    He made a sign to Tobias to join them

    "Healing you say, forgive me my memory is not what it used to be, can you elaborate on that?"

  • At those words, Trauguid and Fruszii laught but in a very reverently way.

    "Healing" sorry ... For us is how you can manage technically to provide "heat" and steam to your bath ..

    Trauguid replied.

    But most of all, you tell us that Mr. Tobias wants to settle inns in our land ? Wich kind of inn if you please ?

    At the end of this question, he signed to two young and very pure maids to come along in the bath towards their distinguished guests.
    Under the thin coton Slaanesh vestale dresses you might see all the treasure of their youth, their eyes of recpectfull looks were inviting them to carressing times ..

  • Tobias looking back and forth between all the girls, he takes another sip of a flask, that seams to contain some kind of liquor. He mumbles something to himself in a other tongue.

    "Ikke dårligt, ikke dårligt. Husk nu på konen Tobias, husk nu på Scarlet"

    He smiles a little to himself, takes a deep breath (as deep the air allows) and takes a seat next to Ludvig

    " Well we want to establish inn The Running Cauldron on your fine island. It's a respectable establishment with..."

    He stops mit-sentens, as he just realised something.

    "... Well some places it's respectable, but its a place where you can make meetings and discuss certain business. Though truthfully mostly is just for people to as drunk as they have ever been."

    He continues to take small sips from his flask, while he talks.

    "Or for people to get a good honest tavern-brawl. And don't worry about the beer and mead. My farther just opened up a new brewery so there should be plenty for all. And damn it is good, not like that cheap watered down stuff your get at the country taverns on the mainland. But its the stuff you ever tasted. Heck your say your houses is all about pleasure. I dare say your have never tasted mead before you have tasted the Kettle Mead. We actually did bring a bottle as a gift."

    Tobias takes forth a bottle of mead and handles it forward.

    IT: Hopkins Tobias Kettle. Artificer and new headmaster of Academia Unitate. Previously the old Janitor.

    "We are the small voices. Together we roar."
    OT: Martin Straarup

    Host of LARP web-show LarpForge www.youtube.com/lazylarper

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  • Trauguid left his grip around Fruszii 's neck, make a firm but gentle spank to her rotondity.. At that sign she dived under the water quickly like a snake. After crossing the pool, she emerged in a very sensual way, she steped forward in the direction of Ludvig and Tobias.. go on her knees just in front of them, the drops of water, in a large number , silently were gliding on her fascinating mouth and breast ..

    My dear Lord, Could you please poor this beverage directly in my mouth ?? .. this heat get me very thirsty..

    At that moment, Trauguid, the steward of pains and lust, get out of the steaming bath, 2 maids and 1 young "ephebe" came to dress him with a processional coat made of golden broderies and purple silk..

    So, my dear Lords .. I think we can find an agreement where every parts will be satisfayed. Did you ever heard about Logr ? It's one of our main Island, actually the second one of Ecstatica Inseln , We have already a huge project of magical academy there, wich will gather the finest alchimist, wizzards and sorcerers teachers and plenty of students. There is no establishment like this or Inn and it would be certainly a huge and crowded sucess !!!

    He made a very glad and understanding smile.

    We can assure you the exclusivity of the exploitation in Logr. That way, your delicious Mead could flow on our burning spirits and throat .. Don't forget to spread some of this on Fruszii's lips .. apperently she's totaly thrilled by the idea of this new taste..

  • Ludvig smiled at Trauguids words. and nodded at Tobias

    "Come on then boy, give her some of your mead"

    He rose from the bank of the pool and walked over towards Trauguid and stretch out his hand

    "Seems like we have a partnership then"

    he gave Trauguid a satisfied grin.

  • Trauguid shooked Ludvig's hand ..

    More than "seems to be" ...

    he replied

    I think that a fertile ground is born here for further project and alliance between our two Houses . I'm eager to visit Copperdale and colaborate with you for the biggest Glory of my God and pleasures !!! Such establishement, stamped with the Ost Noir label will bring powerfull and rich clients.. As we use to say in WendThing : " Some have Brothels, We've got House of Pleasures."

    At that moment, Fruszii was drinking with a fresh gloutony the beverage served by sir Tobias ..

    How do you like Mead my precious Fruszii .. ?

    mmmmhhh ... I think that two more sips of this nectar will inspire me special urges Your Grace..

    She replied carressing the few drops lasting on her lips..

    You see my Lords, she loves It..
    Let's entertain and rejoice in this tremendous place ! Get at your ease for everything, you are our Guests ! I will be very amused to see how efficient are the fidelity potions here ..

    Blinking an eye to sir Tobias ..

  • Ludvig smiled more than ever

    "You are more than right, and I am looking forward to our partnership"

    He looked around the room

    "I do hope you have some sturdy girls with lots of stamina, an old captain can have some fun with"

    He blinked at Trauguid